So it was very versatile and also something that had very, very good wind resistance. It would cut out a lot of background noise, so, if i’m doing something like a vlog or an interview on the go, it would pick up my voice now granted with any lapel or lavalier mic. You have to keep in mind that it is a very, very, very small device and the actual capsule in there is very tiny, so you’re not going to have the same rich depth that you would get out of something like a condenser mic or even a dynamic Mic on a boom arm, but for something portable, something on the go and something wireless, this product is pretty dang sweet, let’s get it Music. Are you guys over here at the stormtrooper desktop? You knew the channel. This is where you do our unboxings custom, controller and pc builds and a whole bunch of other fun stuff by the way. Yes, i am rendering a video right now. I don’t just sit here staring at my face i’m, not that superficial and stuck up anyway. So inside this little slimline box right here, you have the winter wireless lav, mic and i’ve been trying to get a lab mic for quite some time, but i was shopping around. I couldn’t really find something that i liked and something that was compatible with android ios. As well as, basically anything with a 3.5 millimeter jack, but this kind of just fell into my lap.

To be honest, the winner reached out to me and sent this to me. I haven’t been told to say anything in particular about this i’m going to give you my honest, no bs review, as i always do so you have this little instruction manual right here. Good font, english is the primary language, does have color pictures very informative and setup. Is actually really easy, which i appreciate because i have two brain cells you get a little. Thank you pamphlet and you also get a card to activate your warranty by scanning the qr code, which takes you straight to their website. So you can activate your warranty and you can also get a free gift or gift card just by activating your warranty, which is something i highly recommend you do anytime, you get any electronics good anyway, so this actually includes a lot of accessories, which is pretty sweet. This does retail for 60 us dollars. However, i have seen it on sale pretty frequently around the 30 to 40 dollar range when they run promotion. So if you can scoop it up for that price that’d be awesome, but even at 60 dollars. I have to say i have already used this microphone. The sound quality is good and, like i mentioned it, does work on many platforms, ios android, anything with a 3.5 millimeter jack, so pretty sweet. You get the short usbc charging cable here, not very long, not braided, or anything like that, and this cord is to plug into this dock right here, which is how you were actually going to charge this bad boy, and i have to say i actually like the Design of this dock it’s very it’s plasticky, it doesn’t feel super high quality or anything like that.

But it looks really nice. It does have these two magnetic prongs in here, so you are able to line up the two prongs on the bottom of the lab. Mic drop it right in close it up and it charges it and that’s kind of nice. It doesn’t look bad either. It just doesn’t feel necessarily very high quality but hey it charges your device and that’s cool. So in these three little baggies here you have some accessories. You have two pop filters or shields here which slip over right which slip right over the top of the lab mic like that, then you also have this little furry one here, don’t worry! No animals were harmed in the making of this video. Then you also have a couple of weather plugs here that go in the bottom of the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. To give it a little bit more uh, i guess water tightness, not that this thing is waterproof or anything like that. Then you also get a little earbud here with a 3.5 millimeter jack, not the highest quality, but it does sound decent enough for you to be able to monitor your voice when you have this clipped on, like that, you’ll be able to pop this in your ear And here, if you’re clipping or popping or anything like that, and also if your volume level is good and if it’s not you, do have an up and down there, there is eight modes of adjustment with four being the dead center or the default.

To make sure you are at a good volume and then you do also have a little foam cover here to go over the earbud. I probably won’t use this too much as i’m, not a huge fan of monitoring, and i also just don’t, really want a uh earbud in my ear, while i’m shooting these videos. Now there is three different ways to connect this bad boy. You can connect it to a pc with this dongle here, however, you will need to plug this dongle right here, the usb c dongle – and this is what actually transmit transmits to the lab mic itself. So you can plug this into the bottom of an android phone or any device that has a usbc port. If you want to use it on your pc, you will plug it into this adapter right here and plug it into the front or back of your tower. And if you have a tablet like an eye and if you have something like an ipad or an iphone or an ipod, touch any kind of ios device that uses the lightning cable, you will use this adapter here and just plug it in the bottom of your Iphone like that, and you are good to go now how you know that you’re actually up and running, is when you turn this on by holding down the power button for about three seconds, the blue light on the bottom, the blue status indicator will uh flash quickly And then, after a few seconds, it’ll start slowly flashing every about three to five seconds that lets.

You knows that that lets. You know that you are paired up and good to go. So when i first initially hooked this up how i uh tested it was i clipped the live mic onto my shirt here. Set my phone down on the table, hit record and walked into the other room about probably 15 feet into my living room and it still had good reception, didn’t lose any connectivity or anything like that and that’s how i knew yep it’s working all right. So this is the audio quality with the winner lav mic. It is at its default setting of five and it has no pop filter on it. Let’S crank the volume up a couple of clicks to seven bam, bam, which you can turn up the volume or sensitivity of the mic on the fly, which i think is pretty cool, so the audio quality. Obviously, isn’t going to sound as good as something like the shure mv5 over here or my blue yeti. However, it’s not a full size, condenser mic, it is a portable lav mic to be attached to your lapel or to your shirt, your blouse, for an interview, and in that aspect i think it does sound pretty good. It sounds on par with any other lav mic that i’ve ever tested, whether that be wired or wireless, and the fact that this one is wireless is very nice and also, i do have to say that it performs pretty well outside.

I did do a little test. Just walking around my backyard listened, it listened to it back and it actually sounded pretty good. It was a rather windy day and you could still hear the wind, but it wasn’t popping or peaking it kind of did a good job of minimizing that background. Ambient noise and still um listening to my voice, which was kind of weird, to walk around talking to myself in the backyard. Maybe my neighbors thought i was talking to my dog, so i wasn’t appearing as crazy but yeah. I also do like the fact that it is compatible with android iphone, as well as anything with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, such as a lot of dslr and mirrorless photography, style cameras that do have an audio import. Unfortunately, the two mirrorless cameras that i currently have in my possession – the canon um m200 and the sony a5100 don’t – have headphone ports, which is kind of unfortunate, but all in all i’m actually pretty impressed with this product, especially for the price it is 50. However, they do run sales on it quite consistently. In fact, i think it’s 10 off right now on amazon that is linked in the description below i highly advise you guys to check it out. If you enjoyed the video liking, it helps it to reach more people. So this information can reach in a system as well, which in turn helps me grow this little channel, which i do greatly appreciate, subscribe for more content like this.