This is called the Black Shark, so it's powered by Snapdragon 845 with adreno 630 GPU. It has six to eight gigabytes of RAM 64, go outs of storage or 128. Now I've got the 64 gigabyte model, so here's the optional control and they're the slots on to the top, so it's going to be connecting up via bluetooth, because there are no connections on the top there. It seems very lightweight that box and you can see we do have some little triggers on the side of it, and here is the black sharp and you can see that its logo that's gon na, be throughout on this mobile phone. So a bit of gamer bling, of course, it's got to have the gamer black, the red or the green. Like all gaming devices. In case you questioned whether it was a gaming device or not okay. So this little slip on the top here that says: you're a gamer, let's shark, alright, so here's the phone – and that is huge it's, not actually as heavy as I thought it was gon na be so that's a good thing. It'S got a protective slip over it. There so first impressions, it definitely looks gamer you because you can see around the edges here that green now there's that switch. I think it is for the gaming modes. You just switch that up or down it's got a little bit of a texture on there and we do have the dual SIM trader on the side.

So at the top there you can see the dual LED, flash dual tone: we've got the two cameras here. So one 20 megapixels one 12, now it's got this area here is like a plastic. This is well like have a matte plastic, but the build quality of this says excellent. Actually feels really good in hand not bad at all, and not as thick as I thought. It was going to be I'll measure the weight and the thickness of it in just a second, so you can see down the bottom here. It says black shark, obviously, and then we have what looks like two speakers perhaps were probably actually one of these will be the microphone, the type C port there. These are the antenna strips so this type C port has another green accent in there. Just to remind you again that it's a gaming device, so we've got some volume buttons there they're made out of metal and the power on button. That does feel really good curved edges, but excellent, build quality, no problems whatsoever with this. So a home button, slash fingerprint reader there on the front. Taking a closer look at the cameras, I can tell straight away that this does not have optical image stabilization. I don't think it was actually advertised. I was not expecting it and there is that s logos. So it's not as offensive as I thought it was gon na, be the press images made. It look like that this cuz was gon na, be like some super hyper fluorescent, green that's gon na stand out, but it's not as bad as I thought so.

198 grams – and this is probably why it doesn't actually feel that heavy to me, because I'm used to a very similar weight with the Xiaomi mimicks 2s they're, almost identical. So the thickness comes in at nine point: five: five millimeters. There is really no thickest point. There is no camera bold, it doesn't actually stick out any more than the rest of the mobile phone. So one thing I've noticed too that, because of the way they've styled us that it maybe feels a little bit better when you're using it in landscape mode. Here just gives a little bit more grip. It does not feel slippery either, which is good, so let's take a look at what else we get inside the box. I think there's a case in here and least I'm hoping there is so in this area. Here we've got the Sun tool and yes there's the case so it's just one of those well bumper style cases here so it's just going to go around the outside. Protecting the edges cutouts there for all your ports form that little switch at the top and, of course, it's branded there with black shark, so that just clipped on very easily, and it almost looks like it – is part of the phone, so it's not giving too much Protection really it's gon na cover the edges here, but it looks like it's not really going to protect the screen. If you light down flat it's not going to actually raise up there, because it's it's lying flush with the screen edge there and it's not gon na protect along here, but all the corners and things are protected, at least from drops.

So that's one good thing there and you can still access that switch the gaming mode and then the power and volume buttons easy as well. So we also get like a Quick Start Guide there. That is in Chinese, and here we have just a warranty card thing and they have included a screen protector, which is great. So here we have two other little boxes on here. So in this compartment is actually labeled power. Adapter in English see here it is so. This should be a Qualcomm quick charge, one and the maximum output. There is 12 volts, 1.5 amps, a black type C 2, USB cable and also a type C, 2, 3.5 millimeter, adapter and now the controller. Of course, if you're interested in checking this one out see there, it is, you can see and it's got a rubber textured little thumb controller, and that is very light. That only seems to weigh like a 20 grams or something like that. There is a button right here, what looks like an LED within it, and there probably should be a type C port on this to charge it. Okay, there we go, that is up the top and there is a little button here. So this must be. I have the release button when you clip it on. It looks to be actually there's like a mechanism in there. You can just see there so that's how it's going to latch into it, so that must be those little dimples either side to keep that clipped on.

That was on the case and at the top here, one little button there and two triggers now: they're, not an analog trigger trigger this one is just digital to straight on and off the same with the top button there. So you can see if you want to use the joystick. You must use that case because otherwise it's just not gon na stay in place and will fall out. Oh and the back of it. It says Black Shark and it's a textured rubber. So this gives quite a bit of grip to it, so it looks like they've used quite a large dpi here and here's. The programs we've got installed on this. It doesn't seem to have a lot of bloatware normally with the xiaomi phones. They crammed on a lot of chinese stuff, that's completely irrelevant to people outside of china. So first have a look and see what's asking for permission locations just to go into settings that's interesting. So here we go about phone running, Android, 8, Oreo, so it's only 8.0. I was expecting hope for the 8.1. Now there could be some patches coming out for this it's got some joy, UI build as the first one as well, so that's, the uija. This is using. This is not me UI. This is joy UI, which is something completely different here now they've got room down the bottom on the bottom bezel to have hardware keys here, and they do have them, but just they don't light up so that's good to see so there's a recent apps back.

Of course, and then tapping this will take us home, so you can see the memory use on first boot. Here we get free 4.2 gigabytes, so that's plenty Android is taking up 1.8 let's have a look at its storage to this being a 64 gigabyte model, not a lot of free space. There we've already used 12.6, so I'll quickly, test out the fingerprint reader and that's pretty quick, but not the fastest. Actually there bit of a see a delay of about one. Second, you can see that's, definitely not as fast as my me macstew is. Perhaps some optimization is needed there, but I mean that's, not bad at all, it's, literally what about under that's? Definitely under a second at least so here's the end to to score very, very good score here. This is really high for an Android device, but it's not really that much higher than the show me me mix 2's with the same exact chipset, so they more or less got the same performance. So you would have noticed that the case has these two little indentations here, these tiny little dimples there's, actually where the handles going to clip on so the joypad will clip into this show you now so you just got ta line them both up and it slots In you will hear a little click and that is on there. That is really solid, that's not to go anywhere because it's got their whole case around it, so that's supporting it.

Keeping that locked on you can hold it. One handed there it's very rigid and it does feel comfortable, but this is definitely not Xbox 360 Xbox one or ps3 4 controller comfortable yeah. It has small it's designed to be portable, of course, so you can see a little light here so that's below, because I've paired this up with bluetooth. Of course it turns red when you're charging and then it will turn. I think it was green or blue once fully charged. It does not take long at all to charge. I connected it up. It probably really came with quite a bit of battery in there and you can see how it is on the rear, so that's, very sturdy. Of course, we've got that rubber on the back here. So it gives us plenty of grip when gaming and it is quite comfortable so I'll show you the gamer mode now, so you flip the switch up, and that is going to enable it. It just warms you. So what this is going to do is gon na kill background tasks, it's going to put you, I think, into do not disturb mode or silent mode, so you won't be interrupted with calls and I'll just test it out till I think tapping the home button. If it accidentally tapped that it's gon na do nothing, no, you can see there. You need to flip the switch it's just telling you there that you need to toggle that and that's good.

So that means it's gon na keep you gaming you're not accidentally, going to end up on the home screen, which can often happen on a lot of other mobile, so it's good having that switch there. So it will automatically detect a few games here and then add them now ones that weren't added automatically I've just added them in here I've got a couple of settings here at the top. Now this is to do with the joystick I've already got it connected up. It tells you your power and I did have a firmware update for the little joy pad for it already, so it seems they've done some sort of patch or something – and you can have a look at the calibration here. Unfortunately, this parts got a bit of Chinese. In fact not all of it is in Chinese here so it's just telling you you can see there. For example, the CPU use the GPU use, and things like that. I think it's when you swipe the home button that's. When you bring up that menu there, so the other options we get are no notifications whatsoever, it's going to block them out completely, so you can just toggle that on or off no calls on or off of course, extreme mode there. So what I think that is doing is just changing the governor from interactive just to force it on all clocks. So all calls are running at maximum I'm going to give us maximum performance.

That, of course, will choose through the battery life faster and we've, got here clear round. Two, so you've got any background processes eating up the RAM. You simply just tap this and it'll. Let you know see there, we go it just cleared out 37 megabytes. So, looking now how it handles pub G, so you use your finger to look around as you would be. You don't need to use the joystick kid to control anymore, because that's now taken over by the hardware joystick, so it's gon na make things a little bit easy for moving around, especially you can sort of strap to the left or something like that when you're aiming And shooting at people it's gon na make life a bit easier. Now the button at the top I've noticed that doesn't really well. It makes you control the aim there, but it cannot look at this. It goes all over the place, so I don't think that is configured properly I'm, not too sure. Just at this point yet how to configure it now, the top big trigger doesn't do anything, so you still have to shoot either. That button, which is gon na be easier, or this one oh well, someone's, actually trying to kill me, and luckily I managed to kill them before they killed me. So it's gon na make gaming a little bit easier and as far as the framerate goes, I mean this is really smooth. This is one of the smoothest experiences you're gon na get, of course, with a Snapdragon 805 in a game like pub G here see when I go and zoom in they're really smooth.

So this is a question that commonly pops up here treble check. So yes, it's supporting treble because it's running Android, eight Oreo – and this is for more seamless OS updates and the good news is it's. Both partition, a and B. So, since this is a gaming mobile and it does not have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, it better have good speakers, and luckily it does so the extra wide earpiece at the top also houses another speaker. So it does have dual speakers on here. This is great, and I think, because it's a little bit bigger, is also why it has a little bit of meds in here and it's a little bit more punch here than the typical ones we see like on shammies mmx2, all the mimics 2s it's a loud Speaker down here on the bottom is doing most of the work and it's just that one there that adds to it so I'll give you a sample of it now so I'll give you a quick look at the screen here. So so far, my tears, no complaints whatsoever, it's bright, the viewing angles, they're good for an IPS panel. The touch sensitivity and accuracy is excellent. Color reproduction looks good, no complaints with the white balance or everything like that. It'S, just a little strange isn't it that Xiaomi didn't opt for a hundred and twenty Hertz panel in this. With that higher refresh rate just making things super smooth, then, but it's only just a standard 60 Hertz panel, which is a shame.

Then they could have competed directly then with a braces phone, but overall it is a decent screen and good and I feel it's actually better than the Xiaomi mimics two S's screen. So quick, look now at the camera. Application no surprises here: it's using Xiaomi's mui 9.5. Camera app there's portrait mode for the rear camera, so you can get the blurred backgrounds, there's, no portrait mode with the front facing camera, even though whether the sensor can, I think you can do it because it's software they use that AI is what they've been advertising And the likes of the rid me note, 5 and other mobile. So if you want that on the front facing camera, then you're going to be disappointed unless they decide to later. Add that on so you've got the same typical modes and settings here. Won'T really go into this into too much detail. So for video I've noticed that we're going to get the same modes, you get on the mimics 2s, considering it's using the same chipset. So the video encoder – you can actually set this to a TVC for that codec. Of course, that's a high performance codec, whether the smaller file size, but the compatibility isn't that great, especially with a lot of video editors and Windows, machines and things like that for playback you're gon na – have to install codecs image stabilization. Of course, this is just going to be electronic image stabilization, hopefully it's gon na work in 4k because it doesn't work on 4k on the Memex to us.

Yet now give you a few samples here from the camera. This is just an initial first look. I will go into a little bit more detail and give you more samples in the final and full review of this mobile. So this is a sample from the front facing camera and I can see that it's got. The typical show me problem. That'S popped up lately that it's overexposed, because it's actually really overcast here and a lot darker than what I'm seeing on screen to be able to see the clouds up here. But you can't see anything at all, so that's not good to see so I'll give you a short sample here from the rear camera. This is shooting 4k. I do have electronic image stabilization enabled, but I can see that clearly it does not seem to be working. So just like this show me mimics. 2S. Audio is better, though, than the show me mimics to us. The focus I've noticed as in as good. This does not have dual pixel autofocus and unfortunately phase detection autofocus, you can see it does do a little bit of focus, hunting now and then, but I don't mean it's, locking on to the guy there that's not too bad and I'll just do a quick stability Test here you can see it is shaking all over the place. So not good, hopefully, show me can patch this and enable key is with 4k video, because the chipset can certainly handle it.

Alright, guys so first impressions, the design of it. The build quality is good. The design is it's interesting. It is different the way it looks. It definitely looks like a gamer mobile phone there's, no mistaking it with the green axon, the typical black and red, or black and green accents screen. Gaming doesn't I don't know why manufacturers must do that. It doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. When I saw the press images, I thought wow that you know that's that's a little bit ugly isn't it I mean it's, not wonderful, looking. I definitely prefer the Memex 2's over this one in terms of the build and the style of it, but it's great that we do have this add on little joystick here. So it just clips into the top, and it really does help with games especially running around. In pop G it's, just so much easier, of course, having Hardware controls versus your touchscreen controls, I always prefer – and I pretty much sure that everyone will agree with me that hardware controls are the way to go. If you can, of course, if you can plug in a joystick and use that you would so that is great and it's really easy to remove it, but I mean it is a huge robot phone is massive compared to my me max to look at it almost As tall so yeah big, but I do like the loud speakers on this as well, but else because they're good better than than me mix to s and that's their flagship, and this has better audio as well in video, better audio and voice call.

So far, the main one call and yeah that's actually better there, which is good, so battery life I'm, not too sure what its going to be. But in my 20 minutes of gaming of pub G I lost about 10 battery life, so I've got a calculating there. You'Re, looking at around about 4 to 5 hours of full on gaming worth the performance gaming mode enabled and using that little switch there on the left hand, side so that's going to chew through through the battery but it's going to give you the maximum most optimal Performance, so you probably need to charge it at some point. You'Re gon na have to use a Bluetooth headset, which comes to the obvious cons. Yes, no 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack, it's kind of crazy. This is a gaming device. It really really really should have it so that's, not great. They also the lacking microSD card Wow, you know, should have it so they're forcing us to get the hundred and gigabyte model really because gamers are going to need a lot of storage. I don't see a lot of people opting for the 64 gigabytes, because some games can be like 5 gigabytes can be really huge once you install everything different levels, for example like real racing 3, that game can take up a lot of space there. So yeah no microSD card and they're missing that 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. If you can get over there so far, it's looking like a decent phone.

So what do you guys think in the comments they? Let me know about the designer, but did like the green around here. Do you think it's a little bit over the top? Do you think you could put up with it or would you go for something like charmese me max it's? Personally, I would go for the new MX 2s same trip set pretty much the same exact and performance, but the slimmer, bezels, the shorter design and – and I roll just a nicer feeling phone with ceramic on there. Now, if you like Xiaomi products, I will have the new me 6x coming up on the channel, so that's got the snapdragon 660. Also the Mi Gaming Laptop. I hope to get that next week and also the Mi 6x there so stay tuned to the channel. For that please subscribe, and if you like this video, please give a like my latest. Videos are right up here and if you haven't checked out already in my review of Xiaomi's Mi Mix 2S that's up here as well.