Slowly or you could simply use this Pro screencast wireless video transceiver pair here. How well does this work lets find out today, so the last time I reviewed the pro screencast wireless video receiver, it was for the sc01. This is the sc02. The as usual one was a very small, very capable device that allowed you to cast 4K images from your laptop or your phone or your tablet through Google cast and even supports AirPlay for Apple iPhones and tablets, as well as Max and right about the time. I did the review. I noticed that they also launched this sc02 and I was like oh damn. This allows for HDMI connection using a wireless dongle here. So previously you needed a smart device in order to use Google Chromecast or AirPlay. Now you can connect any HDMI devices and youll be able to cast out the images over 50 meters now. First off. Let me do a very interesting test. Im gon na walk around the house, and I want to see if it is able to actually receive the signal. I am pretty sure that 50 meters is the absolute maximum range and will probably cut out way before 50 meters, with all the concrete walls around the house. In most instances, no one is realistically going to walk around while casting and youre likely to be. In the same room but hey, we are Tech nerds on this channel and we want to know dont.

We so lets go all right. So right now we are recording – and this is the pro screencast right over here. It is connected to the atomos Ninja V recorder. So it should be recording everything so Im recording via the MacBook Pro webcam, so lets move around the house to see how this actually pans out. So this is the living room area and, if Im going to go one bedroom away now, this is now separated by a door. Let me get the door closed and with the dog clothes um, all these are concrete walls. Okay, so we are probably about uh. As far as it gets on this floor, the living room is kind of like in a central position in the house, so it should be recording well, okay, so lets try to see if we move up one floor uh how the performance of the recording is going To be so, Im going one floor up, so here we are so we are separated by one flow. This is where I usually do some of my recordings. As you can see, you might recognize the place. Okay, so Im going to the bedroom here and in the bedroom. We are now separated by one floor and a door all right, so I dont know where it is going to be catching anything right now, its probably about as far as we get from the receiver lets head back downstairs to see if we are able to get Any for more reasonable recording I dont know why Im painting yeah, but you know, recording video is actually quite hard work.

Okay, so there we go. We are now uh going down now down down down all right, so here we are back where it is and it should still be recording everythings still Blues good, so video casting is actually very demanding on such wireless video Solutions because every frame is changing now. This is going to be dependent on other possible interferences around you. I have neighbors and even within my own house, I have a huge number of wireless devices, so you might get better results than I did in Singapore. Most wars here are made from concrete, so you are definitely going to get better results if you are in an open office or you are separated by only dry walls or gypsum boards. Okay, so with that not so useful and not very practical experiment aside lets take a look at what this is supposed to help us achieve right. Basically, the digital wireless nirvana in our homes and offices now note that in the office, while presenting youre not likely to be walking around and youre going to be in a stationary position, the connection is going to be a lot more stable, alright. So what I have website here is a 4K monitor right in front of me. We dont actually need 4K today, because the transmitter and the receiver is working best at 180, P, 60 frames per second, but at 4K it still manages 30 frames per second, so Im gon na do two tests.

The first test is to connect, via my MacBook Pro keyer using AirPlay, so the receiver has been set up to connect to my wireless network and because my MacBook is also on the same wireless network. Im going to be able to screen cast right using AirPlay 2.. So basically, a screen mirror and I will select Pro screencast and it should automatically connect very quickly right. So what I have set up here, it is to be used as a separate display. As you can see, I can also mirror the MacBook Pro display such that it comes up now. If you take a look at how fast and how quick fluid this is, you will see that the action is actually mirror almost straight away, so the leg is actually imperceivable now granted Im in the same room and using the same Wi Fi. It should actually be fast anyway, so this is exactly how fast it goes, so this is a mirror for the pro screencast and its optimized at 1920 by 1080.. Now there is another method of connection which is to use this dongle. So right now, as of using AirPlay Im, actually not using the dongle, so if you have a smart device, you can actually cast it straight to the screen. I can also do it from my iPad or my iPhone, but what if you dont, have a smart device and you just want to connect via this HDMI cable right. So if your device has a HDMI output, say a Windows laptop or even this MacBook Pro 16 inch has a HDMI output.

So what Im gon na do? I will stop the airplay right now, all right so that the airplane is now off and the screen is no longer here. So this device is the transceiver and transmitter rather, and it has a HDMI um check right here. So all you need to do while its powered up is to plug into the MacBook Pro keyer, so this is going via HDMI all right. So, a couple of seconds later, it will detect that there is an external output and it will then cast and mirror the screen right over to the monitor. Okay. So at this screen refresh rate um, it is still at 1920 by 1080p. You can check out the latency. I do feel that it is just a slightly more laggy than if you were using AirPlay 2., now note that it is actually taking a HDMI input from the MacBook Pro converting it to the wireless signal to cast it to this Receiver right here, which then converts It back to HDMI to display, on the monitor itself, I would say that the leg is actually pretty doable. Lets launch YouTube and just play any one, video that is going to come up alright. So this is a video that I used often and lets play it and see how it comes out foreign. So, as you can see, every time theres a switch in the scene, you will notice that there is a slight delay on this.

This is using HDMI, but the sound and the video is actually synchronized already on the screen. So the sound is now coming out from the Monitor and the video is coming out from the monitor. Well, of course, and they are both in sync, so you will not have lip sync issue now, if youre trying to control it, then basically, what happens is that your input control on this is going to have a slight leg right. So this is definitely not really for doing FPS gaming, first person, shooter gaming or anything that requires fast input and low lag latency between your input device and what you see on the screen for strategy, game and slight clicking here and there and for Explorer 3 games. I think it is still fine and it still works. My daughter did try that the unit itself is able to operate without a Wi Fi network. Now the dongle is actually connected directly to the receiver itself. So what this actually means is that you dont need a Wi, Fi connection and you dont need to hop on anybodys network setup is literally zero and its truly and fully plugged and played now in stock configuration. It already accepts AirPlay or Google Chromecast. If you join the Wi Fi network that the device sets up, but what you can do is to log into the built in web page and configure the device such that it joins a network from there whenever your mobile devices are on the same configured Network, you Will be able to cast to the device itself its really just that simple, your device will see it as a Target screen.

So this is the screen that you will be greeted with when you first start up the sc02. Now, when you want to connect via the dongle, all you need to do is to supply the power to both the receiver, as well as the transmitter, and you will be good to go once you connect both ends of the HDMI to do the output and the Input device and, if youre, trying to pay it via a smart device that is running, iOS or Android, follow the instructions in the third column. Now you can actually log into the Wi Fi network that is being set up by the receiver itself, or once you get into the Wi Fi network of the receiver. You can log into the built in browser and you will be able to get the receiver to actually join your Wi Fi network so that any devices that is connected to your Wi Fi network will be able to cast it over your existing Wi Fi to this Device, be it an Android device or an iOS device. When you take the unit out of the box thats, when you notice its high build quality, the unit is actually very, very well built. There are two beefy antennas and these are for the wireless connection and it seems to be of a rather High Gain, given the size spray at least a plus 3 DB game for the Wi Fi connection. Now that should help with the connection strength now round.

At the back, you will notice there are two outputs here now. One of the output is actually a HDMI output and the other is a VGA output. Now I would think that most will be using the HDMI output. Hdmi will also carry the audio signal, but if you need to Output audio, there is also a 3.5 mm analog output Port right here to connect speakers or headphones now. It is also equipped with VGA, which seems like an odd choice. I believe you wont have difficulties trying to find any monitors that will still accept VGA input, pause that you have at home or in office, but hey. If you have an O projector that takes only VGA. This is able to Output signals on both. At the same time, the USBC port at the back is for the power supply. Now the box contains the power supply, but you should be able to power this with any strong USB power supply on your TV or on other USBC charges, including power Banks. As long as you push out five votes at least 2 amps and the best part, it actually supports up to eight of these transmitters. In other words, if youre having an in person conference, you can technically have all the different laptops connected to the same screen and it can switch between the screens by just pressing this button on the dongle itself, no more switching cables and having to plug and unplug Cables between the participants now, as Ive mentioned before this is quite Plug and Play when using the HDMI transmitter longer.

So I will be moving into a new studio space very soon and because Im, actually quite a neat freak, may not show around the house after youve. Seen it, but I do want to be able to lay out the space without any cables, running along the floor now, if a cable is required, I want it hidden. If it is Wireless, then all the better, and since this channel is all about wireless audio, anything that is Wireless in my books is a big win, so this unit is going to be connected to one of my TVs, HDMI port, and that way I know that I will be pretty covered for anything I need to cast to the TV, be it from my mobile device, laptop PC or even a camera with HDMI output. Now, although you should note that cameras output can get pretty finicky and you have to make sure that the TV is able to accept the resolution and the frame rate that youre connecting the cameras output to because the cameras output might be at 24 frames, which some Tv wont be able to support now with the sc02 5G transmission capability is the transmitter and the receiver setup looks to work pretty well with very little observable lag now. If you ever need to transmit any video Source wirelessly, this will probably be the way to go, but the fact is that its limited to either 1080p on at 60 frames per second or 4K at 30 frames per second, I dont particularly enjoy 30 frames per second For computer use, but for movies, where most movies are shown at cinematic 24 frames per second, this will actually suffice.

In fact, when I earlier connected the output from the MacBook Pro to record the walk around the house, the interface proved to be quite usable and youre able to use the trackpad to control effectively. And the good thing is that the sc02 is able to maintain a lag time of approximately about 80 milliseconds that is short enough and fast enough to make it usable at 60 frames per second. This would mean a lack of less than 5 frames. Now note that the audio is also being sent together with the video signal as well so on your laptop or PC. You just have to select the output device to transmitter and you will be able to send both video and audio in the same connection to the Target screen now. The good part is that, even if theres a length of five frames, the audio is still perfectly in sync with the video. So you will not have any lip sync issue if you decide to cast video together with audio to the Target screen. So this is a sponsored review and they have actually provided the sc02 for free. I worked with them before, and Pro screencast is actually a very good partner. I told them that if it fails to meet expectations, I will have to not release the video and theyre good with that, and I said that if theres anything negative to say I will say so. I have told you about the leg of 80 milliseconds, but it is still pretty usable I enjoy using the previous sc01, which I still have, but for the sc02 it opened up the possibility of casting from a HDMI device, not just through smart devices that supports AirPlay 2 or Miracast or Chromecast, now this time around, if youre watching this around the Black Friday or Cyber Monday time of 2022, they are running some serious discounts on this product.

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