I try to cover as many graphics, tablets and pen displays, as i can here on this channel, but it seems like new companies are popping up all the time to compete with wacom by offering like a stripped down product for a fraction of the price. You’Ve got parblo artisal gaulamon bosto that’s, just naming a few. When i’ve tried a lot of those products, i tend to come away, uh underwhelmed, because of that i almost passed on sense labs, first graphics, tablet, but then i saw that their pen tablet was not cheap. Had some extra bells and whistles and it’s wireless, you could get a shortcut remote and what really sealed the deal for me was perusing their website and seeing their team was made up of a lot of ex wacom’s products, people so, okay, that’s a reason to take Notice, i really get the vibe from sense labs that they want to be another wacom, not another wacom alternative, or at least a higher end competitor to companies like huion and xp pen. I have some thoughts on that i’ll get to that at the end of the video. Of course, i want to take a look at this pen tablet first, but before i get into that, i want to thank today’s sponsor set out your mac. It feels snappy it’s. Well thought out: it’s easy to use. It helps you get stuff done, but what, if there’s something else, you could do on your mac to boost your productivity, even more we’ll meet setapp set app rethinks.

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In front of you size wise, this is a little bit bigger than my 13 inch macbook. This is a good sized drawing tablet. Sometimes if they get too small, it could be a little bit cramped if they’re too big. It takes up too much room. I think this is the perfect size. It also comes with its own, carrying sleeve slash pouch thing. The lining is crazy. Soft and the pouch is a great way to keep one of your feet warm when you’re drawing the tablet plugs into your computer and comes with a usbc to usb a cable. If you have a usb c port on your computer, like i do, they also include an adapter. This pen case is really nice, like really really nice. It has all of the stuff. You need two pens. One is a slim pen and one is your kind of standard thicker pen that you used to see coming with these graphics tablets. I love that both of them are included here. Wacom sells an extra slim pen, so getting one right in the box is a nice touch. Also, some extra nibs up top too the slim pen has two buttons and that thicker pen has three and for all of you, folks who love having the back of your pen work as an eraser good news. These pens have you covered. Also, in the case, are the usb adapters you’re gon na need. One of the nice features of this graphic tablet is that it’s also wireless once you’re set up you can plug in the usb adapter and you’re good to go another thing you’re going to notice.

Is that the tablet lights up to show you where the live? Drawing area is – and i mentioned before – this is a medium sized tablet right now, it’s the only size tablet that they’re selling it’s comparable to the wacom intuos medium. The build quality is really nice. You have these rubber pads along the bottom that’s, going to keep it from sliding around your desk. You’Ve got this nice slope to the bottom as well, so you don’t have a ridge that your wrist is going to hit while you’re using it for all. I just felt like they’re thinking through a lot of these little design elements there’s. Also three shortcut keys along the top. I don’t think that’s the best placement for them, necessarily it works if they were along the side. You could just rest your hand on it. While you were working instead of reaching up and over all right, let’s get to drawing the pens, both have 8192 levels of pressure, sensitivity and 60 degrees of tilt. These are also both battery free emr pens. My general feeling on the pen is that it’s really really good like wacom good here, let me show you there’s one test that i do when i’m using a new pen that literally only wacom can pass, and that is the straight angled line test. Huion’S gotten better xp, pen’s, gotten better, but there’s still some wave to the pen here, none zip, zero nada! You set a ruler down you draw across that ruler and you get this crazy, smooth, accurate line.

I am very impressed. How do we get this tech into some windows laptops everything else? It does really well too fast lines, taper well with no goofy shoe stringing effect or anything it’s not dropping lines if you’re drawing really really quickly. It holds pressure well, especially around curves, even doing smaller objects it doesn’t blow out anywhere along that pressure curve. It just feels good to use. Also worth pointing out is the initial activation on the pen that’s. How hard you have to press to make a line up here is really really light. Most other tablets have really improved this over the last couple years, but still i i was impressed by how light it is. You could just drag it ever so lightly and you’re going to get a very ever so slight line. The other thing i want to talk about here are drivers. Now this is something i usually don’t care much about, and i know from the comment section you all don’t really care much about it, but it’s it’s worth pointing out here. I really appreciate companies that take the time to design a good experience now. Yes, these drivers look good, but i think they’ve thought, through the user experience of how you set everything up, really really well, you can select a pen and then it gives you all of the options you could do for customizing that pen or you select the tablet Itself – and it gives you all the options for customizing that tablet this isn’t doing anything revolutionary, that other manufacturers haven’t done before it’s, just how easy it is to set up and how little fiddling you have to do is what really impressed me there’s.

Some other little touches worth mentioning here. For example, you can adjust the colors of the lights on the tablet. You can even set it up to have a different color based on what program you’re using. So you can just glance at your tablet and know oops. I have my focus on illustrator, not photoshop, there’s, also an optional shortcut remote that can be programmed here as well. You can even go in here and adjust the pressure sensitivity for each pen separately, that’s actually kind of a cool use case. I had never considered before what, if you want one pen that has like a heavier feel than the other pen, you don’t have to go into the settings. You just grab that second pen or just even pop another like feeling nib in there and you have a totally different drawing experience, that’s, pretty cool and all of these elements, the graphics tablets, the two pens, the the shortcut remote. It all feels like it’s part of the same ecosystem, not some feature. That’S been duct taped onto the side. What is the future? I am really intrigued by sense. Labs, i’ve i’ve always thought there was a place between wacom and brands like huion and xp pen. Wacom is just like so expensive, they’re high end lines, they throw every feature they can in their bluetooth, 4k edge glass touch, enabled waffle, making capabilities and all the other brands don’t. So those brands end up selling for a fraction of the cost but you’re getting a fraction of the experience.

The one thing with this this this is the graphics tablet and i don’t think this necessarily shows off those quality differences between, like the high end and the low end they’re, just not as noticeable as they are on something like a pen display on a pen display. You can see the quality of the lamination of the screen. You can see that there’s a better resolution. You can see that there’s more nits of brightness. You can tell that the etched glass doesn’t wear like a matte coating does a product like a graphics tablet feels to me. It feels very similar to say the xp pen deco that i reviewed a few months ago. I can tell this is better all the little details, the pen lines they’re better, but the real question is: are you willing to pay three times as much for an experience that’s? I don’t know ten percent better now that’s, comparing it to like hui on an xp pen if we set this next to a welcome into us. Okay. Now this is an interesting question. You get the same experience, but for less that looks like a much better value proposition and, if i’m being honest, i really like the drivers and software here more than i like wacoms. I saw a youtube video, which was kind of like a press release type thing that they had done and they talked about how they are currently working on. Doing some pen displays down the road, but i totally understand why this was their first product making physical products good physical products is a heck of a lot harder than it looks so, starting with something simpler makes a ton of sense see what i did there with The word they’ve already said, they’re going to make a pen display at some point, which is great because i think that’s, where the differentiation and quality is really going to show.

I also wonder if they’re going into this, possibly a little too late, huion and xp pen have consistently gotten better year over year and improving across the board. You compare what huion’s doing now. They just released their first 4k display reviewed that just recently you compare to what they’re doing now to what they were doing three years ago, and it is night and day so. It feels to me, like the gap between what wacom was offering and what the others were offering has gotten narrower and narrower narrower over time, so the space where sense labs fits isn’t as big as it was a year or two ago. But overall i am pretty excited to have another competitor in the space and i love their pen, tech. I i hope they keep chugging along. I hope they’re successful, more competitions better for people like me, it’s better for artists like you. So what do you think? Let me know down below in the comment section.