Here I managed to flash over Android and Windows later with it when they image there. So I now have dual boot on the excellent a pro, so this originally came out with just windows, and this is of course, the canine c3 model and it's running the canine c6 dual boot ROM out here. So you can see there's a lot of bloaty applications on it, it's pretty normal for tech class. They just they just cram so much junk on there it's all in Chinese. Luckily, we can remove most of it now. Just for this verdict, video here I've actually left all the applications on there and haven't actually gone through removing them all myself, but you can uninstall pretty much most of them there's a couple. I think like this one here. No, actually, I can remove that. This probably build three or four you can't remove it later, for you can route the tablet here, which haven't actually tried that just yet. I will update that later on. If we can route it, then once you get rid, we can go and remove some of the crappy stuff on there. Now a Play Store is working. Just show you that that it's boots up just fine, but it originally didn't on this rom here and had a small bug. I think it was a problem and tick last have actually corrected that. So you need to run this application here, which is called the tech class update, and you just go through this here and you download online upgrade and at the moment, have the latest version so to run an update, the tell it will reboot and it will apply That update and then play store will work for you, which is good.

They have the folks pretty quick on that and auto rotation there. It seems to be playing up actually that doesn't want to rotate for me or I don't, have it selected. What is going on here and auto retail is enabled come on there. We go okay, so it's a little buggy things like that. It seems quite smooth. So far. My initial impressions are okay. Apart from the blood now, the cameras do not work with this dual boot. Bios don't know why but it's be a problem that hopefully tick last they're, going to address that so it's kind of a senior official release. But if you go to the camera here, it's just going to crash straightaway. So something in the bus is stopping that and that isn't in Windows 10 as well. It does just doesn't work camera. So if you're someone who needs skype or something with a camera, then i wouldn't move over to the dual boot just yet now there is an icon here to boot to windows. You can also hold down the power button. It gives you the option boot to windows that does work and a few little features there, of course, of android 5.1 that it's running you can also change. Users go and change the users there there's a couple of chinese characters still there for those people they're having trouble, but maybe just flash it originally boot up straight away and chinese of course. So when you get it in chinese jump into the menu here, the settings and you just need to find that globe.

Looking icon touch that and you change that over to whatever language you want now. I did run a couple of benchmarks here for those that are curious to see what schools it can get on just go through those. Now, if i can find gallery where's gallery it's the gallery. Okay, here we go and some reason it comes with some chinese thing. On there, anyway, here we go i'll start off here with Geekbench 3 score, so that's less than what i got in Windows. I get the overall impression that they have a governor controlling their CPU, the interactive or whatever it is they're using it's. Not so aggressive or maybe just doesn't seem to turbo, will clog up as high as it does in Windows, and it doesn't get that hot at all. The tablet, as well on the back here, I'm, not noticing any heat and not as much anyway here's the antutu score so 51000. Do actually remember that this tablet I did modify so I'm cheating slightly now there's, someone on the forum of tech last sorry T Telecom, who ran this and they got a score of 50000. So, although I'm kind of cheating there with that heat Sigmund, I did it's not really helping me that much and you can see that compared to the nexus 6 just below it. This is the GPU bench score: slingshot, 3dmark slingshot. I storm unlimited, quite a good school that one not too bad. I do find the antutu score a little bit disappointing.

I still not limited their this all the scores there, so that's the only benchmarks that I ran on the actual tablet here. So the schools are a little bit disappointing in some ways, because the call room gets about 60000, so it's not actually that high, either by Justice pected a little more out of the the new cherry trail, but I mean 52000 on antutu. I don't think is that bad really maybe I'm expecting too much. Maybe – and I did install one game here – that I'd just give you a quick example of the battery life. So far is still really quite a disappointing I'm, not too happy with it at the moment. It doesn't seem any better than windows. On the first install I had, which was just windows you're getting around about four and a half five hours, and it seems to be about the same here on Android, disappointing battery life. And this hoping this is going to load up and the volume is much better. In android, there's so much louder, so even a demanding game, like that, I mean that I still running find the frame rate in everything. Now our free reign you get because this system does have a course for gigabytes of RAM here on first boot you get just over 3 gigabytes free, so that's, quite good. If I just clear that memory here I'll show me how much we get done up there. So you get actually 3.

2. You can see their 3.2 gigabytes it's quite a lot there.