Itll. Take you to the Microsoft store. I get a percentage Sports, a channel, its great so lets dive into what Xbox game pass is there are a few different ways at the current point in time to access Game, Pass ultimate and Game Pass and Game Pass for PC. Those are the three different options. The cost will, of course, vary based on your particular country and location, and it is, you know, obviously, subject to change over time, so the best option, at least the one I always suggest people go for, is Game Pass ultimate. This includes everything you get hundreds of titles, you get PC game pass, you get console Game Pass, you get EA play and you get all these other benefits and perks that well be talking about in a sec. You can, of course, just get Game Pass, which is cheaper for your console or Game Pass, which is cheaper just for your PC play, and you do get a number of different games and different options depending on where you go at it with Game Pass ultimate. You also get Xbox cloud gaming, which is kind of the future and direction of where gaming is kind of headed and its still a work in progress. But its a pretty neat way to instantly try out and play different games so lets dive into what we have legality details. Couple screenshots features access to over a hundred games, so yeah theres. Actually like a few hundred games games, come games.

Go first party games are supposed to kind of stay there forever. Some of them, depending on some legal agreements, might pop off here or there, like. The Faults of titles and Licensing, runs out, but you know things like Halo things like gears. Things like sea of Thieves should be on there as long as those things are running, and maybe even past that so yeah you get access to a wide range of games. New ones come new ones, go third party titles. They can stay sometimes like six months or three months or they may be on there for years. Some games have deals that kind of keep them indefinitely on the service and it does range and change, and you get drops every month, usually twice a month halfway through and at the beginning you kind of get a list of games that are coming and theres surprise Releases and everything like that along the way, so so theres always new content that is coming and going so you get Xbox Live Gold. So with that one, its gotten, you know thats how you play online thats, how you get access to a variety of different. Like experiences and features so thats included in Game Pass ultimate, then you get EA play, which is a wide range of EA titles. So EA Games the existing libraries available there and then they also add games about eight months or so after their particular launch, or sooner or later, depending on the experience and well dive into EA play a little bit later on further play new Xbox exclusives day one.

So thats right when the first party games launch day one you get access to them, Minecraft gears full its a Halo. Everything like that. The Bethesda tiles like Starfield redfall day, one down the road when the Activision Blizzard king deals concluded Call of Duty. You know uh stuff, like that, those titles those franchises will launch day one. You also get exclusive perks and free items. Ten percent off of like game related, add ons. You get discounts off actual games if you want to buy to own them its not just about having them in the subscription its about allowing you to buy games too and discover new content, so games on Game Pass ultimate. There are tons and well be diving into that in just a little bit here, well be looking at the library further. So this is the different options that are included within the bundle for Game Pass. Ultimate the game pass or console. Xbox, live gold and EA play theres, also again game pass or PC, but you got to be on PC for that and yeah there you go get the additions frequently asked questions. You know this kind of good little info and stuff like that. But lets go to. Oh theres also a limit theres like 36 months. You can kind of you know prepay and everything like that, but lets dive into the Game Pass tab, so I could jump to it right there, but from the home screen its very clearly and easily available.

I believe its actually going to be shifting and moving more into the spotlight down the road. So this is your tab to keep up on everything, Game Pass related, and this is always evolving and changing. So you can show all the games you can search through the games. You can see your deals, so Game Pass feature deals that are available to you. Then theres also your perks. So every so often you will get special upgrade bundles youll get special perks like com premium. You might get something like apple music. You might get in game items. You might get free to play game perks. You might get something like Discord. Nitro. You know stuff like this again comes and it goes, and its just extra feature sets to kind of encourage you to play and try different games, which is cool perks, are awesome, theres a play later tab you have available to you and then youve got this tab Here, so this is like your cloud gaming. These are all the little things that have a cloud beside them. Allow you to stream them so, like any device you have that plays. You know the cloud gaming, whether thats like an app through Android or through the browser on like iOS, if youre on, like PC, theres lots of different options or even, if youre, on the console being like well, I dont know if I want to play Yakuza kiwami. Instead of downloading it, you can go to the game and you can just play it through the cloud and theyre going to be expanding that so that you can play literally any title.

You own digitally through the cloud but thats coming down the road. So by the time youre watching this video, you might have access to it. Theres a recently added tab, see whats new theres, also uh again, this is the game play later and then theres different categories because its all about game Discovery, and then it shows you all. The games like the launch day, one on the service quite a bit right. You know they got lots of different things. Then theres the EA Play tab which is available here or also into your my games and apps, which is how were going to show it off a little bit later on then youve got your most popular games to play together, you get quests, you get free perks. You get to turn in your perks and your free items in order to get like Microsoft rewards in order to get stuff its pretty cool theyve got like a coming soon to Game Pass, so you can see whats coming down the road and they also have a Leaving soon very weirdly happy few first party, but I guess its a published through someone else – title anyways yeah and you always have an idea of whats going away and you can save up to 20 on these games now, if you want to buy them in order To own them before they vanish off of the service, which is a great option, then the games with gold, which is like yeah but yeah, lots of different options and categories that you can look and play through to find something that you like.

So you get just a huge range of accessibility options so lets dive into first before we do the Game Pass ultimate lets. Take a look at the EA play title. So when youre in mirror my games and apps, you can actually go down to your full library and you can easily see accessible options for your game. Pass choices play later recently added leaving soon, then theres also the games with gold tab to see what games with gold items youve collected over the years and then finally, there is the EA Play tab. So this includes game trials, so you get like up to 10 hours of literally trying these games before you buy them. So this is like includes any new like EA title coming out down the road you want to play, I dont know new Battlefield coming out. You get 10 hours to try it and see if you like it through this program, its either recently added – and you can see like a large range of existing EA play titles. That kind of help build up your library of games and just offers a lot more for you. You know you always get the new fifas youre, always getting the mens. Everything like that that you would enjoy lets, go back to Game Pass and take a look at all the games again, some of these coming some of these going so yeah Ive been with the service for quite a few years, and I think it really is the Perfect way to start your gaming library on Xbox or even build and support your existing library of games to try new things, its got all the Dooms its got like the dragon Ages, its got the Elder Scrolls its got The Evil Within fables.

Its got some Ubisoft titles, its got like just a ton of different games from across all of the different areas of Xbox game and going back to the original Xbox and, like I said, Ive had it for quite a few years now, and the service has just Kind of improved and gotten more and more games, it still needs to definitely build itself up further with some must play intense first party titles, and I think it could do a better job of like you know getting in some larger. First, you know Day One releases with that being said: you get some Niche cool things that wouldnt have never come to Xbox. At least I dont think so. If Game Pass, didnt exist, so theres a lot to love here, theres a lot to play, theres, always new games being added and its always a bit of a mystery to see what comes out. So I definitely think this is something thats kind of a must have addition to your Xbox gaming experience. You can still play games the traditional way if you want to, but its just a different way to try new things, discover new titles and just enjoy a plethora of different games that you might not have ever checked out and maybe youll find something you love and Its so much easier to have friends, or even myself, just suggest you things if its on Game Pass, because its so easy and accessible for you to jump into which is wild Minecraft.

You know all these different, crazy tiles. First party third party wide list again liking.