Now, I probably will actually do a full comparison, but a lot of people have been asking me things like better life, camera performance, which one should they get so I'll, try and cover that now, because I have been using this phone now for the last 12 hours Or so well actually know a day that I've been using it. So I can. I can give you a bit of an update on that we've done my battery test, the same kind of test so just to point out. This is the redmi note 5 and i can get with continual use, mostly wireless, around 9 hours of on screen time. So this is really good. It'S got a four thousand milliamp hour battery. This one here is a 3030 milliamp hour battery, so it's a lot less. So what does that translate into so let's? Take a look now at the battery life I'm. Currently at 10 and I'll just quickly show you what my battery use is and its if it's cause it's worse. Everyone knows the answer: it's gon na be less yeah, but how bad is it gon na be so here we go battery use okay, so you can see I've done a lot of gaming and I have used Chrome quite a bit for some reason. Some of the apps are not showing up in here actually used YouTube for about an hour, but I don't know why it's not there. So here we go screen on time.

So look at that almost seven hours right there, so you're losing two hours really. So what does that translate it into real world use, so this here the redmi note 5 is a definite two day battery life phone. This one is a one, and a half day could possibly make two days depending on your use, so that for some people is gon na be a bit of a deal. Breaker that's, a major better life is very important, of course, in a mobile phone, so it's a real shame that Xiaomi have done that. Now that camera bump on that there's, the biggest camera bump that I have ever seen on a mobile phone. It is humongous because it sticks out almost two millimeters. I did show this in the unboxing video, but what really sets it apart is when you set it down on a table. Look at this look how it sits: it's horrible it just it it rocks around there. It doesn't sit well at all when you look at something even like okay, the roomie note 5s got a small little bump of about one millimeter, not so bad there, but it takes a while to get over that. But, apart from that, the build quality is fantastic. With the unibody really good call, quality is good. Now many things with this phone are exactly the same as the redmi note 5. So the loudspeaker, both of them sound, identical to me microphone, quality, audio quality is another thing in the video.

I showed you the video samples taken on this, that it's, okay, I would say better, almost better the sound it doesn't have so much high pitched frequencies coming through and microphones on the audio and that's a good thing too. Now the cameras has one thing: a lot of people asking about which one takes better low light, low light photos and that's pretty obvious to me it's this one. The photos, I'm gon na have some samples coming up really soon a camera comparison between the rupee note. 5 and the 6x here low light went out definitely the phone it's so much better it's, I'd, say 5 or 10 times better at low light, this mobile. So if low light is important to you, photography go for this one here, if you don't mind losing out on the 2 hours of battery life. The 3.5 million phone jack, of course, is missing it's not on here, and we do have a type C port, which is great and the other thing to point out that it feels really fast. But to me it feels about the same speed wise in me. Uy9 as the redmi note 5 here i can't really distinguish and see any difference between them. D 2 scores on both of these. They are very similar and it you can gauge that they've got almost the same kind of performance. We'Re not the same. There is. There is a bit of a difference, but it's not a massive massive difference like going from, say the snapdragon is 625 to a 660.

Yes, you will see a huge step up and performance then, but really there's, not much in it. I only have a good at and two scores now that synthetic benchmarks, but real world use as well, even gaming gaming. It. It feels pretty much identical to me so overall, it is looking like a good phone there's, just that annoying thing with the fact that it's got no 3.5 and a headphone jack there's, no micro, SD card support that's. Another question that kept popping up time and time again about 10 people asked me: you sure you can't fit one in. Yes, you can even the instructions in the box. It says: 2 nano Sims that's it. Okay, only two nano Sims. If you try and put a microSD card in here, it will get stuck or jammed or whatever you know, it's not gon na work just accept it. This has no micro, SD card support and you're, either going to be fine with that or you're. Not so that's. Really it so, as I mentioned yeah the low light photography I did take quite a few samples is just so much better, but, as I mention I'm gon na have a comparison coming up and it's done a good job. I feel for the price of the spine of around what is it two hundred and eighty us three hundred US or so for this model because got the six gigabytes of RAM and that's all coming up.

So there we go battery life approximately seven hours, and this has about nine hours it's a lot cheaper, we've got an FM tuner on here. Micro SD card support and the only real kind for me is the micro USB port on the bottom of this and said a Type C. I wish I had type C, but otherwise this is a fantastic phone still it's, just that it won't win below light photography. So there you go hands on it's, looking very promising for the 6x. I do like it it's just still trying to get over that camera bump and the like a battery life yeah well it's, just what it is I wish she'll meet with. Do the wise thing and combine the best features of both of these phones? I think they can do it I'd. Be happy with a Snapdragon, 636 type C port unibody build those cameras with this design. Here they can do it, why they haven't done it. I don't know so I hope to catch you back with the full review, keep an eye out subscribe to the channel for my up and coming videos. I'M gon na have all system gaming on the black shark and I'm working towards the full review of that model.