Reading a lot of articles about the windows, 11 leak and i’ve also had the opportunity to play around with it for myself a bit. You know your boy gets excited every time a new version of windows comes out, but in all honesty i got ta say there’s, really nothing too exciting about this particular build other than the fact that it’s, supposedly a new version of windows that wasn’t even supposed to Be in the public eye yet and what’s also intriguing. Here is the fact that windows appears to be jumping to a whole new number, which at least according to what we thought we were being told around the time windows 10 was being rolled out, was never supposed to happen, so the general understanding of microsoft’s wording back Then was that windows 10 was going to be the last version of windows, which would eventually become just windows, an operating system in the form of a service that receives incremental updates, without necessarily putting too much emphasis on the version branding or the numbers that followed. The name now this is actually the most interesting thing to me in this whole situation, because if this truly is a legit build of windows 11, that would mean that back then we got the whole last version of windows thing all wrong and it’s most likely because Of sensationalism in our insatiable thirst for click, baity titles – and i take no satisfaction in saying this because i would be guilty too, but regardless, if we really did bamboozle ourselves, then uh, you know let’s be fair and call it for what it is.

If i remember correctly, the whole windows 10 is the last version of windows. Conclusion was based on this statement by a guy from microsoft, called jerry nixon quote right now: we’re, releasing windows, 10 and because windows 10 is the last version of windows. We’Re all still working on windows, 10. end quote: okay, so not the best linguistic skills in the world, but it is what it is at the time. Microsoft was also very vocal about wanting to treat windows like an ongoing service, so hearing that, alongside a statement which included the phrase last version of windows, people jumped to the conclusion that 10 was probably going to be the last number we would ever see appearing in A windows logo. Now there was actually another interpretation of nixon’s statement. Some people assumed that he mistakenly used the word last instead of latest, which, in the context of the situation at microsoft back then, would have also made a lot of sense. However, to a lot of journalists and video creators such as myself, windows 10, will be. The last version of windows sounded like a far better title than something like uh. I don’t know microsoft, mobilizes, all its developers for the latest version of windows or whatever fast forward to today and uh yeah. About that look, we may have been wrong all along. I mean youtubers and journalists getting wrong right like when did that ever happen, but who knows? Maybe they bamboozled us? Maybe they were intentionally vague and confusing in the way they spoke.

Knowing that we would take the bait in hindsight letting people believe windows, 10 was going to be the last version of windows. Probably didn’t do too bad of a job in promoting the os, and maybe they knew it. I don’t know as far as the leaked build goes, don’t install it as your main os. In fact, i believe microsoft already pulled some programming trickery from up their sleeve and made it impossible for people to install it on bare metal in terms of functionality. It seems to be working like a version of windows 10 with a different skin. On top of it there’s a nice new startup sound the boys over at ltt even managed to play some games on it with pretty good performance visually. The taskbar is different. The icons are now centered like on mac os. The start menu appears to be completely redesigned, it’s also centered, and if you ask me, it’s much worse than the one on windows, 10., the windows now have rounded corners and the icons have been completely redesigned now, not too shabby, if i may say so myself, but Then again, that’s just personal preference there’s, a new widget button which you can use if you sign in you, also get a bunch of snapping presets for windows. So i guess that’s cool uh, middle mouse click capabilities have been limited in some instances which sucks. But then again, this is not even a beta, so it’s very possible that in the final version, if such a thing ever even sees the light of day, a lot of these things will be very different again.