Looking at the xbox cloud gaming beta for windows, 10. uh. Recently the news came out that microsoft has enabled cloud gaming via the browser for ios and windows. 10., so this is my chrome browser. You can also do this via the edge browser. You can do this via safari browser as well and obviously on ios you’re going to use the safari browser and your mac, you can use the safari browser as well. So this is my first time firing this up, like i said you’re looking at my desktop right now, while we’re recording camera tag, radio, ironically enough, is when i got the email invite. So i want to thank microsoft and xbox for the invite to the cloud gaming beta. You do need to be a game pass ultimate subscriber to take advantage of this. So let’s just take a look at the dashboard. As you can see, i went to xbox.com forward. Slash play – and here we are so you can see the dashboard. You can see some of the games that i’ve recently been playing and we go down here to game pass and you can see some of the recently added i’m recording this on april 20th and and it’ll be the show 21 as a recent addition to game pass. It’S still weird to see to have a playstation title on xbox and it’s a part of game pass day, one it’s just just weird, but but again it’s still awesome, hope everyone takes advantage and checks out and they’ll be the show.

Obviously out writers is another big. Third party game that recently came the game passed too, but as you scroll down here further, you can see just some of the other genres you can see. You know the option to see all the games that are currently a part of game pass for cloud gaming, which again we live in the future. This is amazing that we’re even able to do this, so what i’m gon na do right now is i’m gon na fire up banjo kazooie um just so we can kind of see how quickly it’s gon na load in and all that and get to the title Screen but while it’s doing that yeah cloud gaming, big fan of it um, i think this is the perfect supplement to the way that we currently engage with our games. It’S not going to replace it, but as the world starts opening up again now that it’s on ios it’s already on android, you know i have a surface pro um. I have an ipad it’s, exciting that i have these options that i can take gaming on multiple devices on the go. So if i just want to quickly preview a game new game comes out on game pass, i can check it out. Have it download to my home console and then once i’m home you know, be able to play it on my console or on my windows: 10 pc. But again this is awesome to see the old school 360 and xbox live arcade.

But here we are man. This is banjo kazooie, so it’s loading up. I have my xbox controller connected to my windows, 10 pc via the wireless dongle, but you can also use bluetooth as well, which will be the way that if you do this on a mobile device or on your ipad, you’re gon na do bluetooth as well. But yeah man – this is a banjo, kazooie and let’s – see. If i can take this thing full screen, i think i can and yes i can there we go perfect so now, it’s full screen and there’s banjo don’t think it’s going to prompt me to log in with my gamertag but let’s see here and there we go Here’S the start screen all right, let’s go ahead and press start and yep. It wants my gamer tag and i’m, probably going to put my password in because this is a new device and i got two factor and all that so i’m, not gon na waste time. With that right now, but let’s just see what it does and uh it’s attempting to sign in this is my old 360 low. This is awesome that we’re in an age now yeah just wants your password to sign in i’m gon na say no we’re, definitely not doing that right now, so be back out of this and again i’m doing this using an xbox controller. So i’ll just go ahead and wrap it up here, but again this is banjo kazooie, which is a backwards compatibility title from the xbox 360 that is being emulated to run on cloud gaming cloud streaming.

We literally live in the future and it’s awesome that we have. These features and kudos to microsoft for uh picking up this initiative and, like i said everything they’re doing right now with cloud gaming it’s still in beta, but it’s awesome to see because um as this continues to grow – and we see more titles come to cloud gaming And game pass and just everything that’s involved with it it’s pretty awesome to see. So this was just a quick look at xbox cloud gaming via windows, 10 using my chrome browser and of course i picked banjo kazooie, because i want a banjo, kazooie sequel. I hope they make a new game, i’m really excited for it, but this is cool man and i’ll test out more of this in the future. On my surface pro on my ipad as well we’ll play some gears play some fallout 76 and it’ll, be the show things like that, but this was a quick early look at xbox cloud gaming beta on windows 10 via the browser. This is banjo kazooie, i’m. Paris.