It is the meet 10 youth Edition. Now, why is it so interesting? Well, we've got a great price for this pick. When you take a look at it. We'Ve got a 5 times, periscope optical camera, zoom up to 50 times. My particular model has 8 2 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage, 48 megapixel, main camera 16 megapixel front facing 1 and the snapdragon yes, the 7 6 5 G with 5g support, and you can even get the base model for just 330 euros. So it is a strong offering from Xiaomi, but it hasn't released here yet locally, and this is the me 10 youth, but it's, also known as their me 10 light zoom Edition, which hopefully we're gon na see here in Europe at lease and other regions. They were released this as well, so yes, the naming is getting a little confusing and yes, they have so many phones. So if you are new to my channel or a frequent viewer – and you haven't done so already – please subscribe check the bell icon to enable notifications. This way you don't miss out on any new videos from me. So first up I'll show you what we get inside the box. Just like all my reviews here, but look at this box here. So it's got this face on the front that says: are you okay and it's crying I'm? Not really too sure what that is about. So we get a Type C cable.

This is zombies, typical, high quality, cable, USB type c. Our charger here is Qualcomm quick charge force pic, and it also does support this fine power delivery, the respec it's 20 2.5 watts, and it will charge this phone in under one hour that's. The 4000 160 mm power battery. We also get some stickers have funny looking ones here again. I'M, not really too short. This is about. If you do know, let me know in the comments – and we also do have a TPU case – it's a quality one clear as well, so you can see that a nice design of the back, the color shifting out. So, according to my measurements, this phone weighs in at 196 grams and is about eight point: five millimeters thick, so it's relatively thin, so this phone does have an on screen display. You can see it right there, the always on display. It can display various different information. There, like notifications, better percent, there is currently showing. So if I was to tap on the screen now, it would probably think I want to unlock now look at where the fingerprint reader is this location, I feel, is it just a little too low? It is quite quick, I'll just demonstrate to the face, unlocking as well, so I just tap it and look at it and it has it seen me there. We go it's because of the angle, but it is very quick there as well.

Now the phone is comfortable in hand, we do have a metal frame around it and, overall, a very good build quality. There is a small thin frame that goes actually around the glass which is Gorilla, Glass. Five, we have on the front, I believe, it's, also Gorilla Glass, five on the rear of it or just a hardened glass. Now, access to this power on button is very good and the volume there's no complaints there from me that location it's just that that fingerprint reader should be up a little bit higher it's just a little bit awkward to get to so. The design team, I feel, could have moved it up like they have on other phones like the K, 30 pro, for example, and the microphone, if so, the front facing camera. This is 16 megapixels and yes, the bezels, the top and bottom they're, not exactly the slimmest. I have seen, but overall they're, not bad I'll focus on that AMOLED screen soon now up top, we do have an IR transmitter 3.5 and a headphone jack, very good quality out of this headphone jack. By the way, this is typical Xiaomi. It does have your high res certified audio with this one. Now down the bottom. I got a single firing loudspeaker, so there is no dual world speakers in this particular model here and, as I mentioned before, the type C port does support power. Delivery 3, as well as Qualcomm quick charge for no video out from this one, however, and the SIM tray, so it just takes 2 nano Sims.

There is no micro SD card support with this one. What else is on board there's NFC, but what it is lacking is does not have LTE band twenty or twenty eight of you are in Europe and you need their then just wait for a local release. Of course. Now, when you take a look at the back here, this is where all the fun begins. With our cameras, so we've got an 8 megapixel 5 x, periscope camera. It does have optical image stabilization. The main camera is 48 megapixels. Now this one is from Omni vision. I believe I don't believe it's a Samsung or Sony sensor. Omni vision, they've been making sensors for a long time, so that's not actually a big problem. A lot of people go. Oh, I don't know about that brand, but they're. Actually quite well known. We have an 8 megapixel ultra wide and then a yes megapixel macro camera. But you kind of just add that in there to claim that I have five cameras in total, probably but the macro shots megapixels aren't great, but it will give you a sample later on. In this review, so the glass on the back is curved and it does have a very good feel to it. So we have a very nice display on this one. Six point: five seven inches as mentioned it's an AMOLED panel, and it does have a resolution of Full HD plus. It supports HDR 10 plus covered with Gorilla Glass 5, and I find the touch response is good.

The accuracy edge detection as well very good and the maximum brightness does top out to be 713 it's of brightness they claimed 800, and that is even on the auto setting. I don't seem to be able to get that 800 as they claimed, but it's close it's. Not too far off and when you use it in direct sunlight, you can still make out everything just fine, which is, of course, the most important thing there and real world images. They do look very, very good on this screen and the settings you've got your typical options there for your white balance, scaling as well dark motors there and even DC dimming, which is great so this phone as the Chinese model that I have so it didn't come With Google Play Store but it's, actually all there the framework is there, you just need to get the latest Play Store, apk file, so you can get that from all those different apk mirror type sites, and once you have that it's really not a problem, because you Just need to install that and you're up and running there with Google Play Store, set a few permissions as well as some other things, because sometimes their notifications don't come through properly. Notifications are showing at the top there and you can configure that little white LED to also flash for your notifications now I'm running the apps drawer. Here with me ooh. I 11 that this currently has it's not a me UI 12, that won't be for a while before we start seeing those stable releases, Android 10, of course – and you can see that this is fluid.

This is fast and I enable the apps drawer with the Chinese roms differently, because knowing when you swipe up and that's their gesture to trigger their search engine, which I do not want now, they do have an app's vault thing there, but I've disabled – that just to Help increase the performance and get rid of bloating things that on there now, there is quite a bit of bloat way and when you first get it it's about 1.2 gigabytes worth of all these Chinese apps that you don't want to. You can uninstall most of them, but some of them like gaming, for example, this games, one, is still going to be in Chinese, and that is to be expected. Now, when you are in your recent apps here good performance, I have noticed that sometimes, if I'm, for example, just and let's go into PC mark here, that's actually just my screenshots, then it will sometimes accidentally – and I know what's going on but crash forsaken. So it's a little tiny, minor bug, it's, not a crash, but the screen goes black for a split second like it just reloads me UI that's, the only thing I wanted to point out that I have noticed and I'm pretty sure that they will fix that very Quick because they're really good with the updates and the Chinese wrong, so haptic feedback on this keyboard, I do find to be pretty average it's, not like the K 30 Pro that I have, which has a very good haptics motor.

This one is just on the average. This kind of side here palm rejection is good and triggering those gestures I'm having really no issues with them at all. So all the swiping I'm doing right now is good, so lets you jump into just a few things here in the gallery. So there was this big firmware, update that i got, which was two points. Eight gigabytes and that's just optimizations reduces system lag increases the stability. They must be a little bit overwhelmed to their software team with so many releases, and we do have this option to record voice calls okay, so this is still in the chinese wrong. If you must have this ability, then editors there for those of you that keep asking about it and what about free available storage? So you get two hundred and thirty eight gigabytes free on first use, with this 256 gigabyte version, with the eight gigabytes of ram right here. Android security patch level is april, which is not too far off so that's fine they're just a month behind or so so wide fine level. Research here, not level one, so Netflix, Amazon, Prime video or gon na be in standard definition. Unfortunately, they don't tend to bother with it with the Chinese roms because they don't need it for the applications, but we of callers to do now. Some of the phones do come with that. Why do I never once at like the K? 30 Pro, for example, but we do have camera2 api so there as one good thing there, and what about this? This is wireless performance, very good for a mid range phone getting around five hundred and twenty five megabits per second, a maximum throughput on the flagships where the snapdragon 855 and 855 plus 865.

I do see about 720 s, sometimes 750 low performance speeds they're. Also, very good to have only two bars a signal as long as it can get over 100. That is good, but nothing like the Cafferty Pro which could actually get 300 and something with hardly any signal strength, which is pretty amazing. So kick bench five score. This is fine, I mean it's good. This is a lot faster than these, never again, 730 G that's, just in the me 10 light – and this is now an 2 2 version – 8 score. So again, this is a decent score. This thing feels fastest phone doesn't feel like a low end phone at all. It actually kind of feels like an old gen flagship with the 8 45, or something like that to cut a similar performance and better life. Better life is very good because yes, it's just a 60 Hertz screen, it's AMOLED, so it's quite efficient, and then we do get very good runtimes here, 14 hours up to 15, I couldn't like the maximum speeds. I see so this is a two day bubble phone for most people and the demanding use here. The use you'll still make it through a full day and then what about GPS so I'm actually doing this live indoors, and it still gets an accuracy of 3 meters when I'm, outside, though the average signal strength. Fear is then in the mid 30s, which is good. You can walk around drive in your car and it will keep up with you there's no problems with Qualcomm GPS, not for years now and it's.

Just the media ticks it used to have a problem really, but now the media tech phones can also get an accuracy of one meter, but Qualcomm always caps out at 3 meters of accuracy with the GPS. So it is really good to have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack in this particular model here, so I've been testing it out and we'd also do have FM radio with this. So why do audio sounds excellent to my ears? Shami is typically very good at this, and it does have that hi fi, certified audio and also Bluetooth, 5, no problems with that. It sounds good and just a single down with frying loudspeaker bit overall isn't, a bad loudspeaker at all here's a sample of it Music. So this is parallel by the Snapdragon 765 G. The G is for gaming and it's optimized more towards gaming, but I'm a little disappointed with the gaming performance. It starts out very well playing a game like shadow gam legends at the high setting will be 60 frames per second, but once the phone starts to warm up, it then cuts the frame rate in half to 30 frames per second. I then put it on to the medium setting and even on the medium setting, it was 45 frames per second and started to get a little bit choppy. Now I have used this chips it before in other phones. I just think there's a little bit optimization. That is needed more here and why this is happening.

I'M, not too sure it could be a little bit of thermal throttling on the part of the GPU just blowing the clocks down, and that is why we're seeing that deal with the performance. But other games like mobile legends, for example, this one is super smooth, it's, not so demanding, and this one runs and 60 frames per second at least, and it really depends on the game. So the more demanding games you will just have to lower down the visual settings so a little disappointing. The gaming 2 performance on this one here, if you're gon na game a lot, then maybe look at another phone with maybe the snapping at 855, 855 plus or 865. Now, what about the thermal so you've been gaming now for an hour and it's getting up to around 36 degrees Celsius on the rear and let's have a look at the front now and now this one here is about 67, almost without temperatures maximum temperatures there. So, yes, it is getting a little warm to the touch, but these thermals are actually quite good, alright, so onto our cameras, probably what a lot of you here for so this is our main 48 megapixel sensor. One times tapping right here gives us the 5 times optical now, depending on the conditions it won't. Actually, if it's in low light, you use the 5 times optical camera, it will then swap over and just crop the main sensor, the 40 that make it puts a 1 just 5 times now.

I'Ll, take a photo, give you sample there now, if you tap in a hole here, you get these options. So we've got 10 times 10 times, it's still a cmeek on a usable photo and if you tap and hold again I'll go up to 50. Here. 50. Look at that that's, an oil painting so it's, just like other cameras with this kind of marketing gimmick of digital zoom there that it's not really worth it now. What AI modes over here on the left we've got our macro mode err to HDR. So normally I have that set just on auto. Let the phone decide if it needs it or not. Portrait mode and we've also got right at the top here. Our night mode night mode also works with selfies and then in our pro mode here, we've got white balance. Iso focus now is au goes all the way up to 6400. You can choose the lens, and the pro mode also works in video mode too, and one handy little tip here is that if you're focusing on something you can tap and hold, and that means it will lock the focus and also lock our exposure to give you Better footage without having the exposure going all over the place, so that is very handy to have right there and let's have a look now at some samples. Now this is a sample of ultra wide video, so you can only shoot in 1080p max with the ultra wide camera here.

The quality is not as good as the main sensor, even at 1080p. It does have some electronic image stabilization. So it is nice and smooth at least 4k video now 30 frames per second is the maximum. We can shoot. The audio bitrate, sadly, is only 96 kilobits per second, so it seems they only use the 320 bit rate in their flagships, good electronic image stabilization and yes, it has been a while, since I have shot footage here and if you want to zoom in you can But it's all just digital it's not going to use the five times camera, but if you do select the five times camera before you start shooting you can use it it's 1080p Max, and it does have that stabilization, which is good I'll just move slowly. Here the focus does tend to pulse in and out. However, I have noticed so this at the front facing camera 1080p maximum and, of course not. We do not have any electronic image stabilization, I mean they don't even add it with their flagship. So did not expect it to be here, maybe one day they will now if they do add an electronic image stabilization with the stock facing camera. It'Ll probably crop in about this close, but I think it is worth it because then their footage, if you're walking along or holding it out, is actually nice and steady, then, like other manufacturers, are adding overall. This 1080p quality is not bad for 1080p it's.

Just that I want image stabilization, I think most people would want this as well and improve their audio quality Music, Music, Music, all right! So what did you think about the camera samples there? I think the main sensor does still take a good image that Omni vision for a megapixels. I find that ultra wide they're a little washed out and disappointing it's only a megapixels it's, just the lens the quality, especially when you look at the edges, it's a little distorted, it's blurred it's not really capturing that much detail and that's one of the weaknesses there. Now the front facing camera is good, but with video, no electronic image, stabilization that's very common with Shomi, hopefully one day they will actually end up fixing that and their phones and then the audio quality went down again to the 96 kilobits kilobytes per second audio there, Which I prefer they would just use across the board now 328. Other manufacturers would so the five times. Periscope camera is great to get in really close to your subjects. That'S, good portrait, shots, look okay, but there's still some optimization differently with the saturation. Some of the images they're so all round very good, build quality on this. Now it feels like it is a metal frame on this one but it's kind of hard to tell really sometimes because they use they're very dense, hard plastic with a metallic paint over the top of it. And the finish is so well in the build that it could fool you into thinking that this actually is metal when it could actually be plastic, but I don't know how to sink without actually scratching it I'm, not gon na.

Do that really nice screen on that? The Super AMOLED panel – it is very bright too getting over 700 Nets of brightness, which is and great for looking at it and direct sunlight, no problem there. Now the performance is very, very good for the most part. Okay, sometimes I've noticed that now and then they will be just that little kind of bug that I saw where the screen goes black for a second, when you multitask or swap between with recent apps. I don't know why that's happening it's, just a small little bug. That'S something there, but I really noticed that we're just a little bit disappointing for me isn't what the camera is, what the video will no lack of electronic image stabilization. No, it is gaming for some reason. I expected this to perform better than it does I've tested out. Other phones were the same chipset and it seems like they're either. Limiting the clock speeds of the GPU can do their thermal throttling at a little bit sooner than maybe they should because it's not really getting that warm to the touch so they've gone and opted for extended gaming with a lot of thermals at the cost of. Perhaps FPS because shadow game legions should be running and about 60 frames per second, the whole time on the medium setting happens. It starts out at 60, gets warm and you'll notice it okay, it's 45, and then it gets down to 30 and sometimes below 30 and getting a little bit choppy so optimization ROM updates, I think, clearly needed from Xiaomi.

So we can get the best out of this one, but overall, I think for the price it's selling, for if you can pick up one for even cheaper later on, then that is great. If you don't need LTE band 20 now it does have NFC onboard here. It does have very fast charging, so under one hour, that is great. Even supporting power delivery, three spec! If you got a power delivery, three charger that is very good there, so really so much on offer, but probably wait for the European release. If we see it now, I will be reviewing and covering the me note: sorry they meet in note light and then the meet in light as well. To other show me mother's it on the way that I should have next week and yes it's getting a little confusing so many releases from them. But if we end up getting a meet in light, zoom Edition – which this really is locally, that will be brilliant and that will be the one to go for so just think with some software optimization – and this is a fantastic phone – it just isn't quite there at The moment give them time and hopefully we'll see that local release. Thank you so much for watching this video and I will be back with plenty more so do give a thumbs up if you like this and depth review and also subscribe.