, So it is now their third Snapdragon, 845 mobile phone from them. If you count the black shark, so got the mimics twists, we have black shark and then we've got, of course the meet eight. So this one here is also their first mobile to have dual GPS it's, something that is actually new to my life, so they're using a level one frequency combined with the level 5 frequency, so it'd be interesting to see how accurate that is. It has six gigabytes of RAM up to 256 gigabytes of storage and, of course, as dual SIM there's, no micro SD card support, and there is no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. So if you need buy for those, then this probably is not, of course, the phone for you now. It also has a notch, sadly, now I'm, not very fond of this particular silly trend, that's just my own personal view on it. I hope it dies out as quick as it started, but it has it and we can't do anything about that, but hopefully we will be able to hide the knotch now. The good thing about the screen, apart from that knotch, is that it's a Samsung AMOLED panel and has a resolution of 20 to 48 by 1080p and been an AMOLED panel. It should look really decent and a step up from the IPS panels was seen in the likes of the me mix 2's. So I bought this one from trading. Shenzhen it's well packaged up double boxed.

The phone it looks like yeah, ok, they've, broken the seal on this, then they have probably already installed. Google Play there for me, also included a power adapter, which I'm going to need because I'd have the Chinese plug and an OTG cable there so type C 2. Usb 3, so it looks like it might have a case, hopefully a dozen hopefully it's, a little bit better quality than those typical TPU, clear cases they give us. So we just got a little manual here, that's just telling you about the sim tray layout it's. All in Chinese, obviously this being the Chinese version, another slip, they're about warranty or returns, or something like that and here's the case. So it is a TPU style one unfortunately so it's very similar to the not really not 5s case. So it does the job but it's quite cheap, and of course here we have the adapter there for you, 3.5 mm, there's, no Jack included and then I'll, sim, trait, all okay, so below the phone. Before we take a look at that knotch you can see. We'Ve got right there, the power supply, so this will be Qualcomm quick charge for 12 volts 1.5 amps maximum output and the typical white and gray type C cable. So, looking at that notch now you can see yes it's very wide, and the earpiece surprises me it's. Actually a lot smaller than I thought it would be, so we have a front facing 20 megapixel camera now.

This right here is actually the infrared transmitter, so this model will illuminate your face in low light, with the infrared to help get a better. You could say: look at your face and then unlock the phone now it doesn't have the what you could call 3d tracking that's on the me 8 Explorer model, which I hope to have in a couple of weeks time. So, despite having a notch at the top, we still have a large bottom bezel. Here you can see the type C port. The antenna Lyons loud speaker and microphone will be in there as well. So the back of the phone is covered with, I believe, Gorilla Glass. 4 they've said it's Gorilla Glass, but not what version it is, and nice rounded curved edges. It feels really good in hand it's made out of an alloy the whole frame around it, so it gives it a solid premium feeling to it. They'Ve got the buttons there, of course, on the right on the left, these symmetry, so it takes two nano Sims and it does have a rubber gasket around it, so that's good to block out dust and keep that from getting inside the phone. So the camera module we've got a 12 megapixel camera that is dual pixel face: detection, autofocus with one point: 4 micrometer, pixel size, optical image, stabilization. I think it's a full stop and electronic image stabilization, probably only up to 1080p, but I will find and check that out, so it should have a decent camera on the rear.

The secondary camera has a two time: zoom on it and it's also 12 megapixel sensor, but it's a Samsung one, this one and then, of course, a rear fingerprint reader. So if you want the N screen fingerprint reader, you need to get the me 8 Explorer model which currently is not out, hopefully coming sometime within the next 2 weeks, or so you can see next to my MMX 2s. The design of them is very similar and I'm gon na have to say that I, like the design of the me mix 2's better. It feels a little bit better in hand because it's got the ceramic on the rear. It will also be a lot more scratch resistant and note that the mix 2's is actually shorter than than me 8, and this is what the phone looks like in the supplied case. So it gives you a decent amount of protection. It does protect the buttons which is great, but I've noticed that the camera is actually sitting flush here. So it's not going to protect the camera lens from scratches. If you lay it face down on a table and it weighs a hundred and seventy five grams and there's a thin 7.7 millimeter, so that's not bad, but without the camera bump, so with the camera bump here that brings it up to eight point: six millimeters and Along the top, we just have a secondary microphone here. You can see the antenna lines, no IR transmitter, unfortunately, which is a shame.

Okay, so powering it up for the first time there's that typical haptic feedback buzz now, because I think the resale has gone and put Google Play on here already. For me, it'll probably just go straight, of course, into the operating system, no setup, then I do wonder if it's gon na be running me wait in oh well that looks so much like an iPhone 10 doesn't it just looking at this and iPhone 10 worth a Large bottom bezel, okay, so it looks like we do. Have me white, N or a list, a different theme they'll put on here. Okay now, so it is running me: UI 9.5 it's still in beta number 10, so that'll be wired. It'S. Just telling me now that there is an update here, so optimized system performance bug fixes. I will run with all my reviews. The latest over there updates so free available storage you're, going to get about 116 on the 128 gigabyte model that I have here, and it is running Android 8.1, which is good, not 8.0, like the black shark, and for those of you that like to have this Information so here's our camera sensor, information, the main camera on the rear is the Sony IMX 3, 6, 3 and then the axillary one for the dip defect, photos that's a samsung sin, so you can see there and the front camera as well as a Samsung sensor. Ok, so the screen here, yes, you can hide the notch it's kind of hidden away, though it's under full screen display mode, so sick to screen, display motor it's just using the gestures, not the on screen navigation buttons, so hide the night chair and when I turn That on to me, it just seems a lot better.

It. It bothers me a little bit the knotch and I will not rant on about it, but I just will show you what it looks like the knotch up against, say the non knotch phone, the mimics 2s. So to me this is a much better way of doing it, see how the top notch is actually a lot smaller than the meet 8. So I'll just wipe down the notifications so because of the knotch were missing out on certain UI elements. So you do get the percentage of the battery when you swipe down for your toggles here, but if you swipe up again so get rid of that toggle, you notice that you don't see the battery percent there we're missing out on that. You can't see the carrier. Name so there's just a few things here with the UI that obviously they're going to have some compromises with so it's, not really great, but look at the difference between the top bezel here and in the top bezel, including the earpiece on the Memex 2's. Now I know the front facing camera is here and it's on the bottom of the mimics to us, which isn't a great location to have it, but it still works with face unlocking, and I personally find this bitter. Oh, and what do you know? Look at this? Finally, on screen display here with a Xiaomi device. This I do like, even if you do lose a little bit of battery every hour with this it's great, that you can just look at it and I forgot miss, calls messages and know the time.

So, of course, I'll give you a close up of the panel now the viewing angles: they're really good, excellent, as it expect from an AMOLED panel again I'm, getting that banding, but that's just on camera. Now one thing I have noticed that the blacks aren't, quite as deep as I thought they would be for this type of panel it's a little bit hard to see. But you can see right here. I thought, if you mean, if it's, very, very dark, like some of these Super AMOLED panels you get on the Samsung's, then you can almost not actually distinguish the difference between the bezel black and the screen itself. But here you can a little bit, but overall I mean it does look very good. This is a nice screen and I would say yeah slight step up over the IPS panel and, for example, my me mix 2's. Now, if you are wondering about Bilotti applications, well we've got a couple on him. You can see team wall, WP office and some other thing in Chinese that I can't read and you know that's annoying that you always going to get that, especially with the Chinese roms. It most of that stuff, you can just install this and get rid of it. Now. You will see also the notification LED at the moment I'm charging just to show you where it is now a very quick peek at the DRM and for a lot of people have been asking for this recently so pause.

Now you can read all this info treble support, not good, because it's only supporting slot a partition, a and not both a and B – and here is the antutu scores. So this is very fast. This is faster than the black shark and, of course, you can see on the left there. It beats the me mix 2's, alright, so I'm gon na test out that face unlocking so now it's using some infrared lights, the proper 3d tracking, that is on the Explorer model, which I hope to have in a couple of weeks time so I'm, just going to Click Next here and now I go to get what caused my face and view okay added successfully. It didn't actually do that quite close or anything like that. So let's test it now so I'm, just gon na wake. The phone first it's not ideal conditions because of the way a my super fast. That was really quick. I'M gon na didn't finish my sentence so in low light, then you'll see probably those lights flashing to help illuminate your face and unlock it, and I will test that out and see how it works. So the room now is completely dark. I'Ve put the shutter down: the lights are all off let's test. It now whoa, very quick, not bad there. Now that banding you're seeing right now. This is something that happens with my camera with AMOLED screens. Okay, so I have some disappointing news.

I suspected this was such a small earpiece and the fact that it was never really mentioned that it's only a single loudspeaker down the bottom here, so it doesn't actually have any sound coming out of that. Obviously that the mimics 2 s does and as a result, I think it sounds a little bit better but I'll give you a sample of the loudspeaker now and also compare it to the mimics 2s. Okay, so we've got some really hyped up GPS, claiming to be super air credits using level 5, where all the other mobile phones only use level 1 frequencies. Now I believe that there's something up here this either a bug and updates needed – or perhaps maybe the software's not reporting it, but my accuracy didn't get any better than 16 meters now I did see it go to 8 at 6 at one point now on other Phones with the snapdragon 845 I'm able to get an accuracy of about 3 to 4 meters. Now I thought: okay, maybe it's this app. It doesn't support it. So what I did is use Google Maps as well and I'm not going to give away my address right here, but what I would tell you is that, where I am located should actually be way up here, so I happen to believe the 16 meters of accuracy, Because Google Maps is quite a bit off so GPS at the moment, even though it's got the dual frequencies, the dual GPS modules, whatever it seems to be way off, and an update is needed to fix this now to briefly comment on performance.

I'Ve only had the phone a few hours, but it is very quick as it expect for this chip said now scrolling performance very smooth. It seems to have a really nice refresh rate the screen so it's. Definitely I think, running at 60, Hertz very, very smooth indeed and multitasking now I'm, in the full screen justice mode. I prefer this because I found that when you're, especially writing, text messages and things like that that it causes a lot less typos, because what happens when you're normally typing away, you'll hit accidentally one of the on screen navigation buttons, and that doesn't happen in the gesture Mode, which is why I highly recommend using it now I'll, show you the camera app now it's exactly the same as the me mix to wear. So we do have the AI mode, which is off by default, which I prefer because it tends to bolster boost colors unnaturally when it detects the scene so it's telling me there it's, detecting text. You can just see it popped up, so I'm gon na leave that off anyway, high dynamic range. If you hit the x two there and that then uses the other sensor. So you've got that two times soon, pretty straightforward in obvious video you've got all your different modes. Portrait mode is the with a blurred backgrounds, but I do want to show you just a couple of settings here, because I know that one certain website called arena, something I won't mention their full name.

They said that it's got 60 frames per second 4k. Now it doesn't actually have 60 frames per second 4k, not using the stock application now the other ones you can get for your high frame rate video, so you can do 1080p up to 120 frames per second or 240 frames per second. So this is good to see, but what's missing is just 1080p 60 frames per second, which I would also like to see on here from Xiaomi. But I'll give you now some samples recorded on the front facing camera and the rear, both photos and video. So now the front facing camera you can see. There is a bit of overexposure going on right here and especially on the side of my face. So it's not brilliant it's got an F, 2.0 aperture and you'll notice that there is no electronic image stabilization on the front facing camera. Other Mobile's, for example, like the 1 plus 6 or the zenfone 5, do have electronic stabilization on the front facing camera, which I feel shall meet should enable just to make things a little bit more usable the video quality and not shake around so much so 1080p. Is the maximum resolution you can get as well on the front facing camera, so this is shot on the rear camera with, of course, the main sensor. You cannot use the secondary sensor for video and it makes sense because it doesn't have optical image stabilization. So this is in 4k and the focus is really good rock solid, because it's got that dual pixel face.

Detection autofocus and the stability is okay. There is no electronic image stabilization with 4k, unfortunately, and it doesn't work either using open camera that's. A third party application see again the focus just how good that is, so no more focus hunting and I just demonstrate how the optical image stabilization works, just walk along here, and you can see that it does joke around a little bit that lens inside there. But overall I feel image. Quality is looking really good, perhaps a tiny little bit overexposed it's, not actually quite as bright as it looks at the moment. Okay, so let me know in the comments: what do you think of the me8? Is it a copy of the iPhone 10 pretty much isn't it? I mean you're gon na, be honest, and when you look at it it looks so summer, doesn't it to the design they've copied the design. The looks of the iPhone 10, maybe because they're trying to tap into people that want an Android device and they don't want an Apple device and that's. Why? If they want that same design and look who knows so the head to head with the mimics to s I'm a little confused as to why Xiaomi has really released this phone, the specs are so similar. The cameras are so similar. Ai cameras, ok, the front facing camera, with its unlocking infrared feature, is very good, so in low light and next to no light that I had it unlocked really quick that was great.

Now it's not going to be as secure as the Explorer model. No Explorer model is the most advanced model with a slightly smaller battery capacity, but it has an N screen fingerprint reader and then it does have a 3d face, mapping unlocking and that was supposed to be very secure, so that's a model to look out for that. I will be featuring the channel later on now: okay, the knotch, you love it, you hate it, you can hide it at least, which is something I will be doing most the time off camera, because a someone mentioned in the comments you as a reviewer should be Reviewing the device with the knotch and not trying to hide it but again it's personal preference there, whether you like it or you don't. I don't like the design choice but I'm, not hating on the knotch. I just don't think it's the correct choice anyway, because we still have quite a large bezel down the bottom. Build quality, typical Xiaomi excellent feels really good in hand. We'Ve got the glass on the back and it is very prone to fingerprint smudges, even the glass on the front, it's, all looking messy and smeary. Only after having this phone for about 3 4 hours. Now now that I'll speak a little bit disappointing. There is no front facing now speak in the earpiece. The mix to us has that and then, of course, all right. The camera quality looking very good, because it's got that dual pixel our face detection autofocus.

So it locks on really good in a video we're going to have no more focus hunting issues. Debt has been sold finally by xiaomi switching over to sensors that use that focus technology, which is great now, of course, the AIC mode to me is a bit of a gimmick, because what it often does is create very unnatural, looking photos when you turn it on It will bolster boost up saturation over sharpen things. It just doesn't look great to me and I would never personally be using it, so some people do like that, and we have that on board. Of course, with this one here so end of the day, battery capacity pretty much the same as a 3400 as the mimics 2s I'm leaning towards, I feel the mimics to us. After using both of these phones, I feel it's still the bit of fun in it's, not because it doesn't have no notch on it: it's, not free, but it's. Just the design, the build of it feels a little better and the screen both of them you'd you'd, think that the AMOLED panel would win but they're very close in terms of quality. The screen, okay, so a little bit of a blue tint on the IPS panel out of the box with the mimics 2's. But this one blacks, aren't, quite as deep as you'd expect, especially compared to say my Samsung galaxy s7 or the OnePlus 5T. There. Those screens are a little bit darker the blacks on there, but I raw okay, a good phone, but I also think so is the me mix twist.

So I will be back with this phone with follow up reviews, follow up videos and comparisons between the OnePlus 6 that I expect to get this week. Also, the me 8 SC I'm really looking forward to that that's the cheaper version of the me 8. I will also have that this week and so make sure you do subscribe to the channel, because I will have camera comparisons between the Oneplus 6 and the Mi 8 and the me 8 against them Mix 2's camera comparison as well for those that are confused on Which one has the better camera and then overall general comparisons between these phones to help you decide on, which is the best for your own personal needs, so do subscribe to the channel for those up and coming videos, and thank you so much for watching bye.