When i tap the pen it clicks and there are two side buttons on the side that is right, click and then the other ones hotkeys to my blocks, which is my third slot. So i’ve had i’ve like i’m recording this video for, like the fourth or fifth time, because there’s always a sweat or someone good decent in each game which to be fair, isn’t, surprising um. So you know i’m having to re record this all right. I’Ve have my planned out rush. Do the um geez! My aim is really shaky. Okay, there we go um yeah red is a little high, pixel level 15 they’re, not looking like the best player. Can we speed yeah, we can speed bridge that’s, very nice speed, bridging with a tablet um. I actually have no experience with the tablet. I’Ve used it like twice for osu, but oh okay, we they’ve noticed us which isn’t great okay, um, hmm, no, no tnt down. Oh, no, oh, we got them and that’s the bed and i’m on the pig and i’m gon na die. Okay, so something uh something pretty hard about. This is with the tablet. Whenever you move one way, you need to pick the tablet. You need to pick the uh the pen way up, move it to the left and then drag it across that you can keep doing it. If you go back, it takes you back the other way, which is a problem all right.

I really hope we can win the game with a tablet. That’D be hilarious and it would also make entertaining content. I think all right let’s see if we can take out red team here. Oh no, we got jumped pvp. How did i do that? I don’t even know i’m hitting like six it’s, not even like five cps with this pen. So in my i have like serious like arthritis aim too uh all right, there’s a tnt. I bought an axe for some reason: i’ve been accidentally buying things. Oh, i want to keep those ladders. Why is my hand so shaky? Okay, uh? Third slot very nice whenever i click, even if it’s, not even when i don’t move my hand, it moves the moves. The aim slightly, which is annoying we can oh gray’s, eliminated all right. You might as well just get these diamonds and buy sharpness or something i think. Protection in a trap would actually be better all right boom we can get prot and a minor fatigue trap nice. The question is moonwalking, or god bridging with a tablet. Is that even possible, i don’t know we’ll have to find out no keep dropping stuff, it’s really annoying all right. There we go. I don’t know why i got a gapple. It just did. Oh yeah see i’m. Just clicking i’m holding my hand pretty still and it just shakes like crazy yeah yellow, is going wait. It’S just us it’s us versus white where’s white team that’s.

I think white team’s directly across across the map. Um, okay, i think it’s easier just to hold it and then do do that. Okay, that way, my aim is still and i can actually bridge properly. Okay, all right all right all right. We should be good to go here. Okay, yeah! We need to bridge a little bit, unfortunately, i’m, not sure where white is probably going to our base. As we speak about to destroy our bed, um yeah, i really hope that’s, not the case. I don’t want to spend all day recording this. I have some homework. Um, oh no it’s, also stressful, because in order to keep my aim still, i need to have the mouse or the pen held to the tablet and the act of doing that also triggers like the the break block thing so, while i’m placing blocks i’m breaking the Block i’m standing on which just makes it really stressful um yeah playing with a tablet, is not great. I do not recommend it, but if you don’t have a mouse, i guess it’s the only option and we’re out of blocks all right, oof barely made that jump. You could actually get sharp and uh get iron armor and more blocks and let’s put the rest of the stuff in our e chest. Okay. I’M. Actually, i think, i’m getting a little better at this um there’s white team right there i’m, not sure what they’re doing did they disconnect? Are they afk or are they at my bed right, the second? Oh there they are.

Oh, oh wow. They have a proper bed. Defense, oh no! Okay! Well, we tried now that we have a bridge. We can rush much faster let’s, get an iron sword, a tnt and a bunch of blocks, all right. That should be more than enough. We do have sharpened prod too, so i feel that we are prepared uh. We need to break the glass, though anyway yeah this would be awesome if we could win. I just proved that you can actually play minecraft and bedwars properly with a tablet. I’M gon na adjust my keyboard slightly. There we go all right, let’s go uh. I will feel good knowing that i’ve won a game of bed wars with a tablet. Oh okay looks like we might be getting rushed as well here, but we do have our iron sword. So hopefully yes, yes, oh my gosh! Oh, oh and he’s, back he’s, back he’s back! Oh no leave me alone. Okay, let’s see what he tries to do here. I think that should be fine. He does. Oh, yes, can we box up okay we’re in yes, we got him. We have five seconds to like break this end stone thing yeah. We don’t have enough time, that’s, really unfortunate. Okay, oh, i should have broken. I need to ditch the uh tnt stone sword. Get me a pickaxe there we go. Our bed is gone in like a second, if we’re not on it. Okay, we got this.

The thing with the tablet is that if you just have it it’s hard because you need to like hold it firmly like in in midair, and your wrist gets a little tired after a while um, not to mention the clicks, really don’t help. He fell into the void, which is good. That should give us that should buy us a lot more time. Actually, we might actually be able to win on this one rush that would be amazing. Um yeah, also not to mention i’ve, been getting super close to a thousand subscribers yeah i’m. Leaving after what happened here enjoy your free win. I mean wait. Wait wait, wait! Please! I’M on a tablet: it’s a youtube video, please don’t, leave. I need content. Oh he said. Okay, thank you! So much man, all right, i’ll, just pretend like i’m playing. Okay, all right, all right, all right, yeah, he’s playing guys! No okay, this guy, this guy’s, this guy’s a legend all right! Well, there you go, ladies and gentlemen, that was winning bedwars with a tablet hope you enjoyed. Please leave a like and subscribe we’re getting so close to 1k. I really want to get monetized and also unlock the community tab, so i can make upload more content anyway. Thank you all so much for watching. If you enjoyed please leave like and subscribe i’m gon na shoot that guy a friend request right now, um, but yeah. Thank you all so much for watching um.

I will see you all next time.