I got this tablet as a birthday present in may of this year, so i’ve been using it for about two months and long story, short it’s, one of the best tablets i’ve ever used and or owned alongside my ipad air 4.. Now, over my drawing career, i have used several drawing tablets, including the galvan m 106k, the xb pin deco 03 deco 01 and deco pro small, the helion h1060p uh, the huawei canvas 13, the parvo a610 pro and the wacom intuos medium tablet from 2018 and the Reason why i tried all these tablets was in order to find the perfect one for me um, since i am very picky when it comes to towel pens. It comes with two pens, one slim pen and one thicker one which both have an eraser. They both also have a good weight to the pen, and that makes it so it doesn’t feel cheap. You know it’s also, amazing how comfortable it is to hold the pen in hand. The weight of the pen is comparable to the apple pencil but easier to hold. Due to the soft grip of the pen, i’ll write the pens 10 out of 10.. It was extremely easy to download the software on the website and get the tablet installed and running on all the tiles i’ve used. It has one of the best software’s up there with wacom. Unlike xq10 um, you are able to set different pen, slash tablet, settings to each and every software you use, and it has an area within the tablet settings where you can test out the pen slash.

It brings your pressure to your liking. I’Ll rate, this off. For a 9.5 out of 10. Music, the drawing experience is top tier at first. There was a little glitch where it when writer’s summer, some of my strokes when i first got it, but it somehow fixed itself and it’s an absolute pleasure to draw on this tablet. The texture of this tablet doesn’t feel like paper, but it has enough resistance for you to have a good amount of control over your lines, there’s, absolutely no latency or lag. When you draw a stroke on the tower versus what you see on the screen, the tablet’s good size and overall rate, the tablet or the drawings experience a 9 out of 10. Music. I tried playing osu with this tablet and it’s doable with the default settings. But if you try to change your settings, it glitches out no sue so it’s, not a good osu tablet. Um. The bluetooth wireless feature is super helpful and responsible responsive, and i mainly use it in this mood. The goodies that came with the towel, such as the bag, pancakes and glove, were a nice addition. The built in wrist rest on the tablet is nice along the bottom part. That makes it so you can easily lift the tablet up the colors changing on the towel. Based on the software, you open this one overall, i would rate this tablet a 9.5 out of 10, and i would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their art seriously and can afford this tablet.

I can tell this tablet is going to last me.