So this is just a follow up video you could say my impressions after now, a day of use with the phone so there's a couple of things I wanted to cover in this quick video before I do my camera comparisons. Before my full and final review of the mobile phone, so a lot of people are being commenting about various different things, so you first off wanted to start with the AMOLED panel. So when I said that it doesn't look as dark the blacks, I will do a quick comparison head to head with my samsung galaxy s7, so that has a super amoled panel. Now I know it's 1440p, so it's not fair, comparing it to a 22 48 by 1080p screen here, but you can see that the viewing angles it is differently superior to the mimics to us whether it's IPS panel it's, not a bad. I PS that this one has it's definitely a step up from almost out of the frame here of the shot. The ribbing note5 that this phone here, okay for the kind of screen you're getting even that yeah it's 18 by 9 aspect ratio, is still a really good screen. I feel for the price of this phone and, of course, seeking a lot of value for money with the me a the specs you're getting, and everything like that, so yeah, the viewing angles are definitely off. The panel are where it wins out here, and you can see that when you have a look with thee, if I can get that in the shot, good it's just a little bit better but it's, not a massive huge step up.

Perhaps I was just thinking it was gon na be more like, say the likes of the Samsung panels or the Oneplus 5 t that I recently just sold and I'm speaking the oneplus 6 tomorrow. I wanted to demonstrate this if I can, on camera it's very hard to capture on camera, so here's the Samsung Galaxy s7, yes, it's, an old flagship, does take a look at the blacks there and now I'll show you the me eight and you have a look At the blacks now I know you're saying put them side by side. I can't see what you're talking about here. So you hear when you look at them and then you're angered it a little bit. It depends it on the how you're looking at in the light, this is very hard for me to get right calibrated both of the displace to have about the same exact brightness, using my meter and it's just it's hard for me to get the angle here. But it's, just at a certain way you look at it can definitely tell that the Samsungs blacks are much deeper, not that they are bad, of course, on the v8, if you turn the lights off, you look at it in pure blackness. It does look really quite dark. You get. None of that. Ips bleed that you would would the me mix 2's now, when you hide the knotch which I've done here, you get the black along the top and at certain angles about here or so.

You can see the difference in the blacks. There is another way to spot it and just not being as dark as say other mobile phones. But I think this is not a deal breaker, but not as a deal break. I know for a lot of people, so you're missing out, as I pointed out in the unboxing on a lot of the notifications I'm, someone that likes to look at my battery all the time. Well. I'D just like to know because when you look at the bear, you don't really know exactly what it is. So now you always have to swipe down for the toggles there. Then you can see clearly oh it's, a 20 battery life, and that, for me, is a bit annoying. You can't see whether you've got, for example, the silent on you don't, see that there you're not gon na see your network speeds along the top as well. So they've made some compromises. I could have mentioned this – probably quite a bit of an internal conflict in shell me headquarters between the me software developers and then the hardware design team, guys that decided, hey, we're gon na go with the knotch. They probably are fighting between them, saying you know what you've done when it comes to notifications, yeah, so that's, one area. That said just another thing that I find a little bit annoying now. This is also my first full charge, so I charge the phone right up to 100 and let's have a look at my battery use.

A lot of people have been asking about this and it is looking very good, so the screens been on for 6 hours and 48 minutes in total and I've had it on most of the time on wireless. Ok, so data rates will drop this time here. So on screen time is looking because I still have 20 was at 19 percent now left. That means, I could easily say seven hours of continued on screen time, which translates in real world use to medium moderate use of about two days. So this is looking good. I will go into settings here and just show you, when you go through to the battery, of course, battery and performance power and to show you that better at use, so I've done a lot of YouTube one hour there, okay of YouTube revolution, played that for quite A long time as well, actually, now I thought it was a bit more than that. You get the idea pump G, a lot of things in there show me service framework was chewing through a bit of battery. This are not too sure what's up with that. Now in the history here, I'll show you that you can see that's where I was using it continually, and then I wanted to test out the idols standby drain. So it's not that great it's about 2 to 3 percent per hour, that you will lose a better life that's with wireless on data on, but not actually using the phone so it's, basically in idle there and hardware, of course screen on time.

I'Ll just show you that again so well, almost seven hours, it's reporting here slightly different to what the GCM battery monitor was recording. So yes, battery life is good for the three thousand four hundred million hour battery that this has a net demo it's, not four thousand milliamp hours, which I feel feel would have been ideal now. One other thing that's a little bit bothersome to with Xiaomi, is that we still got wide vine level three support here and what that means is when it comes to things like Netflix we're. Only gon na get in fact just SD, so we're not gon na have HD movies on here. You cannot have that HD Netflix. So that is a real shame. I don't know whether they're gon na end up fixing that ever in their roms that they're gon na add support for that. Hopefully they will in the near future, now to comment on call quality. I know people have been asking about their that all you reviewers. Never talk about the call quality, I always mention it. In my reviews at least, I should I've placed a few calls and not on this first charge, but when I first got the phone I called a few people and it sounds fine to me, but it just it, doesn't sound as good as my samsung galaxy s7. The earpiece off notice it's, just maybe because it's a little bit small, it just sounds a little bit tinny.

But apart from that, no complaints and, of course we don't – have a 3.5 and I mean a headphone jack. But I used an adapter I have and that type C audio out sounds good. I mean it's it's loud it's, crystal clear, there's, no static, there's, no interference which is great there, but the other thing to complain about with the sound quality is that, of course, movies. Video sorry that you record on this phone, the video footage is not good at all because of the audio audio I posted on my hands on. I see the audio sounds are what was my comment scratchy and that's the best way to describe it a little bit muddy, it's, scratchy it's, not great, so they're, not using high quality mics in this. The same goes for the me mix too it's the same exact problem. I don't know what chamois you're doing here. It was really interesting tonight if you have a look at my comparison between the mimics 2's camera and then this right here, the redmi note 5 you'll find that actually the redmi note 5 has better microphones or better audio recording quality, then it's flagships, which to me Is absolutely ridiculous? Xiaomi are doing something terribly wrong here. Why are they not fixing that now? I also had some comments about the GPS. Okay, we've got the fancy dual gps, so quite a few people well about five or ten in total mentioned about the gps.

That, first off it's my fault that i had it in my pocket that i was indoors testing it i mean that's, not the case. I don't do things like that. Why would I make the GPS intentionally look bad? I mean that's, just dumb. I don't know where you're trolling me or you're, just extreme fanboys, probably extreme fanboys, so one guy pointed out that you need to enable the special dual GPS function. Otherwise it will not work what sitting there is no sitting for that in here, I'm. Pretty sure you don't even own the phone so yeah anyway it's set on to higher accuracy, as you saw in fact, I've never changed that it's always on the default, and I had it connected up. I even used GPS test to update the a GPS switch that grabs information and where exactly satellites are – and I still cannot get it any better – then about eight meters of accuracy. Then it jumps up to sixteen and stays at sixteen. So I have some other guy commented it well that it's my phone, it always seems to be the case. Yes, I always get a faulty phone with problems. It'S me it's just a bug. I feel that Xiaomi have and they need to fix. It apparently meant to work really good, but once that's fixed, I will probably test that out and go for a hike or go on a mountain bike trail and compare that to my other snapdragon 845 devices.

So there have been some valid questions quite a lot of good questions, though the comment are really actually very good in my channel I'm quite happy with them. So people asked about the knotch. Are you gon na see the notch when you game, so no typical? Sixteen by nine content will hide the knotch, and this is pub G on the high settings that I can do so high visuals and the high frame rate, and it is super smooth. This is really fast: it's, good it's, exactly like the Black Shark, between the mimics 2's, the black shark and this phone here gaming performance without loading up a synthetic benchmark is identical. So, yes, it is early days here with the me 8 for me, but I can already see that this is a good phone. You are getting a great spec for the price, and that is really the focus I believe, of this phone that's. What it is. Ok, they followed the trend of the notch, that's very debatable, so you got a great spec, but it doesn't to me seem like a great phone so far, it's just a little disappointing and a very unnecessary release. I feel because I think a lot of people would agree with me here that they've dropped features that they had in the me mix to it. So that's got a front facing loudspeaker this hasn't. This has wireless charging this hasn't, so they could have kept those features.

They could have just released the explorer model, which I feel would have been a better move from them. Just released the explorer model, with its inferring finger, fingerprint reader with the proper 3d face, unlocking and tracking it's gon na be a lot more secure than 2d. Of course, and that to me, as as where I feel that made a bit of an error that it's a cut it's an unnecessary release, so a lot of people as thing saying to me, there has been some more comments yet again. Those extreme fanboys saying I by Xiaomi tick just to hate on it now. Obviously, you haven't seen my other videos. You haven't followed my channel for long enough and that's just absolutely ridiculous. I wouldn't go to the trouble of reviewing their tech spending my own money just to hate on it, it's obvious isn't it that I am a fan of Xiaomi I'm, never hidden. That fact that I am and where I feel they're really good at is devices like this so budget devices. So this is the rid me Note, 5 for the price it's, a fantastic mobile, great camera super fast, fingerprint, unlocking good, build good screen, read good performance from the Snapdragon 636. We got 4k with electronic gyro stabilization. If you use a third party application called open camera. I even picked up one of these for my wife for only a hundred and 69 US and that's an absolute steal and then, as we're, show me Excel when it comes to their flagships, they always seem to be falling behind.

So they've got a bit of work to do with the camera and issues with the mimics coming across than me. Eight really shows me that show me are just moving far too fast, they're pumping out too many phones. They need to slow down and focus on a decent, proper flagship. I know they can do it. Something like the vivo NEX would be ideal. I feel just before I go. I will have a camera comparison between the Mi Mix 2s and the Mi 8 that'll be coming up soon and also the oneplus 6 and the mi 8. Se a lot of questions about this one I may have it on Friday, so stay tuned to the channel.