So in this video i will be giving you the complete information about vista duo, tablet pc, so please watch a full video. So lets talk about its features. It has a 10.1 inch capacitive display 2 gigahertz octa core processor hd display 4gb ram 64 gb rom 8 000 mah battery android 11 operating system 4g network with wifi, 8 megapixel back camera with flash 5 megapixel front camera, and it has bluetooth connectivity also, and also You can put two sims in it and it has a built in mic. You can order this tablet from amazon from flipkart or from tata click. I ordered this from tata click. The price of this tablet is sixteen thousand eight hundred and ninety nine rupees. If you want to watch the unboxing video of it, click on the link given in description box. So now i am going to talk about my experience, so basically i purchased this for my online classes and truly, i would say this is perfect for students who can add an online classes in it. I also edit my videos in this tablet. Only i play games also, and its display is also good. I do my projects and assignments in it. I make ppts too, but i face one problem, which is its battery when the tablet is not in use. The battery is reducing. This problem was not in the starting its im facing this problem nowadays after 2 3 months, but overall this is perfect and i really like this.

Its memory is good. Everything is fine. I recommend you to to buy this tablet. If you are a student, you want to attend on classes in it. You can attend. This is perfect for students. I received so many comments regarding this tablet in my unboxing video, so im going to reply. So the first comment is samrat a2z price, so its price is sixteen thousand eight hundred and ninety nine, i ordered from tata click next – is also price. So price is sixteen thousand eight nine next give away give away uh i cant do giveaways. Now, as i am a small youtuber now, if my channel grows, i will think on it. Next is battery, so battery is good. The only thing is when it is not in use its battery is reducing too much, but overall its fine okay next is, can i know how to buy it? Please? Yes, you can order it online from tata clink. Next is why its brightness is slow. Actually, its brightness is not low, maybe in the video its looking low but um its good next is. Is it good for mock test and is there any lag problem during online classes? Yes, this is good for mock tests and online classes, and i dont feel any lab during online classes. It works very perfectly from where did you order it? Is it working properly? Yes, i ordered from tata click and it is working perfectly next is: will this support stylus pen im not sure about it? Maybe this will support stylus pen.

If i will buy a stylus pen, i will make a video on it, but if you want to make your own stylus pen, please watch my video. The link is in the description box. Next is from where you purchased it and how is it working i purchased. It from tata click – and it is working very nicely so thats all for today. Thank you for watching my video.