Just set this up, but i digress today were gon na, be talking about windows 365 on the ipad. Pro ive been using it for a little over two weeks now because it released on august 2nd. So i guess were 18 19 days into it, and i wanted to answer a bunch of questions that you guys have been asking. So the main one is, can you do external ssd support? Is there secondary, monitor, support those are the two main ones, and then you guys also ask: how is the overall performance been over the last two weeks now that you know probably all the free subscriptions and all the people kind of inundating those servers its going to Come down a little bit so now, ideally the latency and the connectivity should be a little bit better because not as many people are on it so without further ado lets dive into windows 365 talk about pretty much everything from pricing to setup. To then also all those little things that we spoke about in the very beginning, so without further ado lets get into it Music. So before we begin, we got ta preface this. If this is your first time on the channel that im dealing with the m1, the baseline ipad pro so eight gigs ram 128 gigs of storage and that m1 processor and no data, so again, this one was eleven hundred dollars and thats. What were using to run windows v65, but the first thing i do want to show you real quick is the windows? 365 pricing? So if you go to windows 365 pricing, let it load up for a second go to the pricing model and again i want to show off the pricing, because its really not that cheap, when you think about it, its pretty expensive right.

So if we go on here, you can see that the pricing starts at 24 per user per month, but that gets you one core two gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage. What somebody would use that power for is beyond me right, because i dont think you can do anything with that kind of power, so thats, probably just like a storage device or something, but the one that im using is the four gig 128 gigabytes of storage. Two cores, so this is the one that im on the 35 a month one and that was the cheapest model or the baseline model that was offered with the free trial. Unfortunately, the free trial, as you can see, right here, following significant demand, we have reached capacity for the free trials, but im hoping that now that you know the the dust has settled a little bit. Weve gone two two and a half weeks since windows 365 has launched back in august 2nd that now the servers that have been kind of hosting all of this new entry and being again unupdated or inundated. I dont even know how to say that word with. So many new users that the latency has kind of gotten a little bit better now so, ideally thats what should happen but again, im also dealing with a pretty weak computer or at least weak cloud computer. But if you can see you can spec this thing up to 162, a month 512 gigs of storage, 32 gigs of ram eight cores and at that point thats a pretty powerful computer.

But if you think about it for 160 a month multiply that by 12 youre dealing with about i dont know what is that, like eighteen hundred dollars, almost two thousand dollars a year for a cloud pc at that point, i recommend spending that same exact money on A computer thats gon na last you three four years and then get the longevity out of that because at the same time you know over that three four year span: youre gon na spend eight grand on this same spec out computer thats in the cloud now. Yes, you wont deal with things getting old, because everythings gon na be continuously updated and im. Sure microsoft is gon na make sure that youre using the latest and greatest, like specs and hardware on the server side, but at the same time a computers gon na last. You four years at two thousand dollars so thats, where it gets a little bit iffy when it comes to pricing, but now that we got pricing out of the way – and you guys know what youre getting yourself into theres, no more free trial. I kind of want to show you guys exactly what it looks like on the ipad pro, what my recommendations are and then also some limitations that ive noticed with the ipad pro especially versus running windows: 365 on a macbook air on an m1 macbook air because ill Leave that video down in the description ill put it like in the cards right here that video i was able to run windows 365 and run it very very well on the m1 macbook air with secondary, monitor support and, among other things, that the ipad pro is Kind of limited with, but to get into the video of how windows 365 runs on the ipad pro.

My biggest recommendation is using the remote desktop client. My biggest mistake with the original video was, i was using it on google chrome in safari and on microsoft edge and those are all browsers right. Yes, safari is a desktop class browser for the ipad pro, but even then it wasnt meant for it. Every time i went full screen, i would press one button and it would kind of go back from full screen to normal and it would get rid of my start menu on the windows ill. Leave that one also linked below, because that was a horrendous experience that i would not recommend, especially as a final product, but then working within the remote desktop client, its a much better experience. So all you do is you connect? It ive showed that in the past, you basically just have to link it with one link: make sure that youre adding a new workspace and not a new pc because thats what youre dealing with youre dealing with a new workspace. So its going to tell you to log in again you can see. I have two cores four gigs of ram 128 gigabytes of storage and were brought right into a windows, 10 platform, a windows 10 cloud pc that im getting from servers wherever microsoft is holding them. But you can see that immediately im using, like, i said, the ipad pro with a magic keyboard and normally, if i get out of here, the mouse is this little new circular thing which apple brought in about two years ago, and i love this mouse.

But when youre working with windows, you dont want that mouse cursor, because its not precise enough. So what the beauty about this is. Is that automatically im back to a normal, traditional cursor, which is awesome? So i have to deal with that circular cursor, which is, which is something that you would have to deal with if you were dealing with the browser itself and going through the browser. So again, i dont know why microsoft is opening or microsoft teams is opening right. Now but im going to close it, because you can see that this computer is going to be very slow, two cores isnt going to do much, even if you buy the physical computer like this computer like off the off the rack or off the shelf, will probably Cost you like two to four hundred dollars its more of like chromebook specs than anything else, but you can see that again theres a little bit of latency. It could be the connectivity issues. But again i have four to 600 megabytes download and upload speeds on wi fi, with multiple people on here and then wired connection im in a gigabit connection. So i get 900 megabytes to a gig of download and upload speeds. So i dont think its anything to do with my wi fi connection, because you theyre theyre, claiming that you need 15 to 30 megabytes per second download speeds to successfully connect to the server and then once youre connected to the server.

Then youre using their internet speeds. So if you do a speed test, which we can do right now, the speed test that im going to show you its not my personal wi fi speeds its the speeds that were dealing with on the server side on the hardware side, wherever everything is stored right So again, im going to open this up a little bit well make it full screen, so you guys can see what were dealing with and look at that were dealing with 500 megabytes 400 megabytes of download speeds, which is equivalent to my wifi speeds. But again, this is like hardwired in youre, not using the internet as a wi fi youre using the computer as a cloud pc, so the computer thats in the server is hardwired in to whatever microsoft is willing to do so. You can see. Look at those upload speeds, 1.3, 1.4, gigs, thats, very, very impressive, but well x, out of here and im just going to walk you guys through some simple things. So lets open up, microsoft, edge, lets, go to you, know youtube.com, and you can see im using the magic keyboard its recognizing it perfectly im using the the trackpad on the magic keyboard to scroll with two fingers. So it does work again. The latency its there theres a little bit of latency, but again it could be the fact that this computer is so weak and so slow and then another thing to notice is that if you go into the browser version of this every time you log into that Browser youre gon na have to re go into the settings to then change like the default microphone, the default speaker all those default settings versus with the remote desktop client.

If you hop into a video automatically youre getting the sound coming directly from the ipad pro speakers, which is awesome with no need to actually go into the settings, every single time to change, that same thing goes with the microphone so thats amazing to see and the Video camera, so if youre in the middle of a video chat youre using the native camera on the ipad pro with the software up in the cloud, so again, we can make this smaller. What i can do is open up a start. Menu go through the settings, so lets click on the settings menu right here, so everything works as a normal windows computer right, which is awesome to see and its something that weve been wanting for a long time, especially windows users. So again, if you are in a pickle and like, i think, the people know who they are if they want to use windows 365, primarily on the ipad pro, because this is not for everybody like, i would almost recommend just getting the regular office 365 license. If you need to be inside of that ecosystem and use the applications directly from the app store on the ipad, because those applications are, you know they get you 90 to 95 of the way there compared to, like microsoft, word excel and powerpoint on the ipad pro That works super well, so theres only a certain type of person that needs to go into a native windows operating system while using their ipad pro to access something that may be on their ipad pro.

They cant do so. Another thing that i did want to show you is again the limitations, so ive tried to connect. Thumb drives to ipad pro and unfortunately, when you do connect thumb drives. They are not recognized by here theyre recognized by the file systems in the ipad pro, but theyre. Not recognized by the cloud pc because again because again youre dealing with a physical hard drive, which means that you need to like cloudify that hard drive and then send it to the cloud so theres like theres a way to do it, but its a little bit. Tedious and theres, like its just not worth it at that point at that point, just put it on your native computer and your native ipad and youre good to go and then another big limitation is secondary, monitor support. So again, if you guys are ipad pro users or ipad users at all, you guys know that one of the biggest detriments to ipad os over the years has been the lack of secondary, monitor support, because all you get is a mirrored version of whatever youre. Looking at on the ipad pro, yes, there are some applications that take advantage of it, but windows 365 is not one of them so ill. Show you guys some b roll of what it looks like when you do go through secondary, monitor support. I mean it looks cool. I guess you get an experience of a larger display, running windows from an ipad pro, but its still letterbox.

Its still not a secondary extension monitor its still a mirrored monitor and things like that. So again, overall, its not a perfect situation and then the last thing that i wanted to show you is multitasking like. Can you multitask with ipad apps while running windows, 365 or windows 10? So because, again on the screen, you have the regular windows on here right: windows, 10 youre in the remote desktop client. But if you go down, then all of a sudden – this is all ipad os, so lets say if i want to pull up a safari tab. You cant multitask with two side by side, but you can multitask when it comes to here. So one thing that i do want to test out is lets say i open up a microsoft edge and lets say i go over here. If i want to copy this ctrl c and bring it over here, ctrl v, you can see that the shortcuts dont work, so it doesnt theres no like cross platform shortcuts. So if i copy on here and try to paste on here, theres no like clipboard thatll, let me copy from ipad os over to windows. So again, theres still like a big break in the operating system, which i hope, microsoft at some point fixes because you cant like collaborate within one another which is kind of weird. When on the macbook air, you have some sort of semblance of file transfer and again copy and pasting theres theres a little bit more, that you can do versus the ipad pro.

The oss are so broken and different that its just theres, no compatibility aside from being able to use windows through the remote desktop client, but those are the things that i wanted to show you again. This is a two week review ive been going through a bunch of things to see exactly what those limitations are and the three big ones are secondary, monitor, support, multitasking within the operating system and then finally, external storage, support but thats gon na do. For this view, lets get out of here and go to the normal view, so thats pretty much gon na do for this video everybody like you saw there are some limitations with windows 365 on the ipad pro. I think the perfect situation for the windows 365 to be used with ipad pro is, if you need, you know, a windows 10 computer on the fly quickly for some minimal task work, especially if youre dealing with one of the lower rated cloud. Pcs, like the one that im using the two core, you know four gigs of ram: only 128 gigs. You know if you really want your computer to be powerful, youre gon na have to ante up. You know 100 150 a month and at that point i would just recommend getting another computer, because you can spend two thousand dollars on a pretty good windows computer. That, ideally, should last you three or four years versus paying 2000 a year over two or three four years for that same computer, which, yes, i know itll get updates consistently.

You know, honestly, it probably wont age and it wont kind of get slower over time. Like most computers do but at the same time it just gets very expensive, especially for use cases so for the ipad pro. The perfect use case, like i said, is smaller minimal tasks. If you need to get into lets, say an outlook or maybe powerpoint or maybe again you have something on that actual cloud pc that isnt on your physical device, then okay, then its worth it, but at the same time the microsoft applications, the native applications on the Ipad pro that you get from the app store are more than capable of doing those quick action tasks even with powerpoint and excel and word, and things like that, so i dont really know who windows 365 is for on the ipad pro. I see a lot of uses outside of the ipad pro, but again its very cool. The demo is awesome. The fact that we can run windows 10, almost natively directly from microsoft, without having to do like parallels or having to do a cloud pc or having to remote desktop in yourself to your own pc and things like that. I think its a great product. But i think its a little too expensive and i think the target market for the ipad pro its just, not really the target market, because at that point, like i said, go to the app store and download the microsoft apps, because those apps themselves get you 90 To 95 of the way to the traditional desktop version of those applications, so all in all its really cool, i dont think im going to stick around after the two month free trial.

I get again. I was lucky enough to get onto it early enough where they were still doing those free trials. Unfortunately, now theyre not doing them anymore, but, like i said overall windows 365, is an awesome demo, its an awesome. I guess feat that windows can actually do that or microsoft can actually do that on the ipad pro and be almost operating system agnostic. So you can use on windows, mac ipad, android, ios, whatever you want to use it even linux. I believe to be able to pull this cloud pc down, so i love that theyre being app and os agnostic. But again, the use cases are so small that the target audience for an ipad pro user. Its going to be very, very niche, and very very specific for you to want to spend that kind of money on a cloud pc to run on your ipad pro. But again, for the most part, its not going to be super beneficial and you know who you are if you need windows 365 on the ipad pro by all means and its going to be worth it to you, but thats going to do it for this video. Hopefully you guys enjoyed, and hopefully you guys learned something new. Let me know down below.