Now, if you have one that's from China, so you've got the Chinese ROM in there. It normally wouldn't come with Google Play Store. However, there are some vendors out there, some sellers on Aliexpress Banggood gearbest that will pre install place it on there or even put a global ROM on there, which would have it built into it. So if you don't have Play Store, these are the steps you have to go through in order to get it so down in the description. There is a link there, click over to that. That will take you to an article on my website download that package that's got the files. We need the backup files. Then you need to connect up your phone via USB and move the files over which I'll show you we need to go to. So we want to move them on the internal storage is in to MIUI. I will show you here so storage find MIUI. This is on your own computer. This is where you need to remove the files to show me MIUI and then there's, a folder called backup place that folder that you've extracted in here so it's called all back up and then techtablets and there are various files in here now. These are backups of the apk files. I found that work seemed to work quite well, because I test out some other versions. Heads in crashes had some problems. These are the ones so far that it's working for me, at least on my current rom, which is the chinese stable rom.

So you move those over once that's done. We then need to exit out go back into settings and you need to go sorry to additional settings here so settings additional settings, then scroll down to backup and reset and then local backups, so local backups. If you move the files into the correct place, it should now show up 18th of April that's when I created this Google Playstore backup for my Mi Pad 3, which is also running Android 7, and those are the files that work. So we select that and then it has five applications there, that you want to restore so hit, restore it'll, go through restore those apps, and then you need to just reboot your whole phone and then login to Google Play enter and all your credentials and everything and Google Play will work just fine there if you do encounter some problems. Try rebooting your phone thanks a lot for watching this very quick tutorial here on how to get Google Play on their Mi 6, but hopefully later on, there will be a global ROM. So we don't need to go through this process. The global run, of course, will have these files already on there.