0 aperture up against the Kwame P 30 Pro with an F 2.0 aperture as well, and a 32 megapixel front facing camera. Now you can see the difference with the front facing camera right now: I'm, swapping between the audio 2 as well, hear that the Huawei has a bit of a crop to it more because it has electronic image stabilization, something the show me lacks. So you see, if I start walking now, the show me is gon na be all over the place shaking around now there will be a little bit of wind noise here. This is real world test, though normally when you're on the coast, you're gon na be a bit of wind coming through and you see audio quality, I think show me has done an excellent job. They have finally listened fix, the problem with their microphones and audio bitrate and improved it a lot, and I think it is a very close sounding really good quality we're getting on the charm in terms of audio, like listen to the waves and the background. So in this particular comparison, I will be swapping between the front cameras and the rear and the audio sources and we'll take a look and see which one of these is the best rear camera. Now this is in 4k. This is 30 Hertz and I'm gon na walk down these steps here. Just to show you that I believe that the show me has the best stabilization here, and this is also a good test of wind noise, which one's gon na pick up the most wind noise.

Here, because, along the coast, it always seems to be windy. Stabilization with the Xiaomi to me is excellent. This is where Kipling runs out here, to show me and possibly on the audio quality, both for them picking up a lot of wind noise too. As he says, I pan around the highway exhibits quite a bit of chatter stuff, so when you pan it's also happening with the Xiaomi, when I move along and I'm just gon na, do a brisk walk now along here when we check that stabilization again again, the Shell meet very good here now, ultra wide video, with the ultra wide video, the qua way does seem a little bit steadier, but still I'm going to have to give the stabilization win here to the meet 10. It just seems superior. Both of them have a similar, wide angled land so capturing about the same in the shot you can see and still a little bit of that stuttering when you pan around it's, not perfectly smooth, even though the Xiaomi is doing 30 frames per second solo, like with The front facing camera is the stability of the Xiaomi is terrible because it lacks electronic image stabilization, whereas it's a lot stable, more stable on the Huawei, but the quality degrades because of the electronic image stabilization. I feel that here in low light, video that well audio quality is about the same. Perhaps the Cherry's a little bit better, perhaps a while way to a personal preference here, a per video.

I do believe here in low light with a front facing camera. The Huawei loses low light with the rear cameras now, so this is 4k 30 frames per second, both of them are struggling and you can see every time I step when I'm walking. There is some noticeable jarring in the video a little bit worse, actually on the Huawei with the older sensor. The show me, of course, has the latest generation 100, an 8 megapixel. So perhaps this isn't fair but it's still good to see the difference between both of these and just how they perform focus on both seems to be ok here and when you pan around you do get some stutter with both of these okay right, so that's. The camera comparison so which one do you think, let me know in the comments, is the best thing I'm gon na have to give the video when for rear camera, definitely to the xiaomi audio quality. Both are pretty good, but I think the shell is actually a little bit better here, which really does surprise, because normally it is always the other way around in terms of video stabilization, yes, rear camera. Definitely better! Now, when you have a look at the color with some of the photos, I think the shell me gets it a little bit off, sometimes especially with the front facing video. When I was in the shadow, they tend to have quite a blue tint to it.

So I think, in terms of being more realistic, colors, they come through a little bit better. I believe on a p30 Pro and detail with daylight photos both of them capture quite a bit of detail, but I can see the edge I'm gon na have to give that one to the Xiaomi with a hundred and eight megapixel resolution does definitely help out. When you have that pixel been 227 megapixels, which is the default shot versus the 10 megapixels, you do capture, I feel more details there now low light. It was closer with some of the shots but I'm going to have to give the win and low light still to the p30 Pro, because it captures more detail with the shadows. When you have a look in the shadows, there is definitely a few more details coming through. You can see actually more than what has been captured where the course of their meet 10. So, thank you so much for watching this camera comparison.