Heyo peeps!
So I got a huion 420 graphic tablet and boy, was it good!
I really like the tablet, it’s good for artists like myself and others who aren’t really professional, though pros can definitely use this.
I got mine for £15
Anyhoo this is a drawing of xandria ( or xan ) that’s kinda what the username’s supposed to represent, anyway
This is xan, in a different setting I guess..?
I’m getting to a backstory but we don’t have time for that rn
But if ya wanna know just ask me in the comments I’ll be on it, I regularly reply to as much as I can I guess?
I am quite the reactive one towards fans (even tho I have like 3 who actually regularly watch my stuff)
But yeah overall, pretty good?
I also used fire alpaca to draw this, used aplacaGET to send to my device and I drew the background with FrameCast (iOS software)

Bai !
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