Let me tell you why Music, so what is Xbox game pass ultimate well, its essentially just like regular Xbox game pass that Microsoft gives you access to play all of its library of games that they allow and gives you the option to stream games which, on a Device like the Nintendo switch it doesnt work, but on something like the steam deck the steam deck. It does work very well, like I said, the Game Pass ultimate, gives you the option to stream games, which is how everybodys getting all of their Xbox game, pass games onto the steam deck now before we get too deep. I do not have any sort of guide for you. Microsoft has already been very kind and put that out there so Link in the description to the written guide on what youre going to need to do youre going to need to paste some console commands. So I recommend looking it up on the steam deck much easier, that way, thats how I put mine together, but once you get everything set up, this is how its going to look. Ah, yes, just all of your Xbox things on your steam deck and it actually even has all the sounds and all that goodness from Xbox life, so playing Xbox game pass on the steam deck its just going to look like one of those shelved items on your Steam deck that you click on and its going to launch the Microsoft edge browser which everythings in beta but thats, fine, it works.

It works fine. It works just like a streaming service. This is not going to look exactly like playing a game on the device. This is streaming a game from another computer over the Internet, so lets break that apart a little bit how Xbox game pass ultimate Works to get those games off of a server rack to your console, its a little tough, Its using the Microsoft edge browser and an Extension that essentially launches a VMware of a computer and a server rack playing the software once that all those connections are made, it essentially just loads. Your commands from the actual device, the steam deck in this case right into the computer and its its just taking commands from somewhere else and thats, where youre going to get any sort of lag, latency and artifacting like youre watching a you, know, uncompressed YouTube video everybodys Used to it now, Netflix looks like crap for the first few seconds, oh because its got a load. So playing games like this, just like a streaming service, is going to fall short to those types of different problems, its a little bit convoluted. But I think I think its, I think its worth putting on your steam deck, for how much value it ads versus how much it actually takes up, because for space and power it doesnt actually take that much from the console. Doesnt require that much wattage. I was averaging between seven and nine Watts, while playing because Im not running the game: the processor and GPU of the actual steam deck arent being fully utilized theyre just streaming the content from a stronger PC.

You know somewhere that Microsoft has to deal with it: Music, foreign foreign Applause. What games work best for this? Well for the various different games that I tried. They all loaded fairly quickly streamed to the Quality that Im expecting from this a 720p YouTube video, but with very low latency. I thought the controls all worked very well. I do have a Wi Fi, 6 router and gigabit internet. How that factors in is well. If you live in the woods and have very bad internet, this feature is probably going to suck just stick to playing games on the deck, but from each different title that I went through and played back back for blood Halo. All the different games that I played. They were all generally around the same experience they loaded quickly and they were easy to play and control other than the Xbox 360 games and the older games that I noticed that they are probably running in either an emulator or all wheel. Software everything had to load up the textures and packages before you had the fluid experience. Like the other games, which I did also know that some of the other games did as well. So when I went back and visited other like the main camp in back for blood, I noticed those textures were already loaded up, so Im not sure how it works on their back end, but there may be some sort of caching going on. So we know the software works well.

This leads me to another thought of: why does the steam deck actually benefit from this? Well, its the form factor when you blow this up and play it on a bigger screen like a computer, monitor the screens too big and you cannotice a lot more stuff. But when those pixels are jammed down closer and closer starts, looking better and better plus, you can, you know, hold it away a little bit farther. So I think the form factor and the controls built right into the steam deck really do add a lot to the streaming argument for a handheld, which I mean, take a look at Logitech. They just launched a handheld to only do that, but this is also where youre going to run into your bottleneck, like we talked about before. If your connection isnt that great its not going to lend to a good experience, youre going to end up with lagging and artifacting issues, I dont know how how it would work. It might be a fun video to do but going to somewhere. That has like free, Wi, Fi and trying to do this just might be terrible. Audio just might suck all the bandwidth who knows. This is also better, in my opinion, than playing on like a tablet or a phone, because youre gon na have to Lug around a controller to use most of these games, because theyre all designed for Xbox, which has a controller so the steam deck, is the one Of the perfect candidates for this service, because its all right there, I hate to say it too, but the switch the new Logitech device and all those other little weird devices that come out that run Android will also be able to do this.

But I dont have those if you want to see this on a few different devices. You know leave me a comment down below and uh. I guess Ill be forced to spend money in the thought of science or gaming. Science are gaming, choose one of those Applause, so Xbox game pass is 10 bucks and the Xbox game pass ultimate is 15 bucks which leads you to say? Are you going to get five dollars worth of game streaming every month? On top of those ten dollars? 15. Bucks isnt even a fancy sandwich anymore, but could it be all your games so for me the five dollars equates to being able to essentially demo the entire game through if youd like to – and I think this is kind of Microsofts proposition as well, because they were Essentially, pitching Xbox game pass ultimate, as you use Xbox game pass to download the games you want to on your computer or console and stream the ones you want to try, but maybe not download 180 gigs of who knows Warfare at the time. This also lets you play some of the games that you might want to continue playing off from your console or your computer on your steam deck, which there for me that five dollars goes a little bit farther. So I think, having all of these different portable handhelds. Actually boosts Microsoft in a way because theyll be able to use the service in different ways.

So maybe someone just has one of those little Android tablets that only plays emulators well now they can play a bunch of Xbox games for 15 bucks a month. You could play it for the whole year and really youre only spending the price of three AAA titles. I dont know, I think the I think the value propositions there for five bucks on top of Game Pass and 15 bucks. Overall, I think its a cool service and I think it runs very well on the steam deck. So if you havent tried it out, try it out for a buck and see if it works for you, especially if you have the steam deck it works very well. So, Im not going to sugarcoat this for you, it does have some weird tessellation and I dont know what tessellation means. It does have some weird artifacts on screen and some tearing – and you know some general wonkiness with just stuff thats playing back on screen kind of how old YouTube videos used to look. I can get over that for how good the experience feels the player in controls feels exactly like. I would be playing if the device were here in the house with me or just in front of me. It doesnt feel like the computers playing through the internet, but visually it does kind of look that way. That being said, I think this is still a decent value proposition and something worth trying if you do have a steam deck or one of those portable consoles.

That can download Microsoft Edge, so this does lead me to another question for possibly a topic for another video is paying for virtual gaming going to be the way that we get better gaming for cheaper. What I mean by that is the hardware itself. The games and the monthly fee might happen more often, but it wont be as much youre, not paying 60 bucks a month, youre paying 15 youre getting to play. The new games and the hardware you need to use is not that hard to come by and it doesnt cost two or three thousand bucks to get on and play on, like a computer, so its its an interesting topic that uh Id go into more. But I dont really have a way of testing it on other things, so I dont know, I think its cool. Let me know in the comment section down below what you all think and um.