If you didn’t want to see that more in depth, close up on the table, I’ll have a card pop up here. For that unboxing and also have a link in the description. But today is all about the x8 let’s go ahead and run it through as many pieces as we can. I only have one battery that came with it. I couldn’t get an extra battery, so this should be around thirty minutes of flight time. They claim maximum of 33 minutes bit windy right now, so it’ll be good to see how it is in some wind. I don’t even know if it’s gon na rain or not we’re, having a storm coming tomorrow on Sunday, and this is kind of like the pre storm. I think so. Let’S get started with the Femi x8s edition Music. One thing I should mention: some people have said that the se Edition which this is this is the first x8 that came out there’s no obstacle avoidance, sensors it’s a little bit deceiving because you’ve got this little visor here it looks like clear glass but apparently doesn’t Have any obstacle avoidance, sensors whatsoever? It just has these bottom optical flow camera and sonic sensors to see the ground. So in the website. When I order this, there was one picture of location lock where they showed, like the the drone angle like this, and they showed like a scanning of an object in front of it and that’s. Why? I thought that there was some kind of obstacle avoidance from this visor, but apparently what that means is this using the camera here, the 4k camera and these bottom ground sensors to actually help it lock.

Its position, along with the GPS, is what that picture meant. So I apologize if I kind of was wrongly mentioning it did, have obstacle avoidance in the front, but apparently another version. More of a pro version that comes out should have more obstacle avoidance. So we just wanted to get that clear. First little con, which I didn’t really mention in my unboxing, was it would have been nice if they had some sort of cap for the gimbal camera. All they have. Is this high density piece of foam? Maybe they’ll go ahead and engineer something and in future releases take care of that, but for now there’s little bit of a con. All you get is a foam to kind of guard your your gimbal and camera not a big deal, but it seemed a little bit unprofessional to me so anyway, I got a fully charged battery. Let’S go ahead and open up these arms see how long it takes. So you want bottom first then, the top. What I did notice is when the front arms come out, there’s not really a clip, a click sound a little bit of one, but not as much as the rear ones, for some reason not sure why but that’s how it is. I have a super high speed. Sd card in here like pull this open, so there is a SanDisk Extreme 32 gig in there, so we can get our 4k video and I should mention it’s a little bit tough to get out with your finger.

So what I did is I printed one of these little memory card, removing tools and I’ll kind of show you how that works. If you want to buy one or you have a 3d printer it’s kind of cool, it has tweezers on one end and there’s a little push mechanism on the other. Since your finger can’t really go in here easily. Unless you have long fingernails, you see how one end has like this protruding little tab, and then you just grab it with the tweezers, and you can pull that out pretty easily like that see how that comes out for the life of me. I cannot push that in cause. I don’t have any fingernails, so you just take that tab. End of this tool and click it on in there. You go ready for action getting out the controller one more little clown guys is there’s, not really a easy storable place for a little dongle. Your innie. This is the USBC dongle cables just kind of floating around, not really any place. To put it. You know how like DJI does again I’m, comparing it to gji sorry about that, but you know how they have like a nice slot for it, where it kind of all collapses together would have been nice if they could have done something like that. So we’re plugging it in so the cable is on the right side of your phone on the bottom port and the regular USB is hanging down sit that right in the slot there and all we do is kind of push it and get that whole thing.

Nestled in there I do have a little slimline case on there and it seems like it does well don’t plug this one in yet until you get the drone on so the first thing we’re doing is we’re making sure it’s in this buttons to the left and We’Re, pushing power and power again and holding then we’re. Turning on the drone, the same way make sure the gimbals clear, the one any kind of grass to hit that while it’s initializing power power hold there, we go so the gimbal clearance. As you can see, it’s a little bit closed. It was even kind of scraping the launch pad, so you might want to hold that down. While it initiates a little bit of a con quite low, maybe we could put some extended landing gear on it and print some out on a 3d printer. Okay, so it’s bound up, you see how the left power light went from red to white, but this is still red here. We can’t take off yet so what I’m gon na do in my phone settings is I’m having the Wi Fi off I’m, just using my cell data and I’m also turning Bluetooth off for the least amount of interference possible. I want to leave my cell phone data on just so I can pull in the real time Google Maps since that’s put it up now. What we can do is plug in this little plug on the bottom and as soon as you plug that in, if you sit your Android to auto, launch the Femi app it’s called the femi navi, it will launch.

Let me go ahead and start recording this, so you can see what I’m talking about what I am noticing once I connected my phone and apparently it has enough satellites. The take off button now turned white. So apparently maybe you can fly this just line a sight without even using the FPV I’m, not gon na. Try that in this review, but maybe we’ll try it in a different review. Let’S go ahead and enter the vice and hopefully yeah there we go. So we have all our video you can see up on the screen there. I’Ll have that, for you guys displayed it’s got 15 satellites right now. We’Ve got a good map here that pulled in I’m here on Maui Hawaii and, like I said, it’s quite windy today. So we’re gon na see how this thing does in some wind, so we’ll just shoot right into the options and we will quickly go into compass calibration. You see that there I did already, but I just want to do it again with you guys, really simple, calibrate rotate the drone clockwise on a level in a level form like this, so we’re, just picking it up and rotating it. I kind of want to bring it away from the controller a bit and I’m just looking at the controller with my head and seeing when it tells me the next step. Okay, now it says these face up and then go clockwise again. So I’ve got that facing up when clockwise you can see on my hat cam looking at the screen until it tells me it’s done checkmark setting it back down and that’s, really it there’s also some other Cal raishin like the gimbal and the IMU you’re gon na Want to do that in your house on, like a perfectly level, still surface, restart drone to complete calibration all right cool.

So we don’t want to fly it yet because it said to restart so I’ll go ahead and restart and we’ll get this thing up in the air, so everything’s auto guys. So you know, starting to record, also recording my phone. So I got the power light blinking here indicating it’s recording, and I also have something up on the top right, indicating it’s recording so let’s get this thing launched we’re already at 97 man, I always think so long, but we need to go through all this stuff. So you guys know what’s up, so all we should have to do is hold the launch button right here. Holding down saw how that started the wind’s blowing at me, so I want to be careful and how high are we going initially, okay, so it’s gon na hover there, which seems like 13 feet by the way, guys you can, you can choose between Imperial and metric, Which is awesome in these settings? It’S gon na hover there for a second, because it’s supposed to have like the precise landing option so that’s how it’s doing in this wind. It is going kind of up and down in the wind. I did test it up. My house and no wind and it’s pretty darn, much more stable and knowing that you can imagine, let’s pull it down a little bit to like eye level right here and the wind is blasting. You can probably hear it. I mean it’s like 10 to 15 coming from like that direction, and you can see how it kind of moved over because as soon as it launched it kind of got blowing this way.

So you know that’s, okay, hopefully maybe it’ll return the home on there. So we’re gon na look at it kind of close up. Hey guys, thanks for tuning in thanks for watching my vids, and I want to give you guys a close up view of it on the hat cam here there it is just hovering. The front looks so cool man. I wish there were sensors in the front of the se edition, but apparently not winds, kind of in between gusts right now, and you know what I would categorize this as far as a noise level, let’s say it’s pretty much on par with, like the Mavic Pro Low noise props for a Mavic Pro 2 or a Mavic to zoom, so not very loud at all. My hat cam mic is super sensitive, so it might sound a little loud but it’s really just as quiet as those guys. Ok, so we want to start flying we’ve got to hurry up because we’ve got 89 battery and let’s do some flight testing speed testing in normal mode. So this is all stock. No settings changed full speed up and I’m. Looking at my screen, wow the vertical speed isn’t, even working, you see it on the top left there horizontal speed, says 2 miles per hour, so something they got. Ta fix. I don’t even think that’s right, it’s going way faster than 2 miles per hour. Let’S, come on down let’s tilt the camera all the way down.

This is me controlling the gimbal, a little bit of glitching on the screen, because it’s directly above there’s, a new skatepark over there, which we’re gon na film in a couple minutes: I’m gon na click on it to see if that’ll, okay, that adjusted the white balance, You see how it’s all washed out I clicked on the skatepark looks a little better. Now now pick it up back to the horizon. You go down just a little bit, so we can get a little bit more of a ground picture. Ok, a full stick down! This is how fast it’s coming down. It only says. One point three negative one point three: on the horizontal speed, I would have thought the V s would have been vertical speed, so I don’t know what that’s, what it’s saying nobody’s bringing it down. We got. Nineteen satellites and let’s see how fast it stops letting off right now, yeah pretty on par a couple of feet of fluctuation there, but it’s just so windy right now seems like DGI might be a little bit more stable in the wind, but not by much does Have more sensors on DGI anyway forward speed maximum? Is it gon na hit the ground if we turn nope? Okay, remember the Z no hit the ground when I did that kind of turn, Wow the camera looks really stable too I’m gon na pitch that all the way up, let’s try that one more time and do a sharp left turn which the xeno crashed in full Stick forward in normal mode and sharp turn to the left.

Okay, it’s staying up no crashing all right so better than the xeno and let’s get that letting off stopping power. Let’S see how it is we’ll, stick forward coming at me, letting off nice smooth, stop! Okay, it’s gon na perform great in just regular flying modes, full roll to the right into the wind. Okay, it dropped a little bit because the wind is blasting from that direction. Blowing with the wind and letting off alright doing fantastic it’s fluctuating a little bit but it’s not gon na, be driven into the ground, it looks like. Does it just cool so no need to worry about running into the ground with this one, at least on the regular flight mode, coming back letting off cool man, so that’s normal flying looks pretty darn good. We have 79 power. This thing looks like it’s gon na last, a long time, guys great just to show you guys that it doesn’t have any possibly any obstacle avoidance. Let me get the Sun on me and kind of just try to run into me pretty guaranteed this doesn’t, but let’s. Just go forward slowly, I’ll step out of the way if it doesn’t stop. Yes, you got thought what I just ran into me, so there’s no obstacle avoidance at all. On this se Edition fYI. I will be sport first before we do all those optional modes go into sport mode 18. Ms max woo. This might be fast all right, sport mode, I’m, gon na go straight.

That way, actually let’s just look at it real, quick down low before we go out now that might drive it into the ground in sport mode let’s pick it up about eye level. Let’S see how it drops without me. Touching the altitude we’ll stick forward: Wow, okay, that’s fast it didn’t drop with the wind let’s, go high level again and see if it gets driven down into the ground against the wind full stick forward, no it’s, still maintaining okay, great that’s support, folding! Look for you and all the while look at the camera, guys I’m gon na be showing that in the screen, while I’m doing these jerky movements jerky and left and right as fast as I can go in sport. Full stick for let’s see how fast it starts going now, it’s showing V speed. I don’t know what’s up with this it’s like four point: six, so something they got. Ta fix up there in the speeds. I have no idea what’s wrong, but it’s doing that. Okay, cool there we go still in control, let’s get back over to the park. Now this isn’t sport. Look how fast that yaw is holy. Smokes I’ll make it dizzy. I want to come back asap. Let’S just do a return to home real quick. I just clicked return to home, and I want to bring this thing back because I don’t know where, where it’s at okay was that the other Park down down there so it’s going to go up to, I think I have it, set at 100 feet working fantastic! Coming back and yeah yep, I can still move the camera.

Can I rotate the yaw? Well, I can even rotate the yaw guys while it’s in return to home and get some shots and look around let’s see if it really will before it lands yep it’s automatically. Readjusting its heading, I just tilted the camera down and if you ever lose it that’s. What it’ll do you turn off the controller or press return, the home that’s the speed? It comes down at we’re, not going to return the home yet and land, because we want to do some more stuff, so it’s slowed down right about. I want to say 25 feet. Turning off freak during the home boom it’s gon na get out of it. I kind of like that Hardware switch let’s, try our vertical speed in sport mode will stick up, definitely is going faster and will stick down. Yeah it’s going faster, letting off locks in good Wow, cool, okay, well, that’s, sport mode. For you, the only thing is there’s no hardware button for sport, sport mode, but that’s, you know that’s. Okay, you do have to go into the settings and we’re gon na get out of sport mode just by pressing that, because you know we don’t want to crash while we’re doing our follow me functions and stuff. So far, so good, just no obstacle avoidance loving it. So far, keep in mind guys this is only the third charge on this battery I did mention. I was going to do 10 charges to get the battery off them all didn’t have enough time, so we’ll do that extreme flight time test on a pen charge battery, but for now I will put the time up when I finish this review so quickly, going in To some functions here, let’s do a quick, little weight point: okay, we can do in flight or on map.

Let’S see what inflate looks like sitting. Waypoints inflate drone will fly along a waypoint route as default speed. If set point of interest, the heading will be locked to P. Oh, I cool it. Does py ok fly to a target okay, so this is where you can fly to target positions. So we’ll go to one position. We got to do this quick right and tap plus okay, where is plus there, it is up on the top left, so that’s one look at all these options, hover 10 seconds record for tip now. This is like you pair it an onoff eat and the Bebop’s check it out. You have all these options. You can do pictures videos at each Waypoint. You can have it go clockwise counterclockwise on the bottom, that’s just fantastic and you can adjust your gimbal Wow we’ll. Just do a single shot ad. Okay! I just added that Waypoint a shot of the grass wonderful. Alright. Next Waypoint is going to turn this way. Let’S fly over here a bit letting off let’s take another shot, so we’re gon na press one. Oh, it needs a lot more of a distance for another Waypoint. Okay. How about that target? Will that work pressing on one again there? Okay, that was far enough. We’Ll do a recording for ten seconds ad and then we’ll just come back. We’Ll go up come back here, okay, and this will be pressing on the okay. It’S got to be further at least thirty two feet a little further.

Keep that in mind wait point three we’ll do a first shot at okay when we’re done. What do we do? Pressing the arrow here to the right and we can adjust our flight speed 26 seconds it’s only gon na take to do all that it’s only gon na go one point three miles per hour: let’s go up to four heading we’re gon na play at the Waypoint Point of interest can be locked only in at free direction. Keep that in mind and failsafe is just exit let’s go. So that means if the controller loses signal. Okay, so I press Continue and it’s gon na start at the first Waypoint. Okay, so you’ll be seeing the video and everything it’s doing so. I wonder what happens? Okay, it’s gon na go to the second Waypoint as it’s moving. You see the head turning and it’s gon na record for ten seconds now. This is interesting because I’m, already recording so we’ll, see how this up I’ll have the stuff pop up on the screen of how it looks and what it does arrive at way. Point three and bursts: that’s cool is telling you what to do what it’s gon na do on the phone. So now it’s gon na go that way as its turning its head and then it looks like when it gets to the Waypoint. It completes its yaw turn. Now it’s bursting photos, okay, cool it’s, letting you know Waypoint mission complete and it looks like you unless you tell it to come back it’s, just gon na finish up the last Waypoint, so don’t forget to do that: okay, so that was that function and it just Completely gets out of that function, we’ll see if it took pictures, because it looks like it’s still recording on my phone.

Get back to us here right in front, go into the strife smart track. Well, it says bait on there. Okay, guys so let’s try this whatever we don’t finish now. We’Ll do a flight test. Okay, guys so don’t worry we’ll, do more. Let’S do LOC, so drag rectangle around the object. Please fly an open area: okay and drawing a square okay, very similar to other drones. Go quite high too low let’s pick it up. Is it gon na lock on me before I press go and tilt the camera down, no see that so something that other manufacturers are able to do. You have to tilt the gimbal yourself until you press go alright. So we can just track like this let’s see how good it is at following me in this wind, as it gon na follow it’s keeping a distance of 11 V nope. Yes, they’re coming closer wow, it still says it’s 10 feet away. Oh, that must be from its home point, but for me, look it’s not following me. So maybe there’s no follow right now, I’m, not sure. As far as like coming towards me or keeping its distance let’s, see if Phil I can lose it run quickly. Getting to the side of the screen running pretty fast see what happens. Oh okay into the Sun, and it lost me see that so maybe an issue Locke has done okay, so we found an issue with shooting kind of I mean gosh it’s.

Only three o’clock the sun’s not too low, but it still lost me so I’m gon na go back over by the Sun or have the Sun facing me, and this completely exits. All the flight modes let’s try smart track again. A little sad part trap will do a trace, so this should tree sideways and box again go alright. Let’S see how it does wait, a minute traces, traces following me: okay, yeah, there you go so trace, will follow you guys. I thought it was the lock okay. So the lock just stays stationary but pivots to follow you so while it’s following me, whoa that was weird, the wind really influenced it there and I didn’t know what to do and I can’t draw another box. I got to go all the way back into that mode back in the trace. Okay, let’s go farther away, see if it has an easier time farther away and higher right here I am seeing that blue tint that everybody’s talking about you know what I’ll do exit come on x8 I’m pressing. The button cancel that I pressed okay, Wow, really take it out of this mode. Target lost, looks like it’s too far away or something go wow. So a little bit of issues that got to work out for follow me guys go really. Okay. What I want to know is why I can’t exit this when I go there and then I press okay, this is this is kind of funny.

I got to try to run away from it. Wow okay, we’ll go back into the voice device. I just went out of it and I’m back in okay, so we’re finding issues that they need to work on, leave it to me. So what I was talking about is I want to go into here. I want to go into the video. Oh man, we haven’t been taking video this whole time. Have we will stop recording? Yes, we have. We just couldn’t adjust the settings while it was recording good to know style. Nope come on quick settings, video white balance. We want to do sunny now since it’s sunny. Okay, there we go there’s, sunny, recording, again 30 percent guys looks like I just got into the orange let’s hurry. The heck up, so smart track needs some work. We did lock, we did profile. No, we didn’t do profile. Okay, did you hear that a little bit of a warning, let’s just try this real, quick profile go and what it should do is it should just follow me out of profile so say I want a jog let’s go this way and I want it to follow Me like this walking hiking, whatever let’s, try, slow, walk, slow walk can get you in the center, but watch when I start running it does start to get and it’s not moving away from me. Let’S see if we walk under it slowly, walking under it Music. By my yeah, okay, so that’s, what happens it finished it? It just goes all the way out.

I do want to try the tricks and walk under it. You guys I’m noticing that blue tinge so go. Alright it’s recording let’s walk under it and see if it spins around nope, not capable of spinning around finding finding some issues. Tres done. Okay, one more and we’re gon na have to do another video we did trace and profile. I thought trace was supposed to move away from you anyway. We’Ll try this like a trace and we’ll try to make it orbit. While it’s doing this 1.7 miles per hour. Clockwise there go speeding and let’s see. I have a maxed out at its fastest speed and it’s orbiting me twenty one percent power. Oh, you saw how it lost track of me and it just totally stopped not able to this one can’t read relock, so no relocking here keep that in mind and we’re at twenty percent. So we still got some stuff to do. We’Re gon na have to do a flight test too. We kind of did the orbit in the track, but there’s the orbit mode. You see how that works. Well, we can exit out of it there. Okay, that time it worked so we’ll do that we’ll do orbit mode, we’ll do tap, fly will do drone II will do spiral, will do SAR, will do cinematic mode tripod course lock and fix wing in the second flight test. This was just to like show you basic flying and a couple features you look at SAR real fast.

Its joint coordinates. Okay, there you go see that and we can zoom let’s just try this out, zooming all the way into three okay, you see that that’s SAR. So that’s how the videos looking I’m recording, so you got a three time zoom and you can go anywhere in the line and that’s how clear it looks. You’Ll see how about how that is in the video and everything so search and rescue see how you got the coordinates up there cool so let’s get out of that pressing the X. Okay that time it exited. So let’s go back and you know what we’ll do is I return to home real fast, because we only have 15 percent battery so pushing to the home and it’s gon na come back. Okay, let’s see if it can do it, we are only at 14, I’m hoping it comes home. It just went up to its hundred feet and let’s see how close it lands to this H. Okay, good. I was expecting it to possibly land over there because it’s only at 15, but it looks like it did, come home, so that’s good. This one’s supposed to also have an automatic return to home if you’re far enough away like farther than like 50 feet or a hundred feet. So here we go pitch down. Let’S see how stable that camera is now let’s, see where it’s gon na land. Well, the FPV is getting a little bit glitchy, so that’s where I took off and I haven’t landed since it does look like it’s correcting itself a little bit.

Okay, no battery! Here we go charge ASAP battery, please charge I’ll replace okay, so it tells you audio on the phone of what to do, and you saw that it did trough its propellers pretty quickly. As far as our precision one two three feet, that is tolerable, but not as good as precision landing on some of the other drones. So the grass you can see the grass is messing up the gimbal to see how that’s glitching it because it’s so low. So we’ll turn this off. Asap did stop recording also when I landed and it disarmed so you don’t have to worry about it, still: recording click, click and hold unplug turn off the drone, click click and hold and that’s it wow. That was the initial flight test. I didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted to, but at least it was a good basic test. Let’S go ahead and shoot over to the chair here and do a pros and cons on this first flight. Ok, guys so first flight. Actually, I did just a quick little hover test and sort of a range test at my house in a residential area. I’Ll have that video up, possibly next or after the second kind of tutorial flight test review, but I will say that it did pretty good in residential interference. Stay tuned for that one we’re also going to do range testing in the country like we’re, in around no interference with the stock antennas, and I also have these little guys from my me, 4k drone that will slip right over here.

These little parabolic dishes and I’m expecting to get even more range with this, so this will be also be another range test, so stay tuned for that subscribe, so you don’t, miss those but let’s talk about the pros and cons now for the initial x8 flight test. It does really good at flying. I’Ll give it that sensors on the bottom keep it up. It does ramp up the motors when it needs to to prevent itself from hitting the ground. So these are do seem to be working very well. You can see the precision landing was little bit off precise, landing, they’re, calling it so not as good as some other drones, but for their first foldable small drone like this that’s, not bad three feet away. After all that flying I did and all those modes I was switching in and out of kind of a con, they didn’t put any obstacle avoidance whatsoever on this one, a little bit deceiving because you have this cool glass front, those glasses here. The shield that looks like there might be censored behind it, which fooled me and my unboxing sorry about that, but there is no obstacle avoidance whatsoever. Apparently we did have great flight time now. I think I landed at probably just around 10. The line was below 14. I will have the total flight time pop up here on the screen, so you guys can see that was the third charge of this battery and you’ll see just how long I flew for that initial flight test.

Again, sorry, we didn’t get through all those functions, but that’s a lot of stuff to test the functions. We did go through the smart track. It needs a little bit of work. You could see how it was losing me. It doesn’t have the ability to retract the object automatically, even if it goes right back in the box, so some other manufacturers have a big advantage on of it on that it seemed like it did. Have the profile pretty good it does. It does a pretty slow, follow as well. We’Ll have to test it a little bit faster. I was running around and it was keeping me in view pretty good, but seems like once it gets anywhere near the Sun, now it’s three o’clock and the Sun isn’t perfectly overhead, but it’s not down in the horizon either. So that kind of vertical and horizontal speed up on the top of the screen, that was a little weird wouldn’t, show the vs at all. When I was in regular flying, but it would show the HS which to me is horizontal and vertical speed. But as far as the control that was pretty awesome, it controls really well really smooth, no worrying about dropping down and hitting things. If you need to make sharp maneuvers like say, you’re out at distance flying fpv and you’re, not really seeing the ground but you’re trying to track an object, you don’t really have to worry about it. Dropping altitude, like some other drone like remember the xeno doesn’t, even have any sensors like this, and it had a really hard time on sharp turns and it would just drop and crash, sometimes so definitely better than the Z.

No. As far as what I’m seeing now and just a little bit more expensive, too well I’ve had the video up guys for you on the drone itself, my hat cam, and also on my phone recorded. So you can see just how it looks in all those different aspects want you guys to go ahead and be the judge of how that 4k looked. It looked a little bit a blue tint to me and then I switched it into sunny, and so you guys be the judge that might need a little bit of tweaking on the video. But as far as now there is the white balance you can adjust. There is the ISO, but I didn’t see any shutter speed in the settings of the camera. The wind did seem to influence it a little bit, maybe a little bit more than like DJI so yeah. It does usually have a little more sensors on their drones. So you know this one is undercutting the cost but you’re getting that incredible flight time and a 4k camera. Oh yeah. It only does 30 frames per second. So if you want something that does 60 frames per second in, like a quality 4k right now, the Evo is kind of your only option. Evo is a really good drone, but you know it’s almost twice as much as this one. So if you’ve got maybe four to five hundred dollars to spend, you may want to look at this, but as far as the fit and finish goes guys now, the winds really coming up.

They did a really good job. It is very quality feeling it’s not light and flimsy plastic it’s, solid plastic, it’s, very quiet that had good going for it was it’s, a very quiet, drone and it’s portable. Look how portable it’s, not too heavy it’s pretty light. The controller is a little bit large compared to you know like the Mavic and stuff it’s a little bit larger, and I would like to see like a flippable sport mode, maybe on this side on the right side like sport off and on. Instead of having to go into settings and adjusting all that in the next video we’re going to go through all the rest of those tracking functions, those advanced flight modes – sorry, we couldn’t fit them all in there, but there’s just too much to do on one battery. If I second battery for this, I would have put it all in one long, video, but anyway guys thanks for tuning in if you’re interested in the x8 don’t forget to check my links. It does help me out on the channel to keep giving these in depth. Reviews on these items go ahead and check the links, if you’re thinking of buying it and buy it through my link, it does help out anyways thanks for watching, and I will see you guys in the flight test to testing all those other functions and also in Range tests and really getting some cinematic video on the shoreline and mountains here of Maui Hawaii.