A maximum turbo of 4.6 gigahertz, it does have two nvme slots, two sodium slots. It can take up to 64 gigabytes of ram. It has two lan ports on it. One is 2.5 gigabit and we also have Wireless AX, which is the AX200 from intel. It will be running windows 10 and just to point out that this unit here was sent out to me from them thats why ive got it so early in exchange for this video youre watching here now all opinions expressed in this video all 100, my own, nothing Is scripted and im not being paid for this, so it comes well packaged up with padding all around it and theres two little boxes inside here. So you can see. One already is our power supply, and these are the included accessories. We do get, which is our power, cable, an hdmi cable and our power supply. So this ones, 120 watts 19 volt, 6.32 amps. It has the standard barrel, plug connector, so very easy to get a replacement for this one here. Its a standard voltage that i often see used in gaming, laptops and other laptops and the connector for the power cable is what i call the mickey mouse cable and you can see why, because its got that mickey mouse looking head to it so very easy to Get a replacement eu us, uk, australia or new zealand style plug and onto our build and design of this one so the height.

This is just 4.3 centimeters, which is very good by, as you can see, with almost 15 centimeters, so about yeah, 15 by 15, and only four high, so not at all mini pc at all, but it packs a lot of power. So this top here is plastic, and why is that? Well, theyve got the antennas for the wi fi six, which is an intel ax200 card that is already installed into this one. So here, if we have a look, this is on the right side. There is an intake vent right here and then on the left thats our exit vent. I can just see the fins inside there, so this is where the hot air is going to be blown out of this particular mini pc. Now, ports, there are plenty, so this is our barrel dc connector for powering this of course, 4 usb 2 ports weve got hdmi 2.0 displayport, 1.4 gigabit lan, and then we have lan, which is also 2.5 gigabit, lan, so very fast there and our 3.5 millimeter headphone Jack with mic support along the bottom, you will find here. The intake, you can just see the fan inside, so this is whats sucking in fresh air from there and then from the side, vent and then up the front here we do have a type c port, which is usb 3.2. This supports power, delivery up to 120 watts, two usb 3.2 gen1 ports and we have a status led with our power button and theyve put the ryzen 9 sticker on this as well.

So you know that this is a very powerful mini pc and our internals. So taking this lid off, you can see that weve got a bit of spare space here. That is because theres a 2.5 inch drive, but this is a pre production. Prototype model really that they sent out to me to review – and i dont have that cable for sata 3, which i believe will be in the final version, but ill have to check with them on that so nem.2 slot here. This is pci 3.0 to sodium. So it can take speeds of up to 3.2 gigahertz with ddr4. The wireless antennas are located on the lid here, theyve got a gap for them, and this, as mentioned before, is wi fi six and they are using the ax 200 with bluetooth five. So this card can be pulled out and replaced if you wanted to do so. If you remove the rubber feet on the bottom, you can then gain access to the other side of the motherboard, which then gives us access to the cooler for cleaning it out. If you need to get some dust out of this after a couple of years of using it, then it wont be too hard to do just got to remove the rear bottom panel – and here is our second mvme drive slot here. So this one is pci 3.0 spec 2., then to cool that mighty ryzen. 9. 5900 hx. There are three thermal copper transfer heat pipes in here and a lot of copper around the bottom and the base.

So this i hope, is going to be enough but ill. Let you know just how the thermals are and the fan noise in this in depth, review and looking at our buyers. Just a quick look here just to point out that it is completely unlocked to us. So all of the advanced settings you can access. You can change them, theres lots in here that you can mess around with and only really recommend it for experts, because if you change something you could end up, bricking the bios and it wont boot, and then you need to unplug the battery and its a big Hassle to do so so everythings unlocked that is great to see. You can also set a resume power state mode too. So when it is powered off it will power on automatically when it detects it, so it could be used on a switch or as a server onto our performance benchmarks and a few other things. So the ram here that i do have installed did work out. Fine, so its running at cl22, the timings. Now i tried to tweak the timings. I also tried to increase power limit and dedicate more graphics memory, uh thats to the vega graphics and it wouldnt. Let me do it it just kept crashing, so i ended up bricking. The bios and had to redo everything, so i dont recommend playing around with that just yet, at least at least not on this, well, basically, what its a prototype version, so dual channel ram.

Of course, it does run well and weve got about 600 megabytes dedicated to the vega graphics. Now i wouldnt worry too much about that. I know if we dedicated say two gigabytes or four performance with the minimum frames per second average would be up a little bit, but it will actually dynamically adjust and use dynamic, ram, shared ram that is so under device manager. Here you will see that our processor is listed 16 times, which is crazy for the size of this mini pc thats, because its eight cores 16 threads maximum turbo is 4.6 gigahertz. This is a extremely potent uh apu that weve got on this one very, very good, and i get onto the gaming performance and some benchmarks shortly, but so the lan ports on here so one is 2.5 gigabits and that one is real tech and the other. Just a single gigabit, also real tech and the wi fi six card ive seen a lot of these cards now performance very good. With my wi fi six router, i can get over gigabit speed, so normally im seeing a throughput of about 1.3 to 1.2 gigabits per. Second, which is very, very good for wireless performance. Now this pc will be supporting windows 11 2 with that now normally go into spreadsheets and other things. General system performance is super quick, okay, demanding video files. This is a 4k61, not a problem for the vega graphics skipping ahead running this. This does not drop any frames youtube at 4k 60.

No problems, no drop frames, 140 megabits per second hevc 10 bit smooth again, not an issue or an absolute monster of a chip. Here the ryzen 9, 5900 hx, so some performance benchmarks here that ive been running. This is firestrike testing out the integrated, graphics and okay graphics, score yeah its its low, but for integrated graphics is not actually too bad physics score excellent. This is really good. Very very good here – and this is the test that you should run on integrated graphics, which is night raid from 3dmark, very good cpu score and the graphics score here is the highest. I have seen for integrated graphics. This is very, very good that one pc mark 10 with this kind of score here does show us that its very potent – and yes, as mentioned before it just handles everything with ease very, very good there, and this is our geekbench five score. So single core score. Very good multi core score here could be a little bit higher, but they are running this particular chip at the default 45 watts for the power limit. It could go up to 54 watts, but they havent changed this, probably because of the thermals cinebench. So this one could be higher for this chip. I have seen higher okay ive, seen with uh zeus, with the strix that i had for a little while uh scores of around 13 000 points. 11 000 points here is still very good, considering it is 45 watts.

Now that strix machine i was looking at gaming laptop had liquid metal, it also was running 54 watts for the power limit thats why i was able to get a much better score here, but still this is an absolute monster here for performance. Excellent really really good and the thermals thats another positive here, so we are peaking at looking at our thermals almost 87 degrees, and this is in ambient temperatures here of currently 25 26 degrees celsius. So that is very good because, with the laptops that ive seen that are running the 54 watts, i was seeing temperatures of up to 90s late 90s, like 99 97 and thats not happening here. No thermal throttling has been triggered either. So if i could tweak that power limit up to 54 watts, you can see here, its just pulling 45 watts at 54 would be able to get even more performance out of this. But even so the way it is right now really good and if i could tweak these ram timings which, even though the bias is completely unlocked, it doesnt seem to be taking or at least im, not having any luck with it at the moment. So the uh tcas here of 22 isnt exactly amazing, but this is a standard, typical timing. Here for an amd powered, mini, pc or laptop at the wall, it will be under full load, pulling 64 watt and under idle conditions, doing nothing. That is that its about 5.

8 to 9.8 watts, which is quite good, especially when its only using around six watts thats, basically nothing. What about video editing? Is it a competent video editor? It is performance wise, not too bad. Now i do do some very long reviews. If youre familiar with my channel, i can yeah get a little bit long, winded 20 minutes now. This is a 10 minute clip here. The playback, the preview window at a quarter. Playback is fine. Sorry half play back there, just fine, so theres no noticeable lag and when i play that its 30 frames per second its handling. This just fine ive noticed that, with at least my very basic edits that i do do with my videos that really it is not a problem – the performance here from the vega, graphics and, of course, the eight cores isnt an issue at all. But what about the export time ill? Do the standard test that i do, and that is the youtube preset. Okay, thats going to be one minute of footage. So this is the default preset. They have right here: okay, h.264, export and ill see how long this takes. Normally one minute of footage with this particular chipset should be just over a minute, and here we go so one minute of footage. Im gon na hit start here on the timer and export theres about a two. Second one second delay there. For me, oh look at this its absolutely ripping, through this thats, very, very quick, so looking promising so thats gon na be well under a minute here.

Oh wow wow, wow wow! This is steaming through it. This is incredibly quick here, so there we go. You can safely say i would think that thats about 32 seconds for one minute of the 4k preset that for integrated graphics for a mini pc, is a new record here on the channel. So this mini pc for exporting with adobe premiere pro here blazing blazing fast. Another positive of this mini pc is the hdmi port can handle 4k 120 hertz. I did this little test where i connected it up to my lg cx, which is a 4k 120hz oled tv. It handles it just fine, but look at the bit depth. That is 8 bit, so thats all were going to get out of it, but still i had the super smooth and fluid 4k 120 hertz desktop, which was great on to our fun part. Now gaming performance. This is the witcher 3 on the lowest preset 1080p. Just how will it run well lets take a look, not bad at all for integrated graphics, now, normally with integrated graphics, i would actually drop down to 720p, but were getting 40 45 frames per second right now and if you take a look at the top left Hand corner the gpus, of course, at 100 well, 99, but look at the clock so 2100 megahertz its holding the maximum turbo speed, the vega graphics that it can the whole entire time. So theres, no strange throttling nothing sillys going on here and the performance very, very respectable for integrated vega graphics here.

So lets have a look now at gta 5, which is another yes old title, but a good title. Okay, so i have the game set here to normal settings and the distance scaling population and those settings theyre set to the middle 1080p, and you can see video memory that its using just over a gigabyte and it can use a lot more there. So its dynamic shared memory use, so i wouldnt worry too much about that and just take a look at the performance that im able to get here. So this is 71 frames per second really good again for integrated graphics, with all this traffic around and on medium settings 1080p. Looking good, i dont know what that truck was just doing then trying to kill me. So what happens if i jump out now were gon na see some huge frame dips, a lot of screen tearing. Obviously i would turn on vsync to get rid of that, but look at this 80 frames per second still, very, very, very good, so completely playable, an older title like this at 1080p, on integrated graphics in 2021, is fantastic and now really demanding game, which is cyberpunk. 2077, this, i did not expect 720p lowest possible setting. This is still looking better than what youd find on a playstation 4, with 30 frames per second and a lot of the times, its actually mid 30s right here. So what ill do is just get out of the car blast my weapon a few times, so it did dip down to 28 frames per second.

Just then oh got hit by a car, all right, still, 29 frames per second, the textures didnt even load in just then see the game still has glitches like that, which is incredible. I mean im running pci storage here and its still doing that you cannot blame the chipset, probably because im on the low graphics settings, but this performance. This is incredible for integrated graphics to have a frame rate like this with vega graphics, oh im a bad shot here i got me and finally, a quick look at linux, so this is linux, mint that im running here and everythings working so bluetooth. The wireless card is connected up to my wi fi six router, no issues the networking all of it there, so that is great. All right, im just really blown away in terms of performance. From this now i was expecting it to be good because its got the ryzen 9, its the 5900 hx, its the top dog, the top mobile chip, but those encoding times there for adobe premiere pro wow thats, the fastest ive, seen yet on integrated graphics. That even may be the fastest ive seen yet super quick performance and then the gaming performance, its actually really good, come on think about it. This is integrated graphics, cyberpunk, 2077 running at 35 frames per second on integrated graphics, thats, really good. That is impressive and even witcher 3 performance, gta 5 performance and then the synthetic benchmarks. So the benchmarks we saw there are 3d mark ones, really good, very, very, very good, solid scores there.

Cinebench is also really good. Getting 11 000 points with r23. Now, if this did have a configurable power limit on it, so i tried to set a higher power limit and dedicate more ram to the vega graphics i couldnt every time i set it to that. It would actually just lock up it wouldnt post. So i had to reset the bios and start all over again, but if we can get a bias update to allow us to then set 54 watts, then this could even get city bench scores. I believe, of around 13 000 or over. So its an absolute monster performance wise, so dual lan on this up to 2.5 gigabit speed, great wireless six, okay, the ax 200 car with bluetooth, five, very good performance out of that can run three separate monitors at 4k 60. We have the display port 4.1 uh. 1.4, sorry and hdmi 2.0 would have liked to send hdmi 2.1 and we do have power delivery with the type c port on the front is another positive there. So this thing is just taking so many boxes, compact small size. We can add additional storage. So what about the pricing then this they say well be selling four for 32 gigabytes of ram and then one terabyte of storage mvme. Of course it is going to be 999 us dollars for the top dog top end mobile amd ryzen 9 chip. I actually think thats not a bad price.

Now, if you look at laptops with this particular chipset, and then they are going to cost a little bit more, but a lot of them will have a course. In fact, i think all of them will probably have dedicated graphics either the 6800 m, or probably an rtx, 3060 or 30 70 30, 80, but theyll be a lot more expensive. Of course. Those dedicated graphics options so really impressive, but what about the cons? So, for me it is really the fan noise that, when its idle and youre doing light work its not bad at all, okay power consumption at idle is really good, sometimes under six watts, maximum consumptions up to 65 watts and when its pulling that it gets loud. Okay, it does get a little bit bothersome its loud. You hear it its odd its, not super annoying noise. It is very similar to a gaming laptop when youre under full load, encoding, video, cinebench benchmarks and gaming. It does get a little loud there, so that is the con for me. But overall this is an impressive super. Powerful monster mini pc here for integrated graphics. It is the best yet i have covered in the channel.