, So I have already taken a look at and unboxed done more detailed, first hands on with the Mi 8., But this one is the cheaper model of them and to me it is the most interesting model because in China This retails for around about 300 US retailers are selling this for about 350. So it is a little more expensive, but do expect the price to eventually drop down on that one here, so it's a cut down version. It has the notch, of course, still it's a samsung AMOLED panel with the resolution of 2244 by 1080 it's Full HD there. It should look good, should have deep blacks on here battery capacity, slightly reduced aswell, so it's down it's only 3150 mAh. The other thing is: we've got on the front facing 20 megapixel camera 12 on the rear, with 1.9f aperture and a secondary 5 megapixel camera. I believe it is the same camera setup as the Chinese version of the Redmi Note, 5, otherwise known as the Redmi Note. 5 Pro or the Redmi Note, 5 AI type c on here: dual nano sim. It is missing: 3.5mm, headphone, jack and micro sd card support, but that is of course, to be expected and the first mobile to ship with the snapdragon 710. So this box is factory sealed so will have only the English and Chinese ROM on here will not have Google Play. I have to install that myself alright, so we have some writing there in Chinese, which I do not understand.

I don't read Chinese. There is the phone there, of course, so we have a typical Xiaomi cable here. This is a type c cable, it's, white and grey, and then we have the power supply. This is a Qualcomm, quick charge, 3.0 specced charger. So max output is 12 volts, 1.5 amps. So in this little box in the top here, all we have is just an instruction thing here: quick guide about the phone, some sort of a warranty card there. Now this is all in Chinese because it is the Chinese version and they have included there type c. 3.5Mm adapter and a sim tray tool there and a TPU case, cheapy kind of case here so it's, not wonderful quality, but it does the job exactly like the same one.