I did show you guys a video of the walkthrough of it on ios. This is on pc i’m, actually using the least powerful pc i have. This is the surface pro x, it’s an arm based surface uh, laptop or tablet. If you will it’s a two in one i’m going to go ahead and connect the keyboard back there, but you get the idea now. The idea is. I wanted to showcase this on the least powerful, pc, very simple. What you do need is an xbox controller. Mouse and keyboard is not supported yet, and you need to be part of the beta now, if you’re not part of the beta it’s, fine uh. That will come up at some point, but you want to go to xbox.com play and you want to scroll to the bottom until you see try the beta boom you’re gon na click on that and then it’s going to prompt you to sign in so you do Want to go ahead and sign in, i did have a signing snafu. I don’t know why, but i am in – and i do have it here. This is xbox game pass running on my surface uh pro x. Now, as you can see clearly i’m just going to scroll through, you do have, of course, uh featured games at the very top uh. You can jump back into the games, you’re playing um, then you’ve got, of course, just a general game pass, showing you recently added the show mlb the show 2021 and then you’ve got the whole library of games here, see all games, so we can go into that And see all the games that we have available, which is great.

So i have my controller and i can also use my controller to navigate as well and it’s pretty seamless you can navigate using. Of course, your keyboard and mouse doesn’t mean you can use it to play so let’s jump back in into a game, and you guys know very well. I like to play um, you know forza so forth, is an easy game to jump in setting up your stream and it will play so you have it looking like this right now. You can see the of course the address bar. It looks like a browser setup, but if you’re playing on something like the um surface pro x or if you’re, using edge as a browser or safari, you can actually pin it as a desktop app, which i’ll show you in a second. But i just wanted to do some gameplay here uh, so you guys could get an idea of what it looks like, but it’s definitely playing so while we’re waiting for that. Let me go ahead and show you what i mean. So you want to go to that three icon there in the corner and you want to go to where it says. Apps and you want to go to open an xbox game cloud, app or basically would say, pin as an application and boom now it’s running as its own browser window, which is great, so it doesn’t have that search bar function or anything like that, which is pretty Cool so i’ve got it pinned at the bottom there as an application and now i’m just going to sync my data and we can start playing some forza.

I think it’s it’s a great experience, because what it means is that we can now start gaming on less powerful devices. We don’t need a powerful pc to necessarily game all the way through. I hope that when it fully launches, we do get keyboard and mouse support, especially for a lot of the fps’s or the shooters, where that would be quite compatible, but usual logging process. You expect from forza which is to be expected, and then we get into the gameplay session, as somebody pointed out in my last video. The reason why it takes a long time to load is because it’s still running on xbox one hardware, not the series x or series s hardware, so hopefully, once that transition switches over we’re gon na dc, of course faster load times, quick logins but we’re in and I’M, just going to increase the volume for a second here oops. Ah now what was i looking at? Okay, let’s? Go. Let’S, go Applause, Applause all right, so you notice that there were some latency issues: um there’s, some lag again. This is a beta, so it’s not perfect, which is why i’m driving a crazy format, not sure if this has to do just with the beta or the fact that i’m playing on the um the surface pro x. So that could be could be something to add to it, but we have to just wait and see let’s go ahead and let’s try a different game.

Oh just to show you some of the menus are on screen. Of course, this is a touchscreen device. I can tap the xbox button that brings up my xbox menu and then i can also tap the three buttons there, which says enter full screen quick game. So, if enter full screen, i get a full screen experience which is actually pretty cool. So i do have a full screen gaming experience here, which i didn’t realize, but then again i’m still having some of these glitches so it’s to be expected. But i can get a full screen. Gaming experience playing um, you know forza horizon and i can go ahead and pause. Then i can just jump out of this quick game. Well, let’s jump into some gears and let’s see how gears actually works. Gear is here and it’s running. I still notice some of that flickering i got earlier and my input is a bit slow and sluggish, but some drifting as you can see again, some of that there so um. I would say this has been my experience only on the surface um pro x. I will show you some footage on pc directly from my gaming pc using off the browser, so you guys can see, but here it is so hopefully this gets fixed and i just wanted to show you a different game here. So here’s a screen capture of the experience using a windows, x86 machine, be it intel amd and you’re going to see it run really.

Well, we have the application signed into our browser for xbox gamepass cloud we’re going to go ahead and jump into a full screen, and, of course, since this is on edge, you can pin this application. If you want to – or you can go ahead and also extend it to full screen, so you can actually create a desktop app, which i’m doing right now and once that’s up. I have it separated from the browser and i have it as a separate, app and i’m going to actually blow that up. So we can play some forza horizon and i’ll keep quiet through some of the gameplay sessions here. So you guys can just see how smooth it runs. It runs much better than it did on the arm: machine, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, so we’re in the early days of using the xbox game pass here on pc and uh there’s. Some issues on certain devices but that’s to be expected uh, but i can’t wait to see this develop. Hopefully you guys have a good idea of how it works. Like i said on any regular pc, it will run fine. This is just an arm based machine and i wanted to test it on this because uh i wanted to see how low would it go. Maybe they just haven’t gone into rm machines, yet so, hopefully, soon and we’ll see more of this down the line.