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I dont have any WhatsApp number and also Im, not asking money from you. Okay, do not give any information for this number. This camera is using my image here and I dont have any WhatsApp number all right, guys lets move on work from home audio. Only yes Audio. Only You Heard it right. You dont have to talk. You dont have to type audio. You only need to listen. Okay. This is a really good side hustle. This is another legit website and another requested video, because a lot of you are requesting me to have a side hustle that only need a smartphone and a Wi Fi and it operates worldwide. Yes, this website is hiring worldwide. So wherever you live, you can apply here and theres no qualifications, which is really great right. Once again, you can use your smartphone But be sure to have an earphone okay, you must have with earphones if you have a smartphone, because you have to listen to the listen to the call okay and then, if you have a tablet, thats! Okay, if you have a computer, that would be good all right once again, if you only have a smartphone be sure to have earphones. Okay now lets move on and stay tuned, because I will walk you through the steps on how to apply and lets talk about the salary and how it works. The website that Im talking about guys is humanatic. Okay, human humanatic review calls and get paid.

Listen to a recorded phone call answer a simple question with a click of a button and earn real money, so its so easy guys. After listening to a phone call, you have to answer a simple question and you only need to click a button. Okay and earn real money, thats Humanity now how it works. Okay, this is a very simple task once again, listen to a recorded phone call answer a simple question: by clicking a button and earn real money. The salary here starts from one US dollar up to 4.50. Us dollars per hour, the payout is weekly thats via PayPal, and the minimum threshold is 10 US dollars. The working schedule create your own schedule, guys so its up to you, depending on your free time. You can work anytime here in humanatic, which is really cool Music. The requirements you only need to have a PayPal account thats, the only need you. The only thing that you need to have a verified PayPal account guys right how to apply. Lets visit them to their website now. But before that, I want to give you a tour to their website. This is what it looks like their website. Numanotic.Com review calls get paid, listen to recorded phone call answer a simple question with the click of a button and earn real money. What is humanatic? Have you ever called the company and heard the operator say this call is being recorded? Well, thats us thats humanatic.

We help our clients review their calls. Then we provide them with analytical reports. Believable data helps improve customer service and sales. Why should you join humanatic Freedom? Guys, Freedom, youre, free okay, create your own schedule and make as little or as much as you choose. Okay, depending on your free time, when you first start youre, given access to the two easiest categories of calls. As you advance, you will unlock new categories, which will provide more opportunities to earn. Humanity is free and simple. Yes, its free to sign up. We will never charge you anything according to them. We will pay. You weekly, you dont, have to make or receive phone calls. Take note you dont have to have a live conversation. Okay, you dont need to be a third party during a live conversation you dont have to transcribe or full conversation for every call. You listen to okay, which means no voice, guys, no voice. Okay, no talking, you only need to listen, thats it thats. How simple is that we have over 150 000 users around the world, just like you. Our users are made up of people from all walks of life who are lagging on every day to earn money from their computer tablet or phone. So wherever you live in this world, youre welcome to apply here in humanity ready to get started. First, you will need a verified PayPal account. Its here now lets apply if youre interested click. This one sign up now its for free.

Once again, you dont have to pay anything. We want you to be a part of our team to begin the registration process. Please click the connect with people button, so all you have to do is connect okay, the people button theres a people button here, its it doesnt show in my end here. Okay, so apply connect with a PayPal button or sign up here. Okay right – yes here, so it shows now so in order to join illuminatic, you must have a valid and verified people account. This is the only requirement that you need to have. You can verify your people account by completing two out of three steps within PayPal, so log in here to apply there. Okay, then click Im, not a robot, then after that you have to continue your form. Okay, continue your application by filling up the form, all right. Thats how to apply now Im sure you have lots of questions in your mind. Lets have them. They have this FAQs here, frequently uh or commonly asked questions: okay, humanotic, basics. What is humanity? Let me explain: humanity is a software that was created to provide companies with an in depth analysis of their phone calls, rather than using computers to transcribe and discipline. Decipher okay, Im, sorry correctly! If Im wrong, this is for recorded phone calls. We provide working opportunities for tens of thousands of people all over the world. Just like you, our reviewers work from home, listening to recorded calls, and they provide us with the answers.

We need to create a meaningful analysis of our clients. Calls by combining human intellect with computer generated algorithms, we are able to provide clients with specific reports and statistics to help them make the changes necessary to improve their business. Thats Humanity guys as simple as that. Okay, you only need you are reviewers. You will be called reviewers because you have to listen to recorded calls back to questions. How do I apply to work for humanatic in order to join humanatic? You must have a valid and verified PayPal. Account. Verification proves that a person is who they say. They are. This great confidence and willingness to do business with you. If you do not have a PayPal account, then you will need to create one once you have a verified PayPal account. You can sign up here, but the questions is humanatic free. Absolutely we do not charge you to work for us to sign up for an account. You must have a PayPal account. This is also free. If someone tries to charge you to work for humanotic, please contact us immediately. Am I required to review calls During certain hours. You are not required guys to review calls During certain hours. Okay, you may log in and reviews as little as as much you like at times that best suit your schedule so, like I said earlier, create your own schedule, its totally flexible okay, whenever you are free, so this is a really good side.

Hustle guys, however, call availability will vary depending on the time of day. Our largest volume of goals will be available during the hours of 7, AM to 7 PM EST Rogen Standard time, thats the U.S time so its up to you guys to use the time zone. The converter time zone of your time, wherever you are living so in the Philippines, its exactly an opposite one, so thats 7 PM to 7 A.M, all right U.S time. So this is the peak hours here in humanity. Okay, so once again its up to you to convert your time, this is the peak hours largest volume of goals, okay from 7am to 7pm Eastern Standard Time back to questions can I have more than one account? No guys you are not allowed to have more than one account. Okay, its only one. You must have only one account now lets talk about account and payment. What is PayPal right? People is a us based company that facilitates International transfers and payments in a fast and effective way. We require everyone to have a verified PayPal account. People will verify your banking information by asking questions in order to confirm your identity to find out people accessing your country. Click people access, alright, thats people back to questions. How can I verify my people account without a credit card? If you are unable to verify your people account due to the absence of a credit card, we suggest the use of paymaya a free app that provides a virtual Visa card to verify your PayPal account so theres.

Another Choice guys pay Maya, okay for detailed instructions on how to verify your people account using paymaya. Please click here. Okay, guys back to questions. How do I get paid? This is our most awaited question all right. In order to work for humanotic, you must have a no hold on yeah, a verified people account and people is free and its used worldwide. It is a safe and effective means of transferring money to sign up for a free account. You must sign up at Will require that you make a minimum of 10 US Dollars before you request a payment, so theres a minimum threshold which is 10 US dollars. We process payments every Thursday. All payments must be requested by Wednesday, 12 pm uscst and any P out requests made after 12 pm USD on Wednesdays will not be processed until the following pay period. Only one payout request allowed per pay period, thats it. How do you get paid now? How much money can I make this may vary depending on your skill level. We have different categories that pay different amounts for answers. We start of all reviewers with the scs2 categories. Once you achieve a certain accuracy level, you will unlock new higher paying categories. You can make anywhere from one US dollar to 4.50 US dollars an hour depending on your skill and accuracy, be patient and consistent, and you will achieve great things. Oh, this is great okay. Now, next is why wasnt my account approved.

So, if ever guys, when you sign up here and then your account wasnt approved, this is the answer. The most common reason for a denied application is due to the improved employment history, description, okay, employment, history, description, presenting a conflict of interest or displaying insufficient English, spelling and grammar skills. Take note of this okay conflict of interest or displaying insufficient English, spelling and grammar skills. So guys be sure to have a correct spelling of all the words that you are going to type in here and also review your English grammar, okay, its is essential all right. These are the reasons why uh could be the possibilities why your account will not be approved. Okay, can I have more than uh here? Why cant? I access my account. The answer is here: if you are experiencing trouble logging in you, you should see an explanation of the failed login appear beneath the username and password Fields. The activated accounts will provide a deactivation reason, ranging from user deactivation to violations to policy accounts that have not been accessed for a year or more than are closed for an activity and cannot be restored so more than a year. Guys so be sure that you will use your numeratic account within a year if you have forgotten your username or password, you can request a reminder of that information. Here. Login credentials will be sent to the PayPal address on file for the account okay, all right guys.

So those are the commonly asked questions here in human attack. Just in case you still have questions in your mind. You may contact them support,, okay, guys there you have it human attic. This is a pretty good side hustle. I hope that you like this video. If you do give me a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel guys, okay, and also share this video to your friends and relatives, who are also looking for a side hustle in order for us to help them make for a living. And please keep in mind the more you learn, the more you earn.