My team – i hope everyone is very, very well and safe and sound today, and the review today is for a product that is called alpha and it’s. The world’s first whatsapp traffic software product it’s. A really really great idea, and because not many people have done anything if anyone at all has ever done anything to do with marketing and what’s up, which is a huge platform and it’s gone absolutely massive. The last few years plus, as you can see here, it says, 500 dollars. If you don’t get results and that’s what the developer has said, 500 back, if you don’t get results absolutely fantastic deal. This is something that i think everybody should really really jump on and take advantage of, so also on top of that you get a massive done for you, bonus as well um, a great massive, huge bonus from ourselves, which is a automation empire. So this is a great bonus to go along with this great product alpha which what alpha actually does it’s um, what i would call a whatsapp hack it identifies, saves and imports phone numbers and emails, so you get tons and tons of traffic from various places. But this is the bonus that you have with alpha today and it is automation empire and it gives you clickbank affiliate sites in one click, so that’s great. That i would do that very, very simple and works hand in hand, obviously with alpha as well, because it is connected to clickbank and alpha can help you get tons and tons of offers and all kinds of things from all of the main platforms and i’ll go Into that in a moment, and so what you get is you obviously got the front end of automation empire? Then you get the pro version and the done for you where we will set up everything for you.

So, with the pro version you get unlimited sites, unlimited hosting unlimited niches and which, obviously, all these unlimited things will really really help. You and you’ll be able to rank much much higher with the amount of sites that you’ll be able to actually do, but you’ll also get the done for you version as well, which is great so we’ll. Do all the setup and we’ve got all the content sources. Sorted for you, uh we’ll be able to rank your site and monetize it with banner ads as well so that’s. A massive massive bonus to go with alpha today. So let’s have a look at alpha and see what it is all about. So what’s up, if you don’t, know anything about whatsapp it’s, a huge massive uh platform for messaging sending photographs, and we have a very large family whatsapp, where we contact each other, especially in lockdown regarding all different kinds of things to do with, and we do quizzes And all this thing within the family, but i’ve got lots of friends on whatsapp as well. I get messages and people who i have met in various places around the world: um contact them on whatsapp, because it’s all completely free, it’s, absolutely brilliant for sms texting and messages. If i didn’t have that, it would be difficult to keep in contact with people so simply and so straightforwardly with various things as well, so it’s all about mobility, since the invention of the smartphone whatsapp has gone through the roof, which is the key to uh.

To this product actually working as well as it does so the advantages of whatsapp um. It takes advantage of all of these different things because it hacks into what is actually um. It will do all the different utility aspects of this, so you get an end encryption. You get two step verification you get group calling voice messages and video calling and phone photo transferring filter support all these different things. You know it’s very user friendly what’s up you get start messages and unsend options, text formatting, send files and it’s ad free. So all of these different things – this is what alpha does it takes advantage of all of these different things, so it’s only two steps and just you buy and then you click and you’re away, and you can leverage all the whatsapp traffic and sales you get will Get an insane response and you’ll be able to convert lots of your high performing offers you’ll be able to convert anything from all the different platforms like clickbank, jvzoo and ebay, and various places like that as well. Now, it’s, a completely untapped marketplace. Alpha is the world’s. First, marketing app: you can get a bulk message sender within alpha as well. You get a message scheduler, so you can schedule all the different messages at different times as well. So what alpha does? Is it legally exploits all the benefits of what’s up that huge list that i showed you a little bit earlier and you get an autobot for quick reply, so we can do automatic, quick replies and for various people as well.

You’Ve got anti fraud message system within there and 150 traffic sources. This is a really really golden opportunity and it legally exploits all the different benefits of what what’s up, which in turn means that you can build a massive audience and it’s all when it’s in as little as 23 seconds. So it will all do this very, very quickly for you, so it’s newbie, friendly all the newbies and will get tons of traffic as well. You can import accounts and go to online photoshop alternative, so you can build various things within there to send all of your different landing pages out to different people. You’Ve got unlimited downloads, you’ve got high quality. Video and you’ve got a huge font library there. So unlimited downloads of high quality video is a really really good benefit. You don’t need any tech skills to be able to use this. You get faster results and more money in in your pocket for you, so you can use all your free time. I know the sun is shining here today and i will be out this afternoon and bought a new car so that’s what i’m doing so. This is the kind of thing that you will be able to do. You’Ll be able to just take uh. Do a few hours work a day if that and you will be out and about enjoying your life, you get peace of mind, complete freedom, happiness, enjoyment and fulfillment, because this will be able to give you the laptop lifestyle that you actually want to spend more time With friends and family and have that little bit of financial freedom that you’ve always been looking for and it’s a very, very limited offer so jump on this as quick as you can and plus.

If it doesn’t get the results, then you will get 500 back. Remember that this is the key that is 500 back if you don’t get the results, so stop wasting time on all the base, methods that you’ve seen out there and the price will be rising on this gradually so jump on it as quick as you can, and It works on all the different platforms like i said earlier again, so you can use it on warrior, plus clickbank jvzoo, eb, amazon anywhere that you want. It should work, no problem at all and get you everything that you have been searching for, so it works for all kinds of affiliate marketers. If you want, if you’re, building a list for actually getting your business underway. As i always say, the money is in the list and if you want to sell high ticket items – and this will work really well for you, if you’re an author, a vlogger or coach – and this will work extremely well for you as well to get you tons And tons of traffic so act fast because there’s a massive discount on this at this moment time now, it’s normally, i believe around 47 dollars a month, but you won’t even pay on that you won’t even be paying and 27 a month, because you will get this For a one off fee to jump on this as quick as possible, because it is only for a very, very limited period of time, so it’s a very, very fantastic deal, because this is how much you get, and this is how much you’re actually saving.

So, as you can see here on the side here, all of the different things that you would actually get – and this is how much they would usually cost. So it is saving you a massive amount of money, but you have to remember you’ll get 500 back if it doesn’t do what it says on the tin, so it must work extremely well. We love it when people get behind products like this, and i think this will be an absolutely fantastic thing for many people, especially newbies out there. So you get a 365 day money back guarantee that gives you a whole yeah, which is absolutely fantastic. So, no matter when, in the next 12 months you think, oh, i forgot about that bit of software it’s not working you’ll be able to get in touch with the developer and get your money back, and if it hasn’t done what they say, you will get 500. If you don’t see results, this is an unbelievable offer. It must work so well and be very, very straightforward to get you massive massive results, or they wouldn’t be wanting to give you 500. So it’s got some great features, as you can see here, step by step. Tutorials, you know how much i love step by step, tutorials and 100 dollar a day, genuine case study, so i’ll show you how to make 100 a day and it’s a new, fantastic piece of software. You got massive world class support.

A start guide and you’ve got a question answer. Call there as well, so there’s tons of helpful training and guides, which is brilliant, so let’s have a look at the demo. I’Ll do a quick run through myself and then i’ll stick their demo in there so that’s. What you’ll see cheers so here we are on the dashboard um, as you can see, it’s got various things to do with messages and storage. Now you’ve got a creator here as well. So click the creator – and this is me where you’ll be able to create videos, designs, images, uploads and get the text that you want to. You can click on the text? You’Ve got to change all the text in the ads and it’s great to see a video within there as well. I think that could work extremely well when it appears on someone’s actual um laptop or on their phone or on their pc. So when you see an ad like that, it’s actually got some movement within it. That will work extremely well to attract people’s eyes, which is very, very important and you’ve got various search deals as well, so we click the search, deals and all different kinds of stuff. Within here so we’ll have a look at the sales pages. They’Ll bring up the sales page as well so there’s tons of stuff within here to actually help you. So this is what would appear on uh people’s various pages through whatsapp, which is great.

It shows you exactly what you were there, what you would expect it’s a very, very high quality there’s, a numbers list where you can import all the numbers. We’Ve got messages as well, where you can send messages on with the autobots to various people. Who’Ve got social shares, so you will share it to 150 different other platforms on social media as well, which is great, very, very straightforward, very easy to use so let’s have a look at their demo. They’Ll show you even more about this cheers: Music, Music Applause, so so, Music, so Music, so let’s have a look at the gift that we have for you for alpha today, um it’s called social media marketing made simple. It shows you all the different ins about. So how you can take advantage of social media, how you can take advantage of everything to do with the likes of whatsapp and facebook and linkedin of various other platforms like that, and this will really really stand. You in good stead use alpha the best way possible. Okay, so let’s um have a look at alpha. I’Ll, do a little uh run through again, very very quickly, just a recap of everything. Now what alpha does is that and identifies and imports numbers and emails from the whatsapp uh platform and autobot sends out message. Quick message replies automatically to 150 different traffic sources, and it has a message built a scheduler in there and bulk messages for sending bulk messages all at once, it’s an absolutely fantastic way for you to get traffic and to all of your fantastic office.

So let’s do a recap of everything we’ve spoken about, so the main thing is: if it doesn’t work, you get 500 back. If it doesn’t do what it says on the tin, if you don’t get results, you’ll get 500 back um massive massive done for your bonus. Today, which is automation empire and what alpha is it identifies and saves and imports phone numbers and emails from um whatsapp, but a massive bonus today is automation empire, which gives you massive clickbank affiliate sites. In one click, you get unlimited sites, unlimited hosting unlimited niches and – and you also get the done for you as well, where everything will be set up. We’Ll monetize the site with banner ads for you and it’s a really really great way for you to get a fantastic response for all the offers that you actually have. What alpha does is it’s a fantastic way for you to get tons in terms of traffic, takes advantage of all these different things that whatsapp has in its uh in its platform, and it takes advantage of all of these things completely legally, as well. It’S. Only two steps it’ll give you leverage for what’s up, which has never been done before, get your instant response from the platform it’s an untapped marketplace. Alpha is the world’s first uh whatsapp marketing app and you get a mult a bulk message send out within there and you’ll be able to schedule messages for when you want them to go out.

It legally exploits all of the benefits of what’s up. You get an autobot for quick replies. It’S got an effort, meta system within there and 150 different traffic sources for you to exploit great for newbies. If you need traffic for your new offers, you’ll be able to import accounts, you will have an online photoshop alternative to build all the landing pages that you want. Unlimited downloads for high quality video, a huge font library built within there as well so you’d, have to pay for all the fonts or anything along those lines. This will give you the laptop lifestyle. You want it’s a limited offer for a very short period of time. So jump on it quickly works with all of these different platforms: clickbank jvzoo, ebay, amazon, all of the ones that you’ve heard of even spotify anything out there. It will work with as well and it’s a great way for you to become a really really top affiliate and even if you’re, just a vlogger or you’re, a coach or whatever you can get tons and tons of people interested in your offers. Using alpha it’s. A huge and fast way to get massive discounts as well, because not only do you get 500 back if it doesn’t do what it says on the tin, this is only for a limited period, it’s a one off payment, so it would normally be easy to be Able to charge 47 a month, but they’ve decided to put this out for a very, very limited time uh before it moves to the monthly phase so jump on this quick.

I think it’s only about the next three or four days that you’ll be able to do this so jump on it quickly, guys it’s a fantastic deal, it’s literally thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars worth of um benefits to you, because all of these different things That it actually does would cost you an absolute fortune, there’s tons and tons of tutorials in there to help you as well, which you know i love it’s, a 360 five day, money back guarantee, which is massive. So if it starts to work and it’s not working that well and then it really tails off and isn’t, very good you’ll still be able to get your money back. If you want within the next 12 months plus, if it doesn’t, make you money and don’t get the results that you want, the developer will give you 500, which is absolutely fantastic. It’S got tons of great features: lots of step by step, tutorials uh within there it’s got a very good, quick start guide as well, so there’s tons of helpful training and guides to help you. That is alpha, guys, it’s, absolutely fantastic. You also get a free gift. Um and what alpha does is identifies and saves important numbers and emails for you. It’S got an autobot to send out turns into things automatically for you, 150 different traffic sources. It’S got a message scheduler within there. You can send out bulk messages on it as well. It is the world’s first whatsapp traffic system, so it is a brilliant piece of software which i think you’ll be able to take great advantage of, and that is alpha.

If you want your free gift, have a look in the description below it will be in if you’re, watching this on youtube there’ll be a url. They just click on that and join the youtube channel there’s tons of stuff within the youtube channel. That will really be able to help you lots of things about traffic, social media, anything uh whatsoever that you need help with there’s tons of tutorials for newbies as well, how to get everything up and running, which should help you massively as well. My name is michael nesbit on behalf of dan green. Everyone at the bike market team take care, and i will speak to you very very soon jump on this quickly, guys it’s only for a very very short period of time.