com, and calling the rockstar video marketer and if you’re, into Learning about new marketing products and how to make money online and all that cool stuff make sure to like share and subscribe. So you don’t miss a thing and be sure to stick around to the end of the video where i’m gon na be revealing. My exclusive bonuses for this particular offer. The first thing i need you to do is to look in the video description. Click that first link that’s to take you to my bonus page here and once you get on bonus page you scroll down till you find the buttons that say: click here to secure your copy and your bonuses. So once you click that that’s going to open in a new window and take you to the sales page where you can check out everything on here and then go ahead and check out okay. So once you click that green button, it will take you to the sales page, so you can check out, but the other thing that is gon na do is lock in the bonuses that i have for you in the back in the warrior. Plus, okay and don’t worry i’m, going to show you how to find those bonuses in the back in the warrior plus before the end of this video. So let’s go ahead and talk a little bit about what accelerate is before we jump into the sales page. So accelerate is based upon using facebook, okay.

So if you’re using facebook right now, that’s going to be a great position for you, if not, you can always sign up to facebook and create an account. But what you’re going to be doing is using your profile to build you as an authority figure within whatever niche you’re gon na choose and you’re gon na be posting valuable content. Your visitors, gon na see this they’re gon na, engage with it and the more you post, the more they’re gon na, want to learn more about it. So once they do that they’re going to start leaving comments and you tell them go ahead and send you a personal message or whatnot and then what’s going to happen. Is you can give them the affiliate links to that product that they need help with the most instantly earning you some commissions? You can also use this method, and this is what it’s geared towards is using it for high ticket sales for a thousand dollars or more so that’s gon na really help you as well. Okay, so it’s a really cool training and he’s going to show you how to do all of that inside of the training as well. So let’s go ahead now and get on to the sales page. Okay, so it says urgent warning. The price is increasing. Every 60 minutes come back later and you will pay more. My accelerate system generated me, 1, 000 plus days without spending a dime. So yes, it’s free traffic it’s on facebook, so go ahead.

Watch the video there. If you want to, you can go ahead and read some of these uh testimonials here. Payless read over these benefits watch how we bank, in 1 000 commissions without selling, and so can you so without selling, without paid ads without websites without being on camera? A lot of people don’t like to be on camera without an email list without no hassles free traffic daily. Yes, we all know facebook generates that high ticket offers 100 proven from a mobile phone. Yes, once you set this up on a desktop laptop tablet, pc or whatever, once those people engage with you and send you messages, you’re going to be able to answer those from anywhere from your mobile phone, so pretty cool, effortlessly start and life changing income right. So go ahead. Guys read everything on the page. Make sure you understand everything here: some screenshot earnings, okay, let’s, see what we got here so step, one log into the training modules and complete the training videos step two tap into the free traffic source and get ready to attract over 2.74 billion potential buyers. Step 3 sell high ticket products and start earning big commissions, all right that’s. The simple three step system here: let’s see what they have for extra bonuses. You have the clones done for you. Product funnel it’s 997 bonus there 2k in 20 minutes with facebook groups, 9.97 bonus. There set up your own super affiliate campaign 747. All right so total value of the extra bonuses you’re going to be getting is 2741.

and you get all this for 9.97. If you pick this product up today, okay, so here is your 30 day money back guarantee right here and some more testimonial videos, some q and a’s at the bottom and that’s gon na be about it and there you go guys that’s the sales page, really good Training i went through every video myself, so i could tell you from experience that it is good and i know this stuff works because i used it myself before from one of my other profiles. So you can make good commissions using these methods guys, but you have to take action and do it so just stay consistent. It takes a little while okay, but stay consistent and you’re gon na see some affiliate commissions come in using this method, all right. So now let’s go ahead, check out the members area. Okay, so up here on the top, you have your support, link and log out link and all of the upsells. If you wanted to pick those up, if you hadn’t, when you went through the funnel so let’s check out the videos, you got a welcome video here. You can check out jake’s facebook page here here is his next gen affiliate group. If you want to sign up for that and his youtube channel, if you want to subscribe to that so here’s some of the videos that you’re going to be learning case, study here 10k in 22 days, you got the overview video right here, it’s going to show You the overview of how everything works, getting set up right here, you’re going to optimize your profiles to show you how to improve your images.

Okay, you’re going to select the product all right, you want to find a good product to promote that’s going to bring in some commissions. You definitely don’t want to choose something: that’s not going to bring in good commissions. So he’s going to talk about that in this video here: okay, finding inspiration video here going through his post, so he’s going to take you inside of his facebook page and profile and show you what he’s doing inside there. Okay, hey in the content creation, he’s going to show you a live post, so he’s going to actually do a post to show you how to do it where he gets his information from to post and all of that cool stuff. Hey this video is going to be about finding targeted traffic and in the next video he’s, going to show you some more traffic stuff, which is a traffic bonus right here and then you have traffic bonus using tick, tock. So he’s going to show you that and interacting with your prospects, okay, the sales process so he’s going to show you the right way to do this, so that you don’t look like a salesman, basically you’re going to be actually helping these people giving them what they’re Asking for and you’re going to be making sales in the process. So, as you can see starting conversation, so it’s all you have to do this guys, a certain way or it’s not going to work so follow.

What jake teaches in here shows you how to close. The sale here and here’s a challenge that he has for you and then the conclusion video and you can access your bonuses down here. Okay – and here are the videos – if you wanted to learn a little bit more about the upgrades, it tells you what the upgrade is and the video about the upgrade. So you can check that out as well. So pretty cool members area here right so that’s. The members area guys, like i said, it’s a really good training and you’re going to learn a lot. If you implement this you’re going to make money with this, but you have to be consistent and just do exactly what the training shows you to do all right. So let’s go ahead now and check out my bonuses, so don’t worry about this little yellow bar right here guys. It says the special bonus page comes out at 11, 59 eastern on saturday april 17th. Don’T worry about that so i’m late on this review, video because it launched april 12 at 10 a.m. Eastern standard time right – and this is when it’s gon na end. So what happened? Is we just launched our own product called coursify, which is 24 done for you? Courses bundled together inside a membership site that you can own and sell those courses as your own. So if you’re interested in learning more about our product, i’ll leave the link up here, all right so go ahead and check that out.

But don’t worry about this page. Coming down, it’s not going to come down, and if you scroll down further on this bonus page here, you’re also going to see some timers don’t worry about the timers. When you click this link and you go to the checkout page and check out, my bonuses will be there for you since i’m. Late on this, i didn’t want to take this down or make this real countdown timer. Okay, so i changed it from a regular countdown. Timer to an evergreen timer, just for you guys, all right. Okay, before we go into the bonuses, let’s talk about the prices and up sales. Since i have these on the bonus page already, so the front end is accelerate and it’s at 9.97. Okay, we already talked about that upgrade number one right here is the accelerator. This is for 27, so you’re gon na be able to tap into jake’s secret conversion system. Okay, so he’s gon na set you up and show you how he’s, using a landing page and whatnot to get extra free traffic and how you can get paid recurring income upgrade number two is done for you campaigns. This is 47 dollars with a 37 dollar sale. So you’re gon na be able to steal his 20 done for you, campaigns that he’s personally created for you to use. Okay, all you do is copy and paste upgrade number three is the done for you funnel. This is for 97, with a 67 down sale.

So basically, you’re gon na be able to import a done for you funnel personally made by jake and place it in your profile to build your list and earn commissions daily. So pretty cool there upgrade number four: is the license right to accelerate, so you could sell it as your own earn 100 of the commissions through the whole funnel okay – and this is for 97, with a 67 down sale and finally upgrade note. 5 is one on one coaching, so this is for 197, with a 97 down sale. All right, so let’s go ahead now and take a look at my bonuses. So bonus number one you’re gon na get my copywriting sequence. Okay, you’re gon na learn the right order that you should write copy and how it can help you make more sales. Bonus. Number two is secret hacks, so this is video training on some awesome hacks to increase your online commissions. Really cool training in here bonus number. Three spreading goodwill system, so this is video training on a system that you can use to 10x. Your list building literally overnight, so another cool training bonus number four – is how to make money podcasting. So this is my video training on how you can start earning some easy income online doing podcasting. I show you all about that in the training here and finally bonus number five is color psychology and marketing, so you’re gon na learn how to decode colors and use them to your advantage when it comes to marketing so really cool training here, something that you should Know about if you’re doing any kind of selling online, okay, so that’s my five bonuses that you’re gon na get as soon as you click these green buttons to lock in your copy of these bonuses in the backend of warrior, plus all right.

So now let me show you how to find these bonuses right. Quick, i scroll down a little bit more on the page here. You’Re gon na see these images here. It shows you the steps to find your bonuses so step number one you’re gon na log into your warrior, plus account next to your name. You’Re gon na click on the little drop down tab, it’s gon na see a little drop down menu here. You’Re gon na choose purchase history, it’s gon na. Take you to the next page, you’re gon na look for accelerate okay and you click on that link and that’s gon na. Take you to step three where you can see the green button to access your purchase and the blue button is to access the affiliate bonuses, which would be all my bonuses locked in for you inside of warrior, plus, okay, so that’s how you find the bonuses? Okay, if you want some free training, guys check in my video description, it’s gon na look like this and you’re also gon na see right under there, some advanced training and webinar. If you want to choose that as well, so that’s going to wrap up my accelerate review, i hope you enjoyed it. I hope that it helps you make an educating decision on whether you think this product is a good fit for your business i’m ronnie rock smith. With usa, digi and runningrocksmith.