I think the press has just been going up, but what has been interesting is that windows 11 was just announced, and i wanted to give you my quick thoughts on this and about why i actually decided to switch back to the pc. Actually, what happened was. I was on the mac for, like eight years, switched to the pc my pc gaming laptop it broke, so i switched back to the mac. This is unbelievable. My laptop just died. Look at this it’s just not turning on anymore, and i was using the mac for a while and then after a month of usage, i decided to go back to the pc and, i think, i’m back to the pc for good now, and i wanted to give You my reasons on why i decided to do this as well as to explain that you know the release of windows. 11 is probably going to be bad for bitcoin as well, which is another incentive for me to move over because as a bitcoin bear, i foresee windows 11, probably spurring more sales of windows, pc gaming machines, thus taking up the graphics cards, reducing mining capability for bitcoins. I mean we can only hope, but with windows 11 they basically announced a reskin, a redesign of the windows ui operating system to make it look essentially more like a mac we’re going to get rounded edges glass like designs. The windows taskbar is now centered very similar to the dock and mac os it’s overall, just a simpler, cleaner design for a fresh perspective, and they want to try to help increase your productivity with new windows, snap layouts, and then they announce really a bunch of random Bs, like they’re, integrating microsoft teams into the os, they give you a bunch of stupid wedges that nobody really uses or wants they’re going to integrate.

Xbox games pass into the os, and you know, like i, don’t – need this integrated, but xbox games pass has been pretty fun. Lately, i’ve been enjoying it. I got the three month trial for like a dollar, so i’ve been playing dead cells, which is this indie platformer loads of fun beat the game several times already. I played gears of war tactics, doom eternal blood, stains, some star wars, games and a bunch of other stuff. You know the lineup at least beats whatever apple arcade’s got like it’s, just micro transaction hell over there. If you enjoy bejeweled temple run flappy bird farmville, then sure by all means go play your apple arcade games and other than that. That was pretty much the announcement. They did say you can gain access to android apps as well, through the amazon, app store through the microsoft app store and then sure, maybe you could get tick tock on your pc, which i’m not sure anybody really asked for. But overall i would say this is an excellent direction for windows. You know those apple fanboys they always want. Whatever is new and shiny. Well, now, windows is starting to get new and shiny. This is going to be the new look this year, that’s drawing ibos, and the slogan is welcome home like welcome back home and they’re, inviting people to come back to windows and yeah i’m going back to windows as well, and i wanted to tell you why now Between the pz and the mac, we can easily come up with a list of 10 pros and cons and it’s just going to make our decision process so convoluted and nobody’s going to be able to understand what’s going on.

You cannot actually make any decision based on that. You really only need just one clean decision. One reason why windows is better and for me it is simply performance. The graphics card performance is just way better and it is actually essential for my line of work, which is that these days, i actually record my screen quite a bit, and i use the software streamlabs obs and apparently it hits the graphics card pretty hard when you’re Trying to record your screen and then manage a whole bunch of random tabs as you’re doing it and on the mac. The whole system just grinds to a halt when i’m trying to record the screen – and i have maybe 10 20 tabs open. Maybe i have a weeble desktop open as well and by the way check out weeble there’ll, be a link in the description below get your two free stocks. When you sign up free money there, you can trade crypto as well, but the whole system became totally unresponsive, and you know this is premium stuff, this mac as a millionaire. I just buy the good hardware. This must have cost two or three thousand dollars and even still not good enough. I mean if this isn’t good enough. I don’t know what this this is already top of the line and even if you got the m1 chip, the m1 chip is a cpu improvement. It’S not going to improve your gpu performance, not to mention if you’re on the adobe lineup like if you’re using adobe premiere, which i use the m1 chip is not going to work.

Well with that, basically very crash prone. If you’re using m1 with premiere pro and then, if you were to compare this situation with the pc, i can have 20 30 40 tabs open and be recording the screen while having my weeble desktop app open. So i can be checking my crypto and bitcoin prices at all times, and the whole system is still going to just be flying silky smooth fast. I can do everything ultra responsive and i could even be playing gears before tactics a triple a game in the background and that’s, probably because this laptop has an nvidia rtx 27 in there – and you know a lot of windows. Pc laptops are going to have good graphics cards in them max they just didn’t, invest in the graphics card sufficiently. Now is this important even for normal people who aren’t creators, i think it is important, because these days in 2021 and beyond pretty much, everybody is getting online and kind of becoming a creator. People are streaming their games going on to remote work streaming, their desktops, showing people what they’re doing making little video tutorials sharing their screen and overall content creation is just big these days, especially for younger people. If your computer cannot do content creation, then i don’t know what you’re doing in 2021. You need some access to this, and have you noticed these days that many content creators, especially those on the mac, seem to get a gaming desktop pc at some point or another, because the mac by itself is just insufficient when they want to do some gaming? Some streaming for their fans in their spare time on their off hours or if they want to get into higher end video production like 4k 8k video rendering.

Then they go to the machines with the better gpus for crypto mining as well you’re going to want a good gpu, and this is what macs generally don’t have macs just didn’t: invest in their gpu ecosystem it’s. Still, some internal intel based board integrated graphics for software. Emulation of hardware graphics, look this this isn’t going to cut it apple! Okay, i need to play diablo 2 remastered. Do you know? Diablo 2 remastered is not going to be available on macs it’s only on windows. This alone is reason to switch to windows. If you cannot play diablo 2, then i don’t know what you’re doing with your life. You might as well just die right now, because evil is back and we have to take it down. Apple, get with the program now for developers sure the unix integration with mac os is nice, but you know you can also just release a server running linux or unix and just ssh into that, and do your work remotely from there and that’s, probably the better way To get things set up so that you can also deploy websites and just get things going, and i find that for windows. They have windows subsystem for linux, too sure it’s not perfect, but it’s sufficient for you to run ssh. You can do most tasks and then you can just ssh into your web server and just do whatever you need to there, and so that really encompasses micro usage cases for a computer content, creation, gaming and coding.

And for the rest, you know the mac os operating system, i would say, is still probably simpler. Nicer to use overall, there may be a slight edge in visual design, simplicity, the mac os doesn’t have bloatware, but you know if most of the time you’re surfing the net on chrome, for example, then the experience is pretty much identical and then you also do get The sheer performance and graphics card of a pc plus gaming capability and windows 11 is just going to close that gap, even more making the operating system simpler and friendlier to use for everybody, especially people who may be thinking about switching back from mac os to windows. Land, you know looking back through my whole life as a millionaire. Diablo 2 was probably the best time i’ve ever had in my life. So let me know in the comments below. Are you switching back to pc, or are you just going to skip diablo 2 remastered, which could potentially be the best time of your life as well? Let me know in the comments below i’ll see you there.