First gaming mobile phone, so it's gaming focused, you can see we've got this add on joypad. If you haven't seen on my unboxing, this is a bluetooth joypad that you can clip onto it, but you have to have the case on the phone. So in this video here I'm just gon na focus on the gaming performance, so we'll see what kind of frame rates we're gon na get if we're gon na see any slowdown and then right at the end of this video as well check the thermals over just Physically, to see how hot is it getting on the back yard notice that it does actually get a little bit warm there and that's to be expected when you're gaming for long durations? Now, if you also missed that unboxing I'll quickly to show you the antutu scores, so it is really good. You can see it's massive, the score that's, probably one of the highest. You will see until probably the one plus six comes out, so the Snapdragon 845, with the Adreno 630 GPU and six gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of internal storage here, that's ufs, 2.1 spec, so a very, very quick phone. Now the UI on it is joy. Ui version one it's, quite lightweight it's, not as heavy as me: UI it's, just like a skin that's on top of Android 8. So for this video to get the maximum performance, I'm gon na be using what's called shark space that's that dedicated switch.

So you switch that up. You go into shark space, you're gon na get no interruptions. It is also supposed to boost the gaming performance. Now, just give you a very quick overview on this. This video is about focusing on the gaming, but all your games are listed in here. Normally they are automatically added. If they're, not, then you have to go through the menu system here and just add those games to that. So every single game you need to actually set up the controller, so you go into the game pad here when you swipe down on the home bottom. It brings this up, so you need to remove around the on screen controls. So you can see right now here. I'Ve got this already set up and configured for pub G, so tapping this. That is actually gon na, be my scope to zoom in that one there's this going to be the fire button, and you see moving that around that it's going to be the movement. Now, if you don't like the movement, then you could actually move that over to aiming. If you wanted to aim with the joystick, then that is possible to set that up at anyway, let's get into the game play and see how it performs. So I thought I'd quickly show you the start here, because often you get a bit of lag and you see that it's very smooth right now, rendering all those different players in there that's not a problem.

But now and then you do see a little bit of stutter here and there and it's not running full 60 frames per second. I don't have an FPS counter on this, but I can tell that it's, just not 100 it's, not 60 frames per second. I know this because i've been playing other games that do have frames counters on them, so you can see the FPS and when they're running 60. You really do know is this to me as around about 40 or something like that. So one thing to point out with these controls is that you can't get the sprint block, because the joysticks – just not gon na push up further enough, so there's one thing to think about too, when you're playing this game. So if you want to lock the sprint, then you still have to do it with your finger there manually and the way i have it configured. So the scope is just here to look down on at least the barrel. I want to have this scope so that's easy enough to switch to that it's quite quick and then, of course, do fire. That also means that for driving, of course, the controls aren't set up so again gon na have to just switch back to using the touchscreen. So it might actually just be more comfortable just to go with the touchscreen to start with, so this next time, i'm looking at is called lineage revolutions, and this is probably one of the most demanding games actually that i'll test out, you sometimes see a little bit Of stuttering lag, so the graphics is very demanding it's, another one, those ones based on the Unreal Engine, so I did have to configure the controls a little bit.

I did have some problems with the gamepad. If you sit it right on where the joystick is with the on screen buttons, it didn't actually work too well. So this is how I saved it. I'Ll just set up the attack on one of the the triggers here on the top. Of course, I'll just show you quickly a bit of gameplay so using that trigger it's, not super comfortable, as I mentioned in the unboxing, and my follow up review that it's, sometimes it's, just easier to use the on screen controls. Of course, we've got way more buttons here. I'Ve only got two bands on this, so there's not a lot there, but the performance of this game is good it's. Just now, and then you see a little bit of slowdown, so it's definitely not running a continual 60 frames per second, not at least with this demanding game. This total now is called standoff and it's super similar to Counter Strike him just a ripoff of counter strike, but, of course running here on Android. No, do you have the trigger set up, so the triggers are for firing and whoops a manage to trigger the menu. Don'T know how I managed to do that should actually be disabled and define the controls a little bit difficult on this one. Oh did already. You see with the frames counter, at least this game actually has an FPS counter on it. It'S 59 60 frames per second the whole time, no matter how many players are on the server and what's been rendered in front of you, it's, always a steady 60 frames per second, so it's really really smooth very fast, as you can see here.

So this run runs perfect now. One other question that did pop up is what about the built in screen recorder now it's right here. The quality is not that great. So some of the free screen recorders, you will get off. Google Play Store actually do a better job because they record audio there's no settings for this it's either on or off it just starts recording here, so you can set it up to start recording like it's on right now, but the problem with it is it does Not record any audio from the game or the microphones. This next title is Ashfield extreme in this one it's better, without a controller really so I'm going to be using the accelerometer for the steering and everything as you normally would see, it's running fine, a couple of little stutters here and there. The starter here now is shadow fight, three really good. Looking game and let's see what it's, like now with the joystick seems to be a little bit easier, in fact to control and pretty easy one there for me. So this total here is called critical ops and it does also have a frame counter right up here. You can see 59 frames per second, the whole time and yes, it's another Counter Strike clone, as you can see well bomb defusing planting bombs. Things like that well and I'm about to die. Okay, one kill well let's set something to so. It does make the controls a lot easier.

I find having the joypad but it's not entirely comfortable I'm, starting to get a little of a sore hand because of how small it is, and this title here is hit or hero's of incredible tales, quite a graphically demanding game. It does look really good too, and this is running fine. You see the occasional little stutter, but I think it's more to do with the internet and things loading in. So these are the settings that I have on that's in the game panel as well. I thought to show you this, so the framerate optimization this apparently supposed to boost performance. This is some sort of acceleration service. I think it's using a VPN to make things a little bit faster with your ping times. A super touch that just increases the touch response there. I haven't honestly noticed much difference at all between having it on or off. It seems to the same to me now: game lab this is to do with the LED lights that are on the back of this, but this seems to only work in China or with Chinese games. So I do actually have this enabled it is on the light effect. This is the LEDs that will light up actually behind the logo, so it will change. Color will turn red and it's, basically RGB. There is also some lights in here, but I've never seen it actually come on for any of the games that I have tested so that's.

Why? I think it's just Chinese, only titles that it supports. So this title is World of Tanks, and this one, I feel, is a little bit better to control. Actually, with the controller here, you can see just for getting around with the tanks sometimes can be a little bit awkward and I've configured the controller. So one is just a toggle magnification to zoom right, and the other, of course is to fire, and I find that works quite well, but no issues with the framerate. Like all of the games I have tested. Every single game is running super smooth, really good frame rates here. This, I would say, is running at 60 frames per second. Without a doubt. This is just so smooth, od and I'm about to probably die here. Okay, so I haven't covered every single game here, but that is it for this video. Otherwise it will be too long. I hit something like 20 different games requested, but just know that it's going to run in every single game, the Snapdragon 805 on this mobile on any mobile like the me mix, 2s. Ok, so this thing is barely getting warm it's around 30 degrees. There. You can see just on the back and I have actually been gaming for about an hour and a half. I spend a lot of time downloading things as well and using it and gaming, so that's, not bad at all. It barely gets warm it's a lot cooler than the surface of the meme x2 is differently that one seems to heat up a bit where it does get a little bit warm where I have seen it hit 35 degrees, which is still nothing, is when you're charging At the same time and gaming, so I have done about 6 hours of gaming now, in total, with this gamepad, and I can safely say that it's a little uncomfortable at times, I'm finding that I'm getting a bit of a cramp or ache in my thumb here.

So that is not good and really is it worth getting it just for that controller. I don't think it is just get yourself something like this one of these controllers there's. So many out there all these different models, Bluetooth controllers – and there are apps out there – that you can map the on screen controls using a Bluetooth controller. So the games that don't support it – you can't actually get it to work and that'll work quite well. The good thing about this, of course this is very similar – the ergonomics to an Xbox 360 controller. So this is really comfortable you're not going to get any cramps with us when you can play for hours on end and yours got ta flip this up, and example the mix 2s. You can put that right in there and there you go okay. Gaming, like this is a lot more comfortable cause it's a bulky, joystick it's, not as small as this, but it really depends on on what you need to heat, something that's more portable, okay. This is alright and and using it especially I've noticed in games like World of Tanks. It does make it a lot more easier to control your tank to drive around and things, so it does help out thanks a lot for watching this gaming review here now, I'm working towards the full review of the Black Shark.