I really like this tablet – and I mentioned before that. I like this more than the iPad Pro: yes, the iPad Pro costs a thousand dollars, and this tablet costs four hundred dollars. I I mean I got it on a specialist, its really like 450. uh, but it has the same power. It has four Rams and its got a great resolution. Um its got is just absolutely uh amazing, and I made a video before drawing on the tablet, with a clip Studio right with clip Studio. This is actually really great if you want to draw really for really anything uh, you can use clip studio if you want to, as you can see here, I did this on the tablet. I dont know if you can see it with the glare as it is on the tablet, its all a basically pencil and ink drawing pencil and ink drawing digital pencil, thats right and um yeah. This you can draw amazing stuff here with this clip Studio and by the way, if you guys want an alternative, an alternative to procreate. It is infinite. Painter, okay, infinite painter is a great alternator to procreate because procreate, you can only get it on on Apple. On Apple products, on the iPad right, but uh so and thats, one of the reasons why people buy an iPad Pro, so they can use procreate to draw. But you can save yourself at least like six hundred dollars. If you just get a Samsung and download infinite painter, I dont have it here, but Ill make a separate video about it.

You know another um, another video, so anyways uh um. So today we are going to see um drawing well, not drawing writing. Writing on the tablet, so here Im gon na go open, uh, send some notes and, as you can see, I already have some files open up here. So Im gon na go to Im going to go to the main menu. Then I go to all notes. These are a bunch of notes that I took right and um you can make it look like an actual notebook like if you actually look at this, for example, Im gon na use random notes, you can actually make it look like a notebook. I mean this is so nice right, so then what you do you, oh by the way, Samsung Notes comes with Samsung. Of course, isnt is uh its an installed. It comes with the actual uh tablet. Also, if you have a Samsung device like a Samsung, I dont know Galaxy phone or something the Samsung Notes also comes with the uh with the phone you know with the software right. So here you give your give your file a title. I named it randomly so just random notes were going to click on the edit button up here, and it gives you a whole bunch of options. You know these are some types of pencils that you can use pencil ink right, color I like to use this. You know the little ink pen here classic ink pen uh looks really nice when you write.

Actually, let me show you very elegant, looks like an actual ink pencil right and then you can erase it right. Hey. Can you raise it? You can um in the Arts. We can change the color Im going to use red YouTube Channel right, really really cool um theres a highlighter here. If you want to highlight stuff right um, I think you can type on this. You can actually type I I dont use it for typing, usually just for straight up. Writing uh again the same. The Samsung s7fe comes with its own uh digital pen, the Samsung S, Pen, right uh, its really nice, and you can also you can also add images. This here is a map. This is an image map that I use uh. This is for, like an epic fantasy world that Im creating right, servantos right its an epic fantasy world and um yeah, you can actually upload image files uh. I think you can also PDFs. I havent tried PDS, but I know you can do it here. We go all right and you can pretty much make it look. However, you want I like to make it look like a notebook but theres other, oh, and by the way you can also scroll right. So its like a notebook right, you, you uh Turn the Page Right Turn the Page and actually, let me show you uh whats, one of the longest Ive had here whats it. I think it was this one right so this here I wrote a bunch of like um names of characters for our story right and then you can just turn right its really.

This is really amazing, its really nice. Now you can turn it youre, basically treating it like an actual like an actual notebook, so this is. This is basically two pages worth right, so this is really nice and also it also comes with this other writing software. Its called node shelf right right here. Note shelf Im gon na click on it uh, but I, like Samsung, Notes much better. I mean this is okay. Right looks like a notebook, but I like Samsung Notes much better right. Simpson knows its just just so much more nicer, Im gon na go ahead and erase this right, so lets say if youre, a college student Im actually recommending this to my my little sister, if youre a college student you can take notes, I mean its not something That you would use to like do a complete finish paper, but definitely its for taking notes right. So you can go like I dont know two plus two equals four, whatever uh uh the Girl. Next Door is hot right, really, nice, absolutely very nice, so yeah. So if you guys were thinking about, if youre not sure what, if you get this or an iPad, I recommend this because it does the exact same thing and some people say well. The iPad is much better because its a premium premium device and it does this and it does that uh and I will I will say I will say that I think the Apple, the Apple App Store has more professional, uh, apps professional applications, but so does Android.

So does Google Store, you know, uh, the apple is not the only thing thats out there uh. You know Im just Im just selling this Im not getting paid to do this, but Im kind of like promoting this, because I really like this and I was about to buy in a in in iPad Pro over this. But then um Im really glad. I went with this and it just it does the exact same thing: its got a bunch of programs clip Studio, I think, has krita infinite painter uh. Some people want procreate on this I mean I think procreate. Might I think its people are saying that its supposed to come to the uh to the Android, but I dont know I dont know how true that is: uh anyways that is gon na be for this video, and one of the things that I like about. This is the S Pen, but you can clip it right here: voila like magic, it doesnt fall off, see uh. If you get one of these make sure to buy a really nice cover right. A really nice cover to stand up right, and you can this one Id want to buy – has a little pocket anyways guys. That is it for this video. Thank you for watching and listening make sure to comment below make sure to uh. Like this, video tell me what you think about the device, if youre planning on getting it uh, so thats gon na, be it for this video.

Thank you for watching.