These tablets comes as bundles lets, see whats inside okay theres a thank you note from the company and behind we have the information where to download the drivers and stuff so im just going to put it aside, then we have the tablet in here. I will keep the tablet here. For now later we will come back to it. We have two more boxes in here. Lets see whats inside first box very nicely, built very good, build quality and inside we have two pens. Yes guys. This tablet comes with two different pens and we also have additional nibs for each of these pens. The case alone in here is very premium, built its a very good quality material. I can feel it in here so lets see the thicker pen in here. This thicker pen comes with three buttons and you can use the back of your pen as a eraser as well. Next, we have this extra slim pen. This actually feels, like you are holding a pencil in your hand. This pen has two buttons with the eraser on the back. So far, im really surprised of this build quality, guys and lets see whats inside this box. Here we have a device for shortcut keys, unlike other tablets, they have separated the shortcut keys from the tablet itself, so you can keep it on your right on your lift, based on your tablet placement same as the other components. This also very premium build.

You can see a display in here later we will connect and see how this display will work. Then we have these USB cables. We have two cables to connect the tablet and the shortcut keys. These are more like charges other than connectors. This tablet and the connector can work wirelessly. We have this usb to usb c cable, which will connect the shortcuts, and then we have the second usb to usb c cable, which will connect the tablet. We also have a hand protector with the xence labs logos on it, warranty, information and an additional sticker in here and finally, we have the carrier for this device. Since this device works with wi fi. This carrier is really useful. You dont even need to carry the cables as long as the device and the shortcuts are charged. The carrier is premium build as well. I like the premium cloth material and you guys can easily fit in everything inside this carrier. All right so lets look into the tablet. Although it looks small, this is actually quite large. The active area is almost similar to 13 inch tablet 12.6 by 9.13. Inches surface is matte finish and very thin as well its little bit heavy because of the battery inside. According to the spec charge, can last you guys for 16 hours and it will take up to two and a half hours to fully charge same for the shortcut keys in here. You can charge and use as a wireless device.

With this design, you can keep left or right side which is really cool. If you guys using this device wirelessly without cable connection, you guys no need to charge. The pen. pen will work as a battery free, EMR device. So far the build quality is excellent. Everything looks really really nice lets, connect this device and see how it will work First, im going to connect as a regular device with the cables you guys can see. Once i plugged in the lights are up, there are four lights which will show you guys the boundaries in here you can see its still showing. Please connect the device because we havent installed the drivers. Yet lets do that. First, installing this device is really easy. All we need to do is go to the and download the drivers from here. We need to select the OS in here and it will download the file. All we need is run the file and follow the instructions. Once you install, you can see the xencelabs application for your device setup just open it. It will automatically detect your tablet. if its successful, you will see the message in here in your shortcut key device. You guys can see all the shortcut keys in the display, and in here we have a nice ring, light appearing in the zoom and brush controller and in the application you can see the status of these each individual components its showing you guys how much charge left In these devices its still charging, because we have connected them with the cable and in here we have separate apps to set up each of these devices for an example.

Pen tablet in here you guys can even control the color of the light using these settings. When i change the lights in here, you can see the lights of the device, also changing, which is a fancy feature. You can also control the brightness with this in here, which is pretty cool. Next, we have the setup for three button pen, which is the thicker pen. You guys can see. We can control the pressure levels using these tools in here. In the right side, you can modify or change the current shortcuts. So by default we have these shortcuts for each of these individual buttons. If you want, you can change and customize them by using these settings same for the thinner pen as well. In here we have two buttons and the eraser you can customize them whatever you want, and here we have the pen pressure settings and you can go into advanced and control the pressure with the curve chart as well. You can also control the pressure for the eraser as well, and in here we can control the shortcut keys, so you can choose to have a default shortcut keys or you can customize them in here same as the pen settings. We also have multiple sets of shortcuts. You can have different sets of shortcuts in here. So, depending on your work, you can choose different shortcuts im going to stick to default for now on top in here, you can control the center button.

This console center button is comes with four different modes. By default. You can choose between scroll, zoom, rotate and brush size.. You can also customize them and best of all it comes with individual colors, so you can easily see the color. While you are working once you get used to it. You know which mode you are in for an example brush size will shown in green color, which is a really really good feature. I never see this feature in any other devices which i have been using. This is really cool and after using for a while, you guys can easily click and change the mode based on the light. Color, alright guys so lets start the photoshop and see how this device work with photoshop lets start with the very basic brush. Without any pressure control, you can see its looking really sharp lines. Are sharp theres, no break ins very smooth, all right so far, so good, and then lets start with the pressure sensitivity on you. Guys can clearly see my pressure levels in those strokes from the darker tones im slightly pressing in to little bit harder. We can simply control this in here. You guys can press this icon to bring the setup of this device in here. You can bring the pressure to soft or heavy example if we bring it to soft, even with the slightest touch im getting that hard heavy brush color, which is too much lets see how hundred percent heavy will look like now.

I have to pressed really hard to get that hundred percent heavy look okay, so we can keep it somewhere in the middle. I think in here should be all right for me. You guys can set up the way you guys want. Individual preference are different with this. You can get the proper settings for your pressure sensitivity all right, so lets check the sensitivity of the shortcut keys, im going to paint two colors in here and going to blend them using the shortcut keys, shortcut keys, the alt key blending key and zoom controller is Really smooth and responding really fast. There is no time delay, especially when you are zooming or using the brush settings in the zoom controller, even some premium devices when you continuously using the alt key, when you are blending, sometimes it can get slower. Im, really surprised. The responsiveness of this device, alright guys finally lets set up this using the Wi Fi same as the wired connection, wi fi connection also really easy to set up. All we need is plug this usb dongle into your usb port in a pc or laptop, and also it comes with an extension for usb c. So if you only have usbc port in your laptop, you can use this extension as well im going to show you guys how easily you can set up this to your laptop. You only need one connection. You dont need a separate connection for your shortcut keys, plug in the wi fi dongle to your usb port im using an external port, but you guys can directly connect to your laptop download drivers based on your os.

Once you install, you will see the device setup dialog box, it will automatically detect the device. All you need is select and setup. You are ready to go alright, guys, final thoughts on this device. This device really surprised me im not just saying this because they sent me this device for free for review. When i received the device it was a new company, i didnt know much about the company after i unboxed and use it for a while. I can clearly say this: device is really filled with premium quality. Responsiveness of the device best of all installing this device is really really easy. I tried with windows, i tried with mac, both of them work perfectly fine, with or without wireless connection. Corn, wise, i dont, have much to say only thing if they would have given a stand to keep the device. While you are working would be nice, but with the design of the device you can pretty much keep on the surface and work other than that. There is no cons if you guys want to buy a new tablet. This is little bit pricier than regular tablets, but the quality is premium better than premium. I can even say this is better than vacuum. This is my opinion. You guys can check the price based on your country with the links below and if you guys are interested, please use the link and buy these devices. You will not regret it.