If you’re new here, please consider subscribing the new and improved xbox game pass, you see, a lot has changed since the last time i reviewed xbox game pass. It is still the netflix of gaming. Yes, you still get well over a hundred titles to choose from per month that you can play across your xbox one, your xbox series x s and pc, and now even your phone, but there’s a lot more to dive into so let’s, not waste any time. First of all, if you’re not familiar with xbox game pass, as i mentioned, it is the netflix of gaming for xbox gamers. So what does that mean? That means you get up to over a hundred quality titles, usually quality titles from month to month, all throughout the year, the first party games are available on the service, so the first party games now being bethesda games. Since you know, microsoft now owns bethesda and paid a bajillion dollars for it, plus your usual classics. Like the gear series, the halo series tell me why, among others that are part of the microsoft game, studio family, so that’s, pretty legit plus every few months. They add other titles – third party titles that are not directly related to microsoft, which is pretty cool now, at the time i’m. Reviewing this, you get the likes of nba 2k 21, which is massive at the time i’m. Recording this in a couple of weeks, we’re getting mlb the show 21, when ps5 gamers have to pay 60 to 70 bucks for it that’s wild, that’s, crazy, that’s, a great deal.

You also get other recent games that are making their way like the medium like out. Riders, like final fantasy, you got a ton of titles to choose from right here. Oh, and did i mention you can play some of these games coming up on game pass at launch. So when the medium came out, i got to play that at launch. Psychonauts coming out play that at launch mlb the show 21 yeah. You could play that at launch day. One wow, you got the most popular section where you got your fort says your minecraft rainbow. Six siege, you have some hidden gems. You got the games that leave soon. There are a few titles that leave every now and then kind of like netflix and other streaming platforms. You got fighting games like guacamelee marvel power rangers, and on top of that you got your optimized games for xbox series x and s now i happen to own an xbox series x. So this guide is very helpful. You got your indie titles, your family and kids games. Your action and adventure games. Your classics, like rare replay in streets of rage and metal slug crack down dayz. You got some games like formula 1 2019 platformers like the awesome dead cells. You have flying games like ace combat and you have them categorized all right here: platformers shooters, fighting classics, racing flying action, adventure, family, kids, indies and there’s other categories too. If you’re using the pc platform.

Now you might be asking yourselves: okay what’s the difference between all these tiers. How can i play it? Where can i play it? What the hell do i get i’m here to break that all down. We have the normal tier for either pc or console now console means any xbox console you own from xbox one on and pc means. Well any windows pc. You got okay, so let’s stick with console. First for the console, you can get the base game pass for 9.99 per month. It automatically renews by the way. So if you sign up you’ll have to cancel if you don’t want to keep it or you can just keep it rolling over and you can join either on xbox.com on amazon.com by getting a code or you can just join via your actual xbox game store on Your console, so that gives you access to over 100 console games, there’s. Obviously, new games added all the time and you get various member discounts and deals. The same thing actually applies to pc for ten dollars a month on pc you get access to all these games. Various discounts, of course, the selection on pc it does slightly vary compared to consoles like, for example, you like age of empires on pc. You might not get that on console so that’s, something to keep in mind as well. They do have some pc exclusive, only games and vice versa. Some console exclusive, only games and the nice thing with pc is, if you just sign up strictly for a pc for ten dollars a month.

You also get ea play the subscription service from electronic arts automatically, which means you could play madden. You could play fifa games. You could play trial versions of the upcoming ea games. I mean that’s a ton of games to choose from and if you’re a windows 10 a pc player like myself, the integration is great. You could link your xbox controller and use that or buy one specifically for pc. The hardware is easy to sync up and everything: you got the microsoft game bar. It is awesome, just an fyi guys. If you do want to play ea play games on pc. You will also need the ea desktop app. So keep that in mind you can download it through the xbox desktop app and then just link your account and then you would just install the games on your hard drive, like you would on pc. So keep that in mind if you’re somebody like me, that is an absolutely positively hardcore gamer, i mean a straight up: hardcore gamer and you want everything and when i’m talking everything i mean everything you don’t just want to have a game pass on pc. You don’t just want to have game pass on console. You want the whole shebang and that much more well, you got it with xbox game pass ultimate, because that not only gives you game pass on console that gives you game pass on pc. That not only gives you ea play, which is freaking phenomenal, but it also gives you xbox live gold, which means you could play online with your friends.

Do voice chats do what you got to do there, and on top of that, you get the games with gold which are additional games. You get every single month as an xbox live gold subscriber now the difference between the pc and console standalone game pass and ultimate is that console and pc standalone is 9.99 per month and game pass ultimate is 14.99 per month. Now. The nice thing is, they do usually offer a promotion where, if you sign up it’s a dollar for the first month, that’s – not always the case, but more often than not, they usually have some kind of promotion where it’s like a dollar a month for the first Month you can play it, you could try it if you love it. Obviously you could keep it. If not, you could just cancel but it’s a hell of a deal. So you can play on your console, whichever console that is from xbox one on you can play on pc and you can play on the xcloud, which means, if you have a supported device, say a tablet from windows, or maybe you have a smartphone like an android. You can play via the game, pass app select games with a bluetooth controller or even the built in controller. Although i’d recommend the bluetooth one. So i’ll say that again for ultimate, you get game, pass, console game, pass, pc, ea play; xbox, live gold and games with gold on top of various perks and discounts as well being an ultimate member.

You might be wondering: okay, okay, okay, that’s, fine! That sounds all good, but let me see the actual games that we get now. This list is subject to change because obviously it changes every month, but more often than not stays relatively the same, especially with the first party titles, so here’s what you get with game pass ultimate, which includes gold and ea play. We got ace, combat we got anthem. We got ark survival evolved, we got the rare games, we got aceto corsa, we got the bard’s tale, batman, the battlefield series we have blair witch. We got some old school xbox classic games like black, which is awesome called the c carrion celeste, which was on the game of the year list a couple years ago for a lot of people, children of morta city skylines. You got some sports games like cricket crackdown, 3 control, cluster truck crisis series, dante’s inferno, dark pictures, dayz dead by daylight, the dead space series, dead cells, destiny 2. With some of the expansions you have dishonored and dishonored 2 dirt 5 donut county doom. Yes, the entire doom series, the entire dragon age series. You also get dragon quest. The fifa series drake hollow nhl ufc, you get pest 2021 as well, which is one of my favorite games to play. You got the elder scrolls series, including the old school morrowind and skyrim, as well as elder scrolls online empire of sin. The fable series, the evil within formula one fallout – 4, steel dawn, new vegas, fifa, final fantasy.

You got a bunch of final fantasy games right here. You got five nights at freddy’s, no relation to me: football manager; 2021. You got frost punk, of course, forza. The epic gears of war series, goat, simulator, halo series, grim, fandango greed, fall, halo, wars, hellblade, hello, neighbor, hollow knight, man. I could go on and on injustice. 2 killer instinct kingdom hearts the long dark madden, which i just puts way too many hours into the legendary mass effect series. The medium shadow of war, which is awesome, mirrors, edge, monster, hunter, moto, gp, nba, 2k nba live, maybe we’ll get a new one. One day. The need for speed series for all you speed, heads, nhl, oblivion, octopath, traveler ori, which is great, the outer wilds and the outer worlds no relation to either one and the outriders overcooked payday who a plague tale innocence, which is a fantastic freaking game. Pub g rage. 2: quantum break rise, son of rome, sea of thieves, sea of solitude, which is a low key awesome game; shadow warrior, skate soul, calibur, sniper elite slay, the spire, the star wars games, including battlefront, squadrons and fallen order; state of decay, 2 streets of rage. Stranger things! You got sunset overdrive, which is one of the og launch titles of the xbox one that’s, a low key awesome game right there, throne, breaker, titanfall 2, rainbow six list goes on and on man, totally reliable delivery service, that’s, also a fun game.

Undertale, an old game of the year candidate, the unravel series, the walking dead, telltale game series is fantastic if you haven’t binged through that, it is great a way out. The wasteland series, the wolfenstein series, world war, z, the yakuza series, which is freaking awesome wreck fest. Yes, your grace zuma, zoo tycoon, just an absolute metric ton of games. You see some more right here that are popping up: narita boy, elite, dangerous resident, evil, 7 biohazard, the old fight night champion. Oh, how i miss boxing video games just so much to choose from here: it’s, not even funny, it’s freaking, great it’s, actually kind of overwhelming, because you don’t know what the hell do i play next, but there is a ton of choose from bleeding edge. I mean man just yeah, you get a little bit of everything here and the nice thing is when you go to the front page of your xbox console. If you are playing on console, you just go to game pass. It has everything right here and it’ll list. All the featured games it’ll list, all the perks you could claim. You can of course search. You can look at deals, they have picks for you. Based on what you play, i play a lot of sports games, so it gives you a lot of sports games. You got recently added which are well the recently added titles right here you have play later, which are games. You can put on your watch list kind of like netflix.

You know they have more recommendations, bethesda ea play. You got the most popular games right here, so everything’s pretty categorized as far as i’m concerned. You know it’s pretty easy to find. For the most part you got the games at gold as well, so you don’t get mixed up. These are games of gold for the month that i’m recording in right. Now you got your games that are optimized for series x and s, and i know a lot of y’all like me like to play in hd love that hdr, so you want to definitely play something that is optimized, so yeah, just a ton to choose from now. On pc, you got to keep in mind. You do have to download the xbox app. If you have a windows 10 pc, it might already be pre installed. If not just go to the microsoft store, download it link it with your xbox live account. Your microsoft account that you use to purchase things and it’s pretty easy and smooth selling from there. It just installs on your hard drive same thing with game pass on console. It does not stream on xcloud if you’re using it on mobile. It does stream, but as far as on console you just install you don’t stream, you just install it directly on your hard drive, so keep in mind. You may need some more hard drive space and maybe you want to buy an external hard drive. But what can i say overall from top to bottom, i strongly recommend xbox game pass and for anybody that says: oh you’re, a homer or oh you’re, getting paid by microsoft, first of all, no i’m, not getting paid by microsoft.

Second, i own every single console. There is right now and while i do love my ps5 and i do love the exclusives when it comes to game services, i mean microsoft is on top of it. So just want to keep that in mind folks, but i want to hear from you: have you played game pass? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Are you interested in it? Do you have any more questions? You’D, like me to address, let me know, leave a comment below if you enjoyed this review. Please, like share don’t, forget to subscribe and turn on notifications for more updates like this. If you want to sign up for game, pass, just click the amazon link in the description, full disclosure, we do get a small cut from your purchase as an amazon affiliate and until next time everybody as always enjoy the games.