Progressive frames supports 8K or 4K video HDMI input and uh itll allow those to pass through, and it has an Android operating system. Pre installed, allows YouTube and Netflix streaming and other things also X. Jody provides a two year warranty at a lifetime. Professional tech support on this product, so this is the nice package that came in to protect it because hes got a handle on here. This is really nice. Quality lets take a look whats inside here, so we have the instruction manual. We have the projector itself wrapped in plastic, and we have the remote power cord and some cables lets all take these out and put them on the table and look at everything. So everythings out of the package have the unit itself theres protective cover. Now youve got to remove and you have the manual you have HDMI to HDMI cable, the remote which does have a microphone built into it, and the power connection so were going to show a close up of the projector. So you saw see all the features on there. The remote takes AAA batteries. You have to provide your own AAA batteries. Lets take a look at the front theres, the nice All Glass lens on here on the side, theres the focus wheel and you can see that it moves the lens in and out and thats what provides the focus its that black neural portion right there. There is the power connection right there, the included power cable, and if you look at the top, it has functions on there that mimic whats on the remote, which is really nice, so that you can gain access to all that.

And if we rotate to the back, there is a monophonic speaker here: High Fidelity, then this is ventilation for the actual cooling of the LED. You notice there is a sensor right there and thats. What communicates to the sensor on the remote theres. Also a sensor in the front so that you can talk to the unit from the front of the sides or the back now. The side right here is ventilation right there for heat dissipation has two HDMI ports. One and two two USB ports: you can put memory, sticks and so forth and other streaming devices, audio video input, connection and a headphone output connection right there on the bottom of the unit. You can see it has nice oversized silicone pads to keep it stable on a table. If youre going to be using a table and not using the adjusting screw, I would consider removing this temporarily and then itll lay totally flat because it will hit this. It relies on this contact point plus the two back ones, and this is nice so that you can actually adjust the angle of the projector as its sitting on a table. You can rise it or drop it down, which is nice. There is also industry standard mounting holes. You can see right there. Theyve got the tapped openings in there so that you can put support So putting this on a ceiling and powering is very simple. Just take the included, cable and plug it in to the side, and then you could use the remote or right here if I just hit the power button right there.

This is also a lit display, which is really nice and what that does. It allows you to see this in total darkness so that you can see where the controls are so the projector has come on. It is projecting right now lets go over some of the features. This has a built in Android TV, 9.0 operating system, the X Jody X1 projector adopts mlogic t972 Smart TV chip and its equipped with two gigabyte RAM and 16 gigabyte. Rom storage. You can stream moving, shows live sports, your favorite music, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and apps. You can enjoy video fun anytime without additional media players, so this is nice. It allows you to stream and not have to worry about having a streamer like Roku. So this is a built in five watt, Hi Fi speaker as I showed where it was, and this should be a pretty bright projector. Typically, you want to use a projector like this in a dark room with a six foot to eight foot diagonal screen. I wouldnt recommend going beyond that. This has a contrast. Ratio of fifteen thousand to one which is really good, has an hdr10 high dynamic range. So that means its going to be able to show the dark colors and the light colors thats, where the dynamic range number comes in that fifteen thousand it has fifty percent 100 percent zoom and thats built into the software. This wheel is the only mechanical thing for the actual, focusing has 4D or plus or minus 45 degrees, Keystone, Digital, two, so that if youre projecting it, you dont have it perfectly lined up with the screen.

Itll allow you to adjust the Keystone. This is the Pure Glass lens, which is really nice, because a lot of the less expensive, projectors dont have glass lenses, and that makes a big difference in the optical quality and the focus of the outer edges. This will support. Airplay Miracast function provide lag free online. Video streaming and you can connect your Android phone to this or your Apple phone, and that does have a two way: Bluetooth. 5.0, so you can use other Bluetooth, sound systems amplify the sound. If you want to and theres very efficient cooling fans in here, you notice it wasnt that noisy when I turned it on and theres about 40 DB of fan, noise and, of course, has that great carrying case. I showed you – and this is also 5.8 gigahertz and 2.4 gigahertz – Dual Band Wi Fi and the Bluetooth 5.0, as I mentioned so just checking Im getting about 50 decibels, add about a foot away. So if I was about a meter way, it would be less than 40 decibels, so thats great shows that its nice and quiet, so it wont, affect you hearing the audio from your Source material. So you have the projector running for about 20 minutes and I want to just check the temperature. This is the output Port right here, so see its only 99 degrees, so thats good, its cooling off this whole sealed chamber in there. This is all sealed and keeping that LED bulb running cool.

So here Im in my movie theater and I have the X1 powered on on a little temporary table. I got an HDMI where I can test some 4K content and I have a USB stick in. There has some pictures and whole movies, and some cartoons have the projector on have a going to my screen and were going to be doing some tests now. So the first thing I did, I went to Signal source using the included remote and you can see it recognized. The Roku Ultra were going to try that first and theres my home screen on my Roku. It looks really nice. The colors look really good, very clear. So heres some 4K content, thats copyright, free and the audio is coming out of the back of the projector and sounds really good, very loud Music. So the image is really good. Im impressed its very clear, so Ive turned the sound down, so I can concentrate on the image. Contrast looks really good its clear on the edges a lot of times these projectors arent clear on the edge I have the projector lined up and its very clear, as you can see its hard to see with a camera recording but uh its a very clear image. With no lag now were gon na, try the Keystone, the upper right corner there. It wants to know what projection method and were using front projection, and here you get the screen and you could use the remotes up and down to change the Keystone.

I have the projector zero degrees. If it was on an angle, we could adjust that easily. Here is electronic Zoom. We could try, so it allows you to use the remote to adjust the size up and down now theres a file browser, and it allows me to look at my USB stick and there is a list of everything that is on that stick and I can play Some home movies on here and here is playing a movie that I produced thats on the actual USB stick, theres no lag, and the image looks really good. Now, Im going to log in to my Wi Fi password. So I put my password in – and it says, connected successfully now now Im going to connect to my Netflix by putting in my email and password so there it is everything is there for me to stream and because of copyrights I cant show anything but uh. It worked, it allowed me to stream all my Netflix and my YouTube videos. So here I picked the YouTube tab on the menu and I could stream any YouTube. Video that I see, or I can log into my account and screen and stream. My videos for my channel and you can sign into your Google account so that you can gain access to your YouTube channel quite easily and now Im streaming my channel the last video view. I did so Ive accessed all my videos by using this projector to stream them so after testing.

What do I think about the xgody X1? Well, Im projecting in my theater, very clear image. This is 4K content and it looks really clear even on the edges, and it looks bright enough for my six foot diagonal screen so Im going to give this product a full five star rating. Please remember hit the Subscribe button and the bell icon to alert your new video uploads and if you thought this review was helpful, please hit the like button. Theyll be ordering links to the information and comments section of this video review. Please use those links when you order this product to help support this channel. I hope this video helped you with your buying decision.