I have heard very good things about this today. Lets open it up, see how it performs and see how it compares to the other tablets that ive been using. So lets do this. So here we have a nice black box with a matte finish, lets open it up and we are greeted with some sort of a guide, but who needs a guide im. A pro ive been doing this for too long, so lets get rid of this immediately, and what do we have here? A carrying sleeve for the tablet i dont think ive ever opened. The tablet box, with a sleeve thats, pretty cool its a nice touch, keep your tools of trade safe folks, the fabric is really nice quality. I really like the texture from the inside its pretty soft. It must provide a nice cushion for the device underneath it is, of course, the tablet, but well get back to it in a minute, and now we have three sections in the first one. We have a little black box under the box. We have the glove lets open it up, pretty standard nice soft fabric and some sand slabs branding on top of it. What do we have in the black box? You must wonder some cables, i guess. Yes, we have two cables that connect your tablet to your laptop or pc. One is a standard usb and the other one is for usbc ports now lets see. Whats in the middle of the box seems like a super cool device.

Its got some nice weight to it, but its not too heavy. It has this radial dial these buttons and im pretty sure they are all customizable, which is quite helpful, and now here we have the pen case man. The quality of this thing is great. Nice logo engraved on this case, and if we open it up, we have a lot of stuff here. So first we have the standard tablet pen similar to what you might find with a wacom tablet. And secondly, there is another stylus that is thinner and resembles an apple pencil, its a little smaller and lighter than the apple pencil. But i think almost the same thickness and then we have this converter thing: man, everything has a logo on it very cool, and what do we have here? I think we plugged this into the laptop or pc to make the tablet wireless. So that was the pen case now lets close the box and take a look at the tablet so right off the bat, the tablets build quality is amazing, wow its got a nice weight to it as well. Doesnt look cheap and it is not cheap. I know lets compare it to the size of my 11 inch ipad pro just so that you get an idea of the draw area and for size reference here is the tablet in front of my 13 inch macbook pro and, as you can see, they are almost Almost the same size, which is great because the bag that fits your macbook will most likely fit.

This tablet too awesome. The draw area is marked by these little signs on all four sides. The surface of the tablet seems really nice, its not too plain and doesnt sound squeaky, its a bit rough, something that can give a nice friction while drawing not gon na lie. It definitely feels premium. The tablet also has rubber pads, so it stays on the table. Firmly and doesnt slip, the tablet itself was pretty easy to set up. Senselabs did a great job, making the experience smooth and convenient. Also, i love the interface its properly designed visually very nice to look at here. We can also see everything thats connected to the laptop, its detecting the two pens and that little device called the quick keys. We can adjust the settings of the tablet here. I can go to the pen tablet settings. I can change the color of the corner lights, which is pretty good. You can match it with your setup or something here. It shows what these three buttons on the top of the tablet do the left. One opens up launch settings, the middle one can adjust pressure and the right one says switch display. So i press the middle button. Now we have the pressure sensitivity, settings of the pen. You can adjust how soft or heavy the pen feels what different buttons on the pen can do. And if i go to advanced settings i can adjust the pressure curves as well. Now, if i go to the quick keys, we have a lot of settings there as well.

All of the buttons are customizable and you can set them to any command youre comfortable with you can create different sets to have multiple settings and you can even save settings to work with a specific application like you can see a photoshop icon on top. So lets talk about how this tablet performs. This is the closest to wacom. The lines are super precise and the pressure sensitivity works really great. I try to draw straight lines and there is almost no jitter. The lines are straight and precise, which is great especially ideal. If you do a lot of line art or comics, although im used to a keyboard and not super fond of these extra controllers or even the keys on the tablet, i must say that the quick keys work, pretty good. I can zoom in and out, and i can rotate the canvas and even adjust the brush size pretty conveniently and accurately the pressure sensitivity works. Amazing. You only have to put a little bit of force on the tablet to draw very thin lines and, as you increase the pressure you get thicker lines, the level of control is one of the best im truly amazed. I honestly have only good things to say about this tablet and i couldnt really find any downsides. Apart from the fact that it might seem a little costly if youre, a beginner as if youre a beginner, the prices on xp pen or some of the huion tablet.

Might make a lot more sense to you, but if youre a professional, i can highly recommend this tablet. Its very precise, well built its amazing. I mean eventually, i had to retire my old wacom into his tablet and there cant be a better occasion and im not paid to say this mind you. This is just my personal opinion, alright guys. I hope you liked this video hope you found it helpful. If you did please dont forget to leave a thumbs up and if youre not subscribed to the channel, please consider subscribing.