The channel, for example, focusing a little bit more I'm starting to review audio and yes well. I'M. Gon na start with this, with wearables it's, the Amaze foot GTR. So this is the 42 millimeter version. There is a larger one out there, which is the forty seven millimeter version. So I currently just have you probably seen in a lot of my videos. I wear this all the time, which is the me band too, and it's very basic, but what I like about it for my own needs. I don't really need a lot, but I like the battery life, which is just great on this thing. I mean it lasts for almost three weeks, at least for my use, and I do you as a use it for heart rate monitoring when I go out. Of course, they've got to use the me fit application, which will be the same for this right here. So this is quite an asterick model because it's now a newer version that's recently out it's the global version and it does have an AMOLED screen which has a resolution of 454 by 454 it's, 1.' inches 50 meters of water resistant or waterproofing, which is good as Well, so you can't go swimming with this watch. That'S got the continual heart rate, monitor on there lots of different functions: lots of sport, tracking functions, GPS, it doesn't, take a nano sim or anything like that, but it does have wireless connectivity, Bluetooth 5.

So in this video I'm going to take a first look at it and my first impressions of the Amaze fit gt r here so let's take a look at the packaging. This is, I believe, the global version, because it's not in Chinese, and it should all be in English straight out of the box here. So you can see those specs that I just talked about at the beginning. I won't rant on about them much longer there, and this is also talking about the battery capacity, which is 195 million hours, which doesn't really seem like a lot. Input voltage for the charging is 5 volts, 300 mini amps so that it doesn't need a lot at all to charge it bluetooth 5s mentioned so we'll see what we get inside here. Obviously, we're gon na have the charging cradle that we need to charge this. So here we go nice little white box and a good presentation there of the watch. So they've just got a screen protector on here, which of call I will get rid of now and a little tab here. So pull this up a little instruction menu, which is in a lot of different languages there, but it doesn't seem to have European languages, as I can see. Okay we've got that looks like Spanish and Italian Russian. So there are a few there here's the charging cradle or should I say that little connector? Well, it is like a cradle isn't it so that will just clip on to the back of it.

You'Ve got the two little pogo pins right there for the connection and just use your standard phone USB charger. No problems with that now it's gon na take about two hours to fully charge it, and the better life has mentioned is up to 24 days, but really it depends on what features you're using of this watch so very nice built to this first impressions really good Finish, like there's no sharp edges on this whatsoever, so you can see it on the back of it here. There we've got the where the sensors are, so this will be for the heart rate, monitoring the two connector points there for that charging base. So this should just magnetically and I can feel yet pulls it into it. Just sits in the middle like that, although it doesn't want to sit in there, probably ask because I've got it angled wrong. Okay, so you got to get that at the right angle. There we go okay and that locks into place so that's easy to charge. This it's not like this silly thing here. I'Ve got to pull out of the case, which is kind of a pain when I have to pull this out off the strap. Sorry, in order to charge it so it's powered on now, okay download the app so I'm gon na need to download that so it's, an AMOLED screen that has got on it and we'll. Look at the strap to a quality feels quite good, strong, again, very good.

Build quality here with this, so that it's nice and I just noticed that we've got this little tabs here, so it will be very easy to swap the straps once they wear out or you're, not happy with this colour. You decided. No, I want to live a strap, but when another strap there's other third party manufacturers as well with these straps, so you can get lots of them so just pulling on this tab. That will then allow you to pull that right out. Swap it over should be fairly easy and just give a quick pull on that that it does feel very tight there. So you shouldn't have this breaking off easily. If you happen to snag it on something so I'm going to install the app we'll, get it set up and just go through a few of the features here of the amazement. So how does it feel speed wise? Is it like a lot of the wearables or watches out there that tend to be a little bit laggy well, and you can see that it's not a super performer, but it's, not the worst. I have seen, and you can see, they're sliding along okay, it's, not gon na, be super quick, so you can see our steps categories pretty straightforward. This is heart rate monitor before it was working when I had it actually on my wrist and measured 63 resting heart rate, but it'll tell you there, where your heart rate is in what zone.

It'Ll also give you a readout, but more on that later on. Once I actually get into testing that later out, it's need, probably a week or so to go through a run, go for a swim, go for a bike ride as well, which do a lot of says. The default watch face here that it comes with now. If you swipe up you've got your status heart rate workout, you can go straight into those modes from swiping. The other way you can do it, too, is if it's off we go back to the beginning, tapping the top button tap this button right here is another way to do that now. This also lets us know the remaining better, a lot so out of the box. It'S come with a 60 charge already, which is good and if I went into say walking you can see. You can start that right now, it's still trying to get GPS signal because I'm indoors, so naturally that isn't going to work so let's have a look and see what we can do here with different modes. So outdoor running is by default and then you've got lots of different modes right here, so you can see them or like treadmill. Outdoor cycling, open water swimming now swimming trekking is one of those things. It has not been very good with a lot of wearables, so I'll be interesting to see how that is. If I can get out and and swim that elliptical trainer climbing trial running cycling, your skiing sorry exercise.

So all of that is in there there's. Quite a few options for you're tracking, your fitness tracking, which is good to see so the top button also acts as a power button. It is red now the buttons they do have a good feel to them as well. They feel quality. So I don't imagine that they're going to get hopefully they're gon na last for a long time I don't imagine they're gon na wear out or anything like that now I'm interesting to interested, to know myself as how the face of this, the glass it's got Gorilla Glass 3 in this, so it should be quite scratch resistant because my me bend to that. I have has some really bad scratches on it, because it's, only plastic and, of course, hold up very well, so it times out automatically the screen to save on battery life. So when you want to see it you're either tap the button or just tap it and we'll take a look at some of the settings we get here as well. So those are the steps there and it's from this sorry. This menu here, you're just going to swipe down into it, we're not into status. Sorry I'm still getting used to this. There we go down, and so we got torch mode. We'Ve got battery saving mode, which is going to really even lower that performance even further, lock mode right here, we've got your night mode. This is brightness so out of the box it's, actually on automatic turn that on now, which is a little too dim at the moment, because I've got really powerful studio lights on here.

So I just keep it there on the manual setting now. One thing I've noticed that the dial is quite hard to make out. It depends, of course, on what face you're using in direct sunlight here. This is at 100 brightness and even on the auto brightness setting it's, really no brighter so quite hard to make out so I'm. Just KarenT Lee measuring my heart rate here. We'Ll see how long it takes, but it's so much faster than the me band. As expected. That'S, a very low end watch that one so this okay, there we go. What was that maybe 20 seconds or so so that is quick. I'M gon na go back out of here now, I'll run through the rest of the settings, which I haven't shown you. So you swipe up here: you've got settings but there's. Also these other options so very straightforward. Like set your alarm event reminders notifications, you've also got music weather activities, that's all really straightforward here and under more so we've got compass. Timer countdown find mobile, which is handy. If you have done aware, your mobile is and you're within range of Bluetooth, 5s range and your mobile, and it will then beep and you will be then be able to locate where your mobile phone is again that's straight forward. This, so I'll go back into this. Just show you the settings so there's where you change the watch face. I think you need the app then to download or sync through the different watch faces, but there's apparently just so many of them, apparently a hundred, so you can change it all.

The time you've got quick, stat setup screen on duration, which I think needs to be a little bit sit a little bit longer, especially for me with these videos, and I would sit that to the maximum, which is only 15, of course, that's going to shorten the Battery life and that's why they set it by default, to be so short and let's have a look at what else we've got in their system information as well, so that is straightforward. This is about our firmware version. You can see that I'm currently on and every now and then, of course, they will push through firmware updates. So the quick start button. That is this one right here you can assign to whatever you use most, you can see. You'Ve got the heart rate workout, where their notifications event reminder alarm compass. It goes on the list, so one of these right here, whichever you would use the most, would be what you'd set it to and a very quick look at the Amaze fit app. So if you've used me fit Giambi's app, this is very similar to this. So you can see it's going to give you stats of how long you've been sleeping, you're sleeping formation, your heart rate, what that has been and, of course, your weight when you're monitoring. All of that, your different exercises, the kilometers you've done exercise time. This is all going to be right here and when you want to start, then a new exercise, you can do it with the watch itself or compare through and sync that information if it's tracking it.

Okay, it is okay, so my first impressions – I really do like the build of this. This strap feels very strong. You can replace it. It is a light. Watch they've got the L way around the outside metal buttons with a good feel to them screen brightness. When you turn it up, looks very good with the bright studio lights I and, of course, an auto brightness. It tone things right down just to save on the battery life, but when you're in direct sunlight, it will be so much brighter as well. Then it'll pill pick that up so performance. You can see that when I scroll through quite quickly here that is going to be a little bit laggy but it's. Definitely not the worst with the wearable phones, I've used quite a few that have been on Expo when I was it Aoife and went through them, some of them a little bit choppy there, but with the the RAM that this has on and considering the very low End chipset, this is to be expected. It'S not gon na be super. Smooth it's not running at 90 hits the display, but overall it is looking good. So you've got the different options there through the settings that I quickly showed you that you can really adjust a lot of things. The heart rate monitor is very quick to get a reading. It only takes about 20 seconds. Perhaps maybe 25 30 seconds tops it's a lot quicker than say my me band toe, for example, which is yet dated old tick, and you can see going through the menu here that is X, be quite quick, not bad there.

For this, so you've got the settings where you can change all the watch faces. You'Ve got various different options. The main thing is just: how will this track my workouts that's? Why I will be back with another video, so I'll go for a bike rider, go for a run, we'll see how it tracks and monitors me with the GPS, and then the monitoring of the heartrate monitor. Sorry, how that is this going to work as well and then, of course, the battery life? Just how long is it going to last it's going to be all dependent on your use so for every person out that's going to be different, some people will barely use the heartrate monitor and other features like the GPS with the tracking. So it will probably go for them 24 days and if you use the display at a higher setting, if you're using it a lot you're doing a lot of workouts with it then expect to build. I would say charging it every week or something like that.