They need ten enemy turn pro are the latest lay shirts from Xiaomi, and you probably know the spec that's. Probably why you're watching this video snapdragon 865, with lpddr4 m8 gigabytes on each model, a difference in storage of course, 128 gigabytes versus 256, but that extra we have to pay for the better camera setup, a 20 megapixel ultra wide instead of 13 five times optical zoom. A 2 times optical, basically portrait camera, louder, better speakers faster charging time slightly less better life. Is it actually worth it? The box you'll find a 3.5 millimeter to type C headphone adapter, because this doesn't have a 3.5 Android headphone jack we've got our standard USB to times C cable. You get a clear case, as you can see, which is actually a combination of hard plastic and soft TPU on the outer edges. The power supplies. However, a bit of a difference here, we've got 30 watts versus the 65 watt charger here, which is a little bit heavier and larger, as you can see. So this version here that I picked up from trading Gingin, just like the other one I've got – is the matte blue. You can see so it does have actually a more slippery surface compared to the shiny but shows fingerprint standard me ten and they don't look identical. The difference, of course, is with the camera modules here, and the difference will go with the camera, so we have a 20 megapixel camera on this one versus the 13 we're going to really useless what I don't agree with choice, and that is having the top camera Here being just a macro and then the main hundred and eight megapixel, if 1.

69 aperture lens that's the a samsung h, MX it's, capable of doing 6k video that they upscale to 8k. But more on that later, in this clip here, we've got a 5 x optical zoom camera with this one and in two times so, if you're into your portraits, I recommend getting this model. Definitely if you want better ultra wide photos as you'll see and, of course, then zooming in two times or five times optically, instead of digitally that you have to do with this one, which will not be as good now in terms of bold, very good. This is excellent. This phone it's a little on the heavy side because it does weigh 200 and approximately 13 grams. Now it is 9 point four millimeters thick with the camera. Bold, you can see it does stick out quite a bit there. That, then brings it up to eleven point: four millimeters, so it's, not the slimmest phone and the curvature of the screen. A lot of people don't like this, I don't like curved screens too much myself. To be honest, I prefer to have a flat screen, but Xiaomi does have settings in the settings menu we're under display here to actually control and reject touches along here. Any accidental touches and I find I'm not having any problems with that. So the accidental palm rejection touch. Rejection on the edge is very good with this phone, so both of these displays, although on paper that when you have a look at the specs, they are actually different.

They are indistinguishable. Really, apart from you, may notice that it's a fraction brighter on the pro model, which is actually down here on the bottom of the screen, and you won't see it on camera here, they'll, both look identical, so we've got 917 it's that I measured versus 913 it's That'S, nothing when it comes to the difference. You'Re not gon na see it both eligible in direct sunlight, so they are really bright screens, and this is great too. Both of them, of course, support a 90 Hertz with a hundred and eighty hurt touch, response and they're full HD plus screens. Now the color gamut. The coverage we have on the pro model is slightly better, but you cannot distinguish the difference between them, not with the naked eye. You need to break out measuring tools there and have a look at the screens. They have very nice screens top end AMOLED, full HD, plus screens. Another thing, that's very different is of course the loudspeakers. This is why we lost a little bit of battery space as because they included larger speakers in the BTN Pro. And yes, you do hear it. Sound, is a lot better, more bass coming through and slightly louder, so again on. The left is the me 10 Pro Music, very good and now the meeting one more time that meat impro. So it does sound a lot louder than meat em pro with more bass, higher quality, sound and better speakers differently, as it worth losing at 280 million hours worth of battery.

I think it is actually because those speakers are very good, especially if you lose them use them a lot, sorry and ok, type C to 3.5 millimeter audio quality, both of them excellent. I can't really tell any difference between them. There could be but it's marginal and I cannot detect it here's a sample of voice call quality as well on the meet em Pro it's. Exactly the same as the meet n, I cannot distinguish any difference between them. It does have active noise cancellation and sounds just like any other flagship out there. As for gaming performance, well it's pretty much exactly the same here between the meat and ETM Pro it's, all down to develop a support for 90 frames per second to support the 90 Hertz screen and get that to match so in time. Of course, this will come through they'll, be updating their apps and we'll see then a 90 hurt mode when it comes to our frame rate and popular titles. So I have a little charging test here going and I've already finished up with the me 10, which is on the right of the screen that actually took 58 minutes this time. Last time it was 59 minutes when I tested it currently at 41 minutes here with the me 10 Pro and it's still at 99 percent, so let's see how long it takes to get to 100 remember this is 65 Watts versus 30 and the difference doesn't.

Actually look to be that much, I thought it might have charged somewhere around under 40 minutes, but you can see it is over so I'm trying to keep the screen off here to get an ideal result cuz. I believe most people will charge it with the screen off. I had ever seen. Finally, okay, so 45 minutes approximately, but it kind of bugged out there was on 99 for so long, so I believe it could actually possibly be faster than this 45 minutes. This is all just an estimate here, so it's around, you could say maybe 13 14 minutes faster than the standard model. So, of course there is a big difference here with our storage capacity. Remember it is non expandable. You cannot just add a micro SD card and increase the storage, sadly with these ones. So on the meeting, which is the standard edition, we have a hundred and ten gigabytes free on first boot and then on the left. The me 10 Pro we get 237 gigabytes free on first boot, so a lot more storage. There is a slight difference here in wireless speed, so both of them are very good. This is Wi Fi, six spec. We get 626 megabits per second on the standard edition and then the pro model has 682 megabits per second, and when I went over to the other side, I also tested the lower speeds. Both of them do perform quite well. Good range, good reception, very good Wireless.

One of the fastest I have seen too here we have GPS, so you get an accuracy of 3 meters on both of these. Both of them support the dual carrier frequency. So you get both level 1 and level 5 there with GPS and a camera API to level 3 support so that's our maximum hardware support level. So there is actually a GK imports, kind of working, it's, not optimized yet – and I have actually featured that and a quick comparison in my channel so make sure you check that. So we do have DRM info just like the standard model. It is a security level. One with Widevine cert, which is very, very good there, so that means Netflix and Amazon, Prime in Full, HD NHD, not stuck in standard definition, kernel storage, because we have the larger capacity. That means it's always going to be a little bit faster here and super quick here. Look at those random breeds 231 megabytes per second on the me 10 Pro versus the 183 on the standard meat in antutu scores bit of a difference here, it's, probably just a difference with the firmware. Both of these are running. I expect them to perform really both about the same so almost 600000. The score and antutu is, of course, very good temperature between both of them. I noticed that they're about the same there isn't too much of a difference there and temperatures are very good by the way ombo for these phones.

They barely get what I would call even hot when you're gaming, even for an hour or two. So this is, of course, going to be dependent on carriers time of day and everything I cannot test out 5g. Unfortunately, because it's, not in my area where I live, I need to travel about 120 kilometers, first I'm. Looking a fingerprint unlocking is very quick. I will demonstrate this very quickly because it's exact same hardware here for the fingerprint reader front facing camera and it ships it and even the ramp, so tempo for them and yeah. That was about the same there's. No real point me doing there we go. That was identical, speed right then the same goes for that fingerprint reader. So it is a very fast and I'll just quickly demonstrate that now by pressing it very quick there and what about the pro exactly this same more or less so jump into the camera here. As for what we've got is the same setup as the me 10, but of course those additional cameras means that we have this right here. The 2 times optical we've got the 5 times optical right here and if you press and hold – and you can scale up to then 50 times, which is a digital and it looks horrendous horrible, I would never actually use that. So when you start recording video, you cannot actually swap over to the different cameras. Just like the me 10 right here.

We'Ve got a cave tapping that that brings up the 8k which, as she says, where I'd hear a i8k, so it's been upscaled from 6k that's. All the hmx supports to then the 8k, so this is the front facing camera on both of them and they don't have any electronic image stabilization. The audio on both has improved greatly compared to the previous generation of mobiles from xiaomi, because they increase that bitrate to 320 kilobits per second, but really, I hope in future firmware updates. They can add electronic image stabilization, even if it means we have more of a crop. It just means the footage is going to be so much more usable and practical. So right now, you really do need to use a gimbal with this phone. This is ultra wide video and both of them stabilization is very good, perhaps maybe a little bit more details, maybe slight difference because of increased megapixel count on the me TM pro here, with the ultra wide cameras. Stability on both is very good. Its pan around here you do see some noticeable spatter on them, which is not great I'm, seeing this also on other phones as well with electronic image stabilization. So the rear cameras say a hundred and eight megapixels and they're both identical here I've noticed the stabilization on both seems to be pretty much equal, as you'd expect to be the same here now they focus. We do have that IR infrared, assisted focus on the pro model and might actually sing too much of a difference between that and the normal model.

I mean it could be slightly better but I'm, not really seeing it now, once you start recording in 4k, 30 frames per second here or ata, or even 4k 60. You cannot swap over to the ultra wide or two times or anything won't. Let you do that. Hopefully they can change that with a firmware update so now with a super, steady mode and I'm going to write the stairs here and you can see it's quite speedy, but still not quite as good as the Samsung Galaxy S 10. Plus that I have make sure you took my comparison against the me 10 and STM plus to see the difference there and the super steady modes. I, like 4k 30 frames per second, so the Sun just said it actually looks a lot brighter than it really is and stabilization on both for them yeah. It does not look as good, of course now, because these conditions are difficult, even with a hundred and eight megapixel sensor ultra wide, it looks like the pro might actually capture a tiny bit more light to me. When you look in the distance there, you can see the mass of the boats where it's very hard or harder to make out on the standard meet in Music Music. So a battery capacity we've got the 4718 minute hours on the maintain the standard position with a larger battery and then, as I mentioned, because of those larger speakers it's the 4500 on the me TM Pro sadly I'm, trying to run my fixed PC mark benchmark here.

For our battery life and it's, just not working because something to do with me, why is causing it to think the phone is being touched or used or it's ghost touches on the screen or something, but it should be very similar to this. The risotto got was 11 hours and 24 minutes check my full review of the meet 10, so you're not really going to lose too much from 218 milliamp hours is probably going to be like 40 minutes less of screen on time. Something like that. So expect a 10 hour or something result on this one right here and that translates into about two days use. However, standby battery drain isn't so great on both of these, you lose about 9 over the space of around 6 or 7 hours. So it basically boils down to this. If you take a lot of portrait photos, if you need a 2 times optical 5 times optical zoom camera and a slightly, I feel better ultra wide, then yes grab yourself the pro model, if you happen to play your speakers at 100 volume all the time. The 2 2 or loudspeakers that is then again going for the pro, but for the charging time I mean it's, not a huge difference. I don't think people make their buying decisions on whether one is ten minutes or 12 minutes faster than the other. At least I know I wouldn't now the displays isn't really that much of a difference at all.

In fact, you cannot see the differences between these two displays without a proper meter to measure them and go okay. Yes, the pro is slightly brighter in terms of color reproduction it's, very, very hard again to the naked eye. You will not see any difference there, so wouldn't buy the pro expecting to have an amazing, better display. I feel xiaomi have done something kind of really weird with these two models they should have put like the me Note, 10 camera set up on the first model. Leave it at that and most people would probably buy it because I don't feel paying the extra for the pro is actually worth it again. Unless you really will be taking so many portrait photos and ultra wide photos and zoom, then you'll get that benefit. Let'S. Take a look at the pricing in the market, so this is going to be selling, for, I believe, the global version. This is just room it at the moment about 799 euros, it's gon na be about 100 or 150 euros more than the v10 standard model. Okay, you get double the amount of storage and the faster charging, but oh yeah, you know I don't think it's really worth it now, because these are import Chinese models. They are running the Chinese firmware. There are a few bugs expect, those to all be ironed out. If you want more detail and then do check the meat in review, I've got a lot of a camera comparisons as well, so make sure you check those ones out and yes guys in the comments March 5th update is coming.

I will go back and take a look at the cameras again of applix. The pro model here and we'll see what kind of improvements wait. We can expect now do remember global version that's, probably the one to go for, but especially if you need LTE band 20. These models do not have them wide vine level, one so is there at least for your Netflix and Amazon Prime video streamers, that is great, so, overall, the meet em pro as expected, a better phone. I do like it they're very, very good phones here from Xiaomi. I do feel the price needs to lower down a little bit and be more aggressively priced. Considering they're going to have some stiff competition. Show me the mutant pros gon na be up against the 1 8 shortly then we have a course. The real me. X5. 5G. Now the 5g phones that are coming out and then, when you take a look at the fact that you can buy an s10 plus and the p30 pro for cheaper than both of these models. In fact, those are quite cheap. Now the last gen phones, you don't mind slightly slower performance and you don't need 5g or 90 Hertz, very good phones as well to go for. So. Thank you so much for watching.