This is probably one of the best designs that Ive seen so before we jump into the unboxing testing, as well as the setup big shout out to Z bag for sponsoring this video, along with the try screen too. They also send out some goodies for me to go ahead and pair this with they also send out a keyboard mouse power bank, as well as an air stand for your laptop. So this video were going to go through all the accessories, but were going to focus on the try screen tool and see how it can fit into your daily life. Whether youre digital nomaddy do remote work, or you just like to maximize your productivity when using a laptop without further Ado lets, go ahead and jump into it. Foreign was founded with one simple Mission, just to enable everyone to work from anywhere, and you can clearly see this by how theyre designed so these can be found on the zback website and these can be purchased individually or in bundle. So they have the pro bundle, which includes the try screen tool. The keyboard, the mouse, as well as the power bank and the air stand. Nomad, is going to include the try screen to the power bank as well as the air stand. The core accessory is going to include the keyboard, the mouse, the power bank, as well as the air sand and, last but not least, accessory dual is going to include the keyboard and the mouse like I said all of these will be linked Below in the description.

So lets start with unboxing the mouse, so I love the design of their box very uh simplistic. I love the artwork on the inside. The mouse itself looks really good really premium. This is definitely built for travelers a little bit on the smaller side, so its meant to fit in your laptop bag. Your backpack just to be able to take it on the go youre gon na have the mouse. Also youre gon na have a USB 8 USB C cable for charging. Now, as far as the product details, this is going to have four way strolling, so you can scroll up down left and right. This has Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity with auto sleep, so it does have battery conservation built in on the top is going to have the adjustable DPI button, and this, of course, fine tunes your sensitivity uh. It is rechargeable via USBC. The connection is pretty straightforward. You flip the switch to the on position hold down the pairing button then go to your laptop look for it and you should be able to find it and pair very quickly. Very nice compact design feels really good feels premium and I think it fits easily with your Mac or your Windows PC. So next were going to add the power banking. This is pretty robust, so it does come with USB CD and this will be a charging cable. As well as a cable to charge your your devices with so on the side youre going to have your battery indicator as well as your on and off button on the front, you have two USB ports.

You have a USBC uh. You can see its marked with a charging for your laptop, so thats, where your laptop will be. It also have a USB. A for charging. Other device feels good in your hands, nice and robust. This works on most laptops as far as the specifications. This is going to be a 20 000 milliamp hour battery. It uses the charge your phone up to seven times and your laptop up to 1.5 times. As far as the USB ports youre going to have 60 watt output on the USBC and youre gon na have 22.5 on the USB, a and last but not least, the weight of this is a little bit over a pound, so Ive been using it. It works. Well, I was able to charge my MacBook. I was able to charge my Dell laptop. My phones and I think this is a great accessory, and I love that its built to where you can just slide it in your backpack in your laptop bag, and it will fit with no issue, so next were going to have the air standing. This is essentially designed to not only raise your laptop screen, but also elevate your laptop off the table, thus giving it more ventilation and is also designed to take more pressure off your neck. So youre not looking down all the time so uh this ones, pretty self explanatory, this again looks very premium on the back youre going to have a sticky pad.

If you look closely, you can see that this is ventilated, so it does have slots in there. So if your laptop has fan vent holes on the bottom, this is essentially not obstruct that. So this shouldnt stop your laptop from cooling. We know that on the MacBook you dont have those vents, so the bottom will be smooth, but if youre on a Windows laptop or a Dell laptop that has those ventilations, it shouldnt be a problem. So this is made of fiberglass. The dimensions are 6.7 by 5 inches by 0.116 of an inch thick. The raise height is two inches, the weight is 3.5 ounces and it is compatible with your dry screen. So essentially, with the stand on, you should still be able to use this. Try screen with no issues so next were going to have the keyboard. This is the thinnest keyboard I probably ever used. This is a full size keyboard which sinks to your laptop or any device for that matter via Bluetooth connectivity. So, on the right side, youre going to have a USB port, this is going to be for your charging, of course, and on the left side, youre going to have your on and off button, so the Bluetooth connectivity is going to be a function button on the Keyboard itself, which makes just connecting to any device pretty easy and as far as adjusting the height love how this was implemented guys this was implemented to where you can still use the height adjustment.

But then you can fold it completely flat slide it in your backpack slide it in your laptop bag, and it doesnt take up that much space. As far as some of the product details, this comes with a nice carrying case which Im in love with, of course, this is compatible with your Mac or your Windows. Pc Bluetooth version is going to be Bluetooth 5.1 as well, and, of course this is USB. Rechargeable battery life is going to be 300 milliamp hour battery and the dimensions are 6.8 millimeter by 290 millimeter by 150, 7.3 millimeters. So pretty easy to connect to your computer and takes up no space when youre, putting it back in your bag and, last but not least, were going to have the try screen. Two now, like I said in the intro, this is something that Ive been waiting to get my hands on uh, just the design of it, how its implemented and the size of it just makes it easy to put in your backpack and take it on the road. With you, so as far as unboxing uh, two tabs on the side pull it apart, it reveals another box and in that box, youre gon na have the try screen youre, also going to have two more compartments, and these are going to have various cables that you Will need so well go over those cables a little bit later, depending on your type of laptop. You might need one cable.

You might need two Cable ONE for power, one for video, but well kind of touch on what youll need and what youll need to order. Depending on the type of laptop you have, so we are going to have two HDMI to Mini HDMI, and these are going to be the laptops that has HDMI port, but maybe not any USB C display ports youre also going to have a USBC to USB a And this can be used to power the Monitor and we have some 90 degree. Usbc adapters, as well so were gon na, have a USB BC to USBC extension and were going to have two USBC cables, and these are going to be 90 degree on one end and just straight connection. On one end, now the monitor does have a strap on the inside. That just keeps everything tucked in and thats the part that you actually fit over the back of your laptop and the screens just basically pull out by using the two tabs on each end. All right so on the back were going to see the Z back logo. We also have the kickstand. This is used to support your screen. This gets a little bit too heavy for your laptop monitor to to be able to keep it at certain angles. So you want to use the kickstand just to support your laptop hinge. So while we get this connected, lets go over some of the specifications of the try screen too.

So this has two screens. They measure 10.1 inch a piece. The resolution is 1920×1200 full HD and these are LCD IPS panels. Aspect ratio is going to be 160 10 and the refresh rate is 60 hertz. Now, as I mentioned, this is compatible with all operating system – Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, OS, fixed laptops with screens ranging from 12 to 20 inches. That dimensions of this is going to be 25.4 millimeter by 190 millimeter by 305 millimeter, and the weight is two pounds now on. Each screen is going to have three ports. Youre gon na have two USBC ports. This is going to be power and display ports. If your laptop is compatible, but that means that if your laptop has USBC display ports, all youll need is one cable plugged in, and that should give you video as well as power. However, if your laptop only has HDMI outs, youll need to use one of those ports for the power and use the HDMI cord to run the video on the Monitor and thats, why they added those USB and USB C adapters as well. So if you dont have USB C ports, you can always use the adapter to power the monitor as well, so starting with the windows. This is a Dell laptop. As you can see, it does have two USBC ports, and these are both display USB C Port. So I was able to hook up the USBC, the USB C on each monitor.

It was able to power the monitors up as well as provide display. As you can see with this, I was able to extend my monitors. Those give me three screen. They just give me that flexible ability to have multiple monitors now, just to show you how it would work if you had a HDMI port instead of USBC. I did go ahead and remove one of the USBC ports and I hooked it up with an HDMI. Instead. Now, when its done that way, you will need to hook up the HDMI to your laptop, then youll need to use one of the other USB ports to power. The monitor so either way works its depending on which device you have, and you can see there. I was able to connect and everything worked and look really good now over to the max. Now, if you have an Intel Mac with USB display ports, you should be able to connect it. Just like I did on the PC one USBC to each Monitor and everything should work properly. However, in my case I did have one of the M1 Max and this calls for a special adapter. Now, if you guys own the M1 Mac, you know that youll need a either a docking station or adapter that has the displayed Link Technology now. Luckily, zbex also sells this adapter that has the display link Technologies. Now the adapter itself is going to have one USB port and does have the adapter, so you can convert it from USB USBC on the other end is going to have HDMI out thats going to go to your monitor as well as a USBC.

So all you need to do is plug in all three cables: one go to your computer, the other two go see monitor. Then youll need to go to the zbac website to download and install the display link driver very important guys. This will not work without the driver installed. All instructions are on the package, and once you install it, you should be good to go these screens. Both of them have pass through charging, which means that you can use one port for your video connection and you can use the other port to charge your laptop. So in this case I was using a power bank. You can see I was able to plug in one port to the laptop for the video and took the power to monitor as well, but also the second Port. What I was able to do is use that to charge a laptop, which I think is a great addition. Now each screen is also going to have three buttons on top or ones going to be. Your menu button and the other button is going to be the plus or minus or up and down, and these will be used to essentially navigate inside the menu of each screen. Pressing the menu button youll see a couple different options: questions for your fine tuning adjustment. You will have luminance, and this has most of the do with the brightness controls contrast. You also have your color temperature, your OSD, or on screen display.

You have some extras in there. You also have the option to reset, as well as exit the menu. So this is where you can kind of go and you can personalize how you want to display everything or how you display, and you can see theres quite a few options built in so overall just a great line of products from zback. I will be linking all of them in the description where you can go ahead and check them out. Also, if you have any questions drop them in the comments.