Even our ipads lets have a look at how it works, how we set it up and how much it costs in this video. So the whole concept of windows 365 is that youre actually renting a computer in the cloud, meaning that youre running windows, 10 or windows 11 soon off a computer somewhere on a server from microsoft, thats the whole goal, of course its mainly meant for businesses. So you so people who work at work can then come home and then connect again, and that is something already existed before, but now theyve kind of like simplified it for businesses, one of the biggest features of windows 365 is, you can just run it from any Browser, so if you open up safari on ipad, it does work ill show you in a second, but it also works in the remote desktop app that already exists for a while. Now you can also just run windows there and experience is actually nicer. So if you, if youre planning of using it on ipad, all the time, definitely try out the microsoft remote desktop app. I took the cheapest plan right now over here, so it has a one virtual cpu. It has two gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of hard drive space, although you can see here that it is running an intel, xeon, platinum, 81, 71m cpu with 2.6 gigahertz of speed. 2 gigabytes of ram is a 64 bit operating system running windows, 10 enterprise, although i am using windows 365 business, but it is giving me a enterprise license now, of course, if youre running this on your ipad, that is like super powerful and runs lumafusion very well, And all the different apps like note taking apps very well, you probably just use windows for either work related stuff, like maybe you are actually going to use this for work, or you might just simply use this just for office, because the office apps for ipad are Sadly, still a bit limited, so what you can do now is just go to start and open word, for example.

Word is, of course, the way it looks the way you expect it to look, and so you can always just resize it. We can just maximize it if you want maximize like this, and it takes up my full screen. I just i just really wish that microsoft would give us an app like this, with all the with all just all the features when it comes to latency like hello, everyone. This is fuelstrum yeah and the latency isnt really huge its very noticeable, but just just like. If you play games through the cloud, you will notice a kind of latency well same here, and second thing is: i am quite far from my router, so it is possible that there is extra latency just right now, but the latency is so minimal that you wont Really be disturbed about it. So if you like, move your mouse right now and you would hover over all these buttons, they almost instantly light up, so it isnt really a huge huge deal. Latency is okay, thats, very good and its quite stable. How about drawing? Because we have an ipad, that means we can finally draw things in the real world. Now you probably just noticed that there is a latency, much bigger than in the word app for example. So i think for real note, taking apps for note. Taking things definitely just use the word app still, but when it comes to like highlighting things quickly, for example, or you just have to use something currently just encircle something to uh to annotate it, for example, it is definitely usable now, of course, i can also just Make a powerpoint and use excel as well and have all the features that i want to have of course, choose nice design, ideas, okay, hello, everyone good afternoon – and this is working.

Subtitles are working here in the um yeah in powerpoint on windows, 365. subtitles thats – something i really hope will come to the powerpoint app on ipad as well. Now one thing that might be interesting to see is the internet speeds, so there is a difference. Of course. My in my speed at home has nothing to do with the speed on this server, because the server itself that is in amsterdam, apparently or somewhere in the netherlands, that one that speed is much faster, probably because its directly connected to the internet. Well, this here is just a streaming version of windows. 365.. Did you see what google says how fast our internet speed is right now continue, and it is very fast. Maybe you have a faster connection at home, but this is for me much faster than my internet speed that i would have right now in my current location, thats, very good. This also means, for example, office 365. I had to download word excel and powerpoint on this device. It went really fast because it just downloaded remotely on that server thats the advantage of thats a possible advantage of this. So, even if you live in a place where your interconnection is quite low, of course you have to support. It has to support the main streaming of windows 365. But then, if you download things on that remote server, it will go very fast faster than you would normally do over here.

Now, what would be cool is if you could transfer files from our ipad straight to our cloud pc now. Are you try this just now and no these things dont work thats a pity, because that would be really cool if he would be able to drag and drop things, but the split screen isnt supported either so thats a pity, but it is possible in safari. So lets go now to the online version on safari, so go back to my home and open now my cloud pc, okay, so im here now – and i do have an option over here so here i have this button to upload things. I can just use my files for my photo library and so on. Let me just choose my files app for now and ill upload, this jpeg image okay, its completed, oh here. Ah, here it is uploads okay here it is jpeg image, and this here is the file that i actually wanted now. This does take a while, though, and there we go so it is possible to upload things to the remote desktop client over here. Just through your browser, all right so weve just covered now, just how it works on ipad and how to use the app and so on, but what about whole setup? How do you set up this whole thing and how much does it cost lets check it out? Okay, now setting up windows 365 is actually quite easy within one hour, youre done and most of that hour you just have to wait until the whole thing is processed, so go to microsoft.

com, go to windows 365, and you have the option between windows, 365, business and Enterprise now i think business will be more. I mean those of you watching. This video will probably go with windows 365 business before you get started. Of course you have to choose a plan or a pricing, so just click on this and youll see these big numbers. Like 66 per month is a premium computer, as you can see here, 16 gigabytes, 128, gigabytes of storage uh. But if you just need a very simple pc in i mean like you, have an ipad and you just want to run windows now and then just for office. Then you dont have to pay that much. You can go for a cheaper computer by configuring. Your own windows, 365 plan or just see all of them in one time lets configure our own our own pc, so you can choose between one virtual cpu up to eight virtual cpus. Now, personally, i went with one virtual cpu just because i want to run office and see how that works on an ipad. I dont really need to to do video, editing or something because i have my ipad for that, so one cpu two gigabytes of ram. Of course you can increase it. If you take like two virtual cpus, you can choose eight gigabytes four. Sixteen already and eight virtual cpus is 32 gigabytes, so thats also the reason why the prices go up that much one virtual cpu, two gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage.

Now one more thing here: you could get a discount of four dollars per month. If you already have windows 10 pro on your primary work device now once you click here on buy now you get this screen over here, so you can fit in your email address and now its up to you. Do you already have a microsoft, 365 subscription or account for your emails or for your yeah for word, excel powerpoints? You can fill in that address and you dont need to tell all about yourself. Microsoft knows you, so you just sign in so this here is microsoft. 365 admin center – if you already have microsoft, 365 business for your emails, for example, you probably already know this section and now, if you assign a license to your user to yourself, maybe then youll see this here now windows, 365 business youll see your virtual pc over Here and they can just yeah check this, the license will be assigned to your user, and that is it now when eventually going to windows365.microsoft.com, you get this whole welcome, screen its nice aesthetic and its still setting up your whole thing. Your email, your cloud pc, will be called like this for a while, but you can rename it eventually now this uh setup takes about 30 minutes or even say an hour between 30 minutes an hour, depending maybe on how busy it is or what your configuration is. I dont know, but it does take a while, so dont expect to immediately start just count on a 30 minute or one hour, uh time frame for that and eventually end up here at windows365.

microsoft.com youll see your own cloud pc here and its still setting up so Thats, what i mean its yeah, you really have to have to wait for a while, and eventually it will say your cloud pc is ready and they can open it in browser. So this is an overview of how windows 365 works on ipad, including the setup process. If you have any questions, just leave them down in the comment section below.