It is a little bit windy, so there'll probably be some wind noise coming through yeah I've noticed that the stabilization definitely is not as good as the 4k 30, which I'll show you in my full review of this particular phone, as well as camera comparisons, and up Against the amino 10 as well, I'll, probably do a camera comparison. Now the focus seems to be quite good. No real problems see sometimes a lot a little bit slow there, but I haven't seen any major issues with the focus and show me yay. They are listening. They have finally improved the audio quality in video using a hundred and twenty kilobyte bitrate, and that is great, so we'll do a quick running test here. To show you, the stabilization is not so good, but when you see it in 4k 30, that is excellent. You can see that optical image stabilization is joel, turing, jarring, either side they're a little bit so more up and coming in the channel make sure you do subscribe for more samples, full reviews, camera comparisons on the latest mobiles. Thank you.