There are brand new interface elements, some cool new ways to group apps together and android apps, all those great art, apps yeah. Those are going to be coming to windows. Well, with a catch hello, my name is brad. I review tech for creative professionals. Before i get too deep in today’s video i want to shout out today’s sponsor best buy. While i was exploring windows 11. One thing that stood out to me was how microsoft is thinking about making their experiences more seamless between devices devices like this one. This is the surface duo. One of the cool things about partnering, with best buy for videos like this one, is that they send you out these devices to test out pretty cool. If you’re not familiar with the duo, it is a two screen, android phone, slash tablet. This is one of those devices that defies categorization. It runs android but it’s skinned to give it a more windows like feel, and many of the features they’re introducing in windows 11. They got their start right here with the duo in the month since its release, microsoft keeps rolling out software updates, so the duo is getting better and better every day, since this is a dual screen device, they spent a lot of time thinking through how to handle Multiple apps that are running simultaneously on different screens. How do we switch between those screens? How do we change what the orientation does when you change how you’re holding the phone they’ve also added features like app groups where one tab could bring up the app configuration you need to save you the setup time each screen is beautiful.

Each is 5.6 inches across with a resolution of 1800 pixels by 1350. Pixels fully opened that’s 2 700 pixels by 1 800 pixels. The real star of this design is the hinge. Opening and closing. This device is incredibly satisfying it snaps shut, but in a dampened padded premium feeling sort of way. Let me do that again, if you like your phone to also be a conversation starter this one, this one checks that box i’m always asked. What is that? Is that a phone? I love the placement of the fingerprint reader it’s right here along the side, it’s handy and easy to reach, no matter how you have the duo, folded or unfolded. You also have a huge selection of drawing apps available for the duo and, like every other surface device, this one is a hundred percent compatible with the surface pad turning your new phone into a little digital sketchbook. That is always with you and with that extra stream. You could look up photo reference while you draw you can talk to your friends. While you draw, you can watch your favorite youtube channel when you draw what’s really ridiculous about this phone is how thin it is folded, it’s the same thickness as other phone it’s. Barely wide enough to accommodate the usb c port, you have to open it up to really understand how thin and how cool it really is. What else is ridiculous about this phone? Is the price ridiculously good if you get it from best buy for the rest of the summer? The duo is 50 off until september.

1St use the links down below in the description to get this deal while you still can best buy, is the vendor. Where you can make safe purchases. They can help. You set up your device, activate it, for you make the entire process just seamless and super easy. You don’t even have to go to a store to do this. You could even do a virtual phone setup with the geek squad and curbside pickup is also available. Best buy. Is your go to store for all your electronic needs? If we go back in time about a year and a half, microsoft was working on a variation of windows at the time they were calling windows 10 x. Does this look familiar? Windows 10x was designed for two screen folding devices. At the time they showed off the surface neo, which was a two screen laptop device that they were working on. It was the bigger brother to the surface duo somewhere along the line. They shelved windows 10x and they also put the surface neo back in their secret vault of machines of the future, never to be seen again or maybe they’ll show it off. This fall we’ll see, but it really looks like many of the features that they were working on for 10x made their way here into windows 11.. My favorite so far is how much thought they put into windows configuration they’ve beefed up their multiple desktop features. So now you can name and separate your desktops even more.

You can put a different background image on each desktop, so you can tell them apart really easily and they’ve, also added a variation of app groups that we saw on the duo say i got a drawing program over here and over here. I maybe have a browser window open so i’m drawing and looking at what’s in the browser with. Then i get an email, so i open up my email, but that breaks up all my windows and i have to reconfigure well not anymore. I can just go back to that configuration and pop it right back up, it’s a little thing, but it’s a really big time. Saver does something similar with extended monitors, so, if you’re plugged into an external monitor, what you could do is unplug it and when you go back to plug it back in it’s, gon na remember where everything was located and it’s just gon na put it back the Way it was so you don’t have to drag everything back over. To that second monitor the big ui thing that i think everybody is gon na see is that centered toolbar you’re gon na see that right away. This is the biggest ui change and if you don’t like it, you can snap it back to the left side. I’M, not sure how i feel about the new start menu. Yet the start menu is fine, it brings up a curated list of apps and some of the recent files that you had used from here, you can jump in.

You can see all your apps at once and scroll through. The big list, like you, always have been able to there’s also a search bar next to it, in fact, it’s, not a search bar it’s, a search icon before you just click on that and and just search for anything, which is how i actually found. Most of my apps and things on windows now that’s, another click away, and after playing with that section, it feels to me like they could have combined the start bar with the search bar if they wanted to make it more efficient. Now the big addition for artists is probably the addition of android apps it’s not like android drawing apps are better than what windows already has in terms of drawing apps, but they are different, so the more the merrier i guess it can’t hurt to have more apps Available on windows right most of the drawing programs on windows work best with keyboards and keyboard shortcuts. Specifically, so when you switch over to tablet mode, you know the usability can be kind of hit or miss in many of those apps, especially if you’re losing access to your keyboard you’re losing access to a lot of the power tools that those apps provide. But as more windows, laptops incorporate touch features and some of those laptops incorporate pens and drawing features, it would be kind of cool to have apps from android that are designed to work without the keyboard in mind at all.

So i mentioned at the beginning of the video that there is a catch with this android app thing. The the first one is that these apps are not here, yet they will be rolling out on windows 11 later this year. Also, not every android app will be on the microsoft store. I heard that there is going to be like an opt in opt out process for developers. So if a developer already has say a windows version of their app and they don’t want the android version popping up in the microsoft store, it would make sense that they’d be able to opt out of that i’m thinking of something like medibang or clip studio. I could see them sticking with their desktop apps on the desktop. So how will all of this work it’s a little bit odd? They aren’t working with google. They are working with amazon to bring android apps to the windows store. So if you just said, i didn’t know, amazon had an android app store. Well, therein lies the problem right now. There are fair number apps in there, but there are many big apps that are missing and just have never come to the amazon app store and some of the more niche drawing apps for android haven’t found their way there. Yet either you can find some, for example, artfloat it’s, a very good app that’s there artrage another one, a lot of people like that’s there teosui sketches medibang, which i mentioned before and there’s a handful of others, many of which i’ve never actually used i’m, not sure.

If they’re good or not so i could see this changing a lot over the next month or next year or so as an app maker. If all of a sudden you realize getting your app in the amazon store is also gon na get you access to all of these windows computers. Probably a lot of app makers are gon na. Take advantage of that now. The biggest downside i see here is that there are just a lot, a lot of junk apps on android, if you just search for drawing or art apps on android you’re gon na find hundreds of them, but there’s only like six or seven that i would consider Worth your time there’s something to be said about quality over quantity, and i think for a lot of folks, if you don’t know what you’re looking for it might be kind of hard to find an app that’s really good. But this is a problem on android already and in some ways i guess this is a problem with any ecosystem that becomes successful, so that covers the major things: let’s go to rapid fire mode and just cover some of the other things. You should know a lot of ui changes like better support for light and dark modes, you’re going to be moving more and more apps to the windows store. For example, you will be able to download the creative cloud app directly from the windows app store. I set up a lot of pcs for reviewing and about half my apps come from the windows, app store and the other half of them just come from the web, so i’m going to a lot of websites and downloading so the more stuff that moves into the Windows store the easier my life is going to be, microsoft is no longer taking a cut of profit from apps that are listed in the windows store.

Microsoft may be losing money, but i think this is a really good call on their part. One of the problems that windows has had in general has been security, and i know from my experience oftentimes i will google an app and the first app that shows up is not actually the legit version of the thing i’m. Looking for but it’s like a different version of it, that may or may not be safe, the more apps that microsoft can get into their app store, the better their ecosystem is a whole is going to be, and the more that is going to benefit windows. If they’ve got to lose a little bit of money in the app store in order to make a better product and be a healthier company overall, in the long term, it’s, probably a worthwhile trade off there’s, also better hdr support, specifically for games. They used skyrim to show this off, which i thought was kind of interesting, because skyrim is like 90 gray. They paid a lot of money for that ip. They got to show it off right and also new widgets new little widget slide out thing looks pretty good. I dig it: will it work on your computer, microsoft created a little app that would check for you. They ended up pulling that down. Last i checked it was not back up, it might be now there were a lot of people with really beefy computers who were finding out that their computer could not run this new version of windows, and it has nothing to do with whether their computer had enough.

Like hard drive space or whether the processor was fast enough, but it had to do with some security components and some chips, specifically one chip that needs to be on the motherboard. In order for windows 11 to run. I can see why this has frustrated a lot of users, but i also think this is probably overall long term a good thing for microsoft. I always think about the way apple controls, both the hardware and the software, so they can do this sort of thing, unobtrusively. Microsoft has to kind of brute force security, sometimes every once in a while to to get where they need to go, but in my book more security equals better. Should you run this on your computer? No, this is. This is very much a beta overall, i will say this. I have been really surprised at how stable this beta has been for me, this isn’t, to say that i haven’t seen any bugs at all i’ve seen one or two here little glitches with the interface, but no huge crashes. No, like big stoppers that, like ruin your day overall i’ve, been pretty impressed. So what do you think? Did i miss your new favorite feature? Let me know down below in the comments.