I feel here now these sound, the audio has improved, is actually using a 320 kilobit per second bitrate and I think it's a hundred and six megabytes per second, as the HK bit rate here that we have so quality wise, I mean it is very sharp it's Capturing a lot of details, the sky doesn't – actually look that blue. It tends to be over saturating the video here quite a bit more of a Samsung kind of feel to it. So if you want to see more samples and cost my full detailed hands on review with the me 10 and later the meter in pro and make sure you do subscribe to the channel – and I hope to catch you back in the next one, oh and by The way if you want to download the original file here, if you happen to have an 8k TV, you want to see this on your 8k TV or monitor. Then a link to that download is in the description here of this video.