I always try and be as proficient as possible with any windows release because thats. What most population uses so i want to be as proficient as possible and looking at this theres certain things i did run into like a couple bugs with like some of the snapping uh, which has actually been off and on. Sometimes i run into issues with that. The ui itself – i would say this the thing that bothers me, the most about windows 11 right now is this new task par youre, using like uwp and ive, obviously done some extra modifications to get this kind of layout and look but the uwp or the universal Windows platform theyve converted this from how it used to be probably one of my favorite tools that i can no longer use on windows. 11 is uh, seven plus taskbar tweaker. You can see how theyve converted so much of the legacy stuff. I think only the little jump menu right here. This is still using the traditional which you can still modify and do some crazy stuff with, if youre on windows 10 by the way check out seven plus taskbar tweakers its really an amazing tool. But getting back to this i will say this is probably the biggest gripe. I have everything else. From a day to day perspective, just getting around in windows, 11 has been pretty darn. Nice ive enjoyed a lot of the experience. Ive been using linux, a ton for this past couple years, pretty much since 2018 or the final part of 2018 and ive really started this past month or two start to use windows considerably more and its.

Not that i dont use linux because theres still a lot of tools in linux that i really enjoy and still use all the time its just windows started to do something and use a lot of linuxi stuff, and this is going to sound like blasphemy, and you May want to throw tomatoes at your screen after i tell you this, but man their integration with linux has been pretty darn awesome a lot of times. I wanted something in linux. I can just pull it up right here, so much so that i can even do virtual machines like i installed vert manager and it can connect, and i can go ahead and spin up regular virtual machines using this compatibility layer, uh and if i want to just Do like g edit, i could pull a g at it and do whatever i want pretty much native performance. So sometimes it feels faster than if i was in native linux thats. How good wsl has gotten on windows 11. so from a linux portion a lot of times when im like oh, i need that linux tool instead of rebooting into linux or whatever it might be. I can usually just pull it up and then just do it right. There or sometimes im just like you, know what ive always hated command line and powershell in windows, but windows terminal like just having everything updated to like the windows terminal, has made this experience a lot better than i thought it would like this right here.

It feels good, it does not feel terrible like i always dreaded in windows and a lot of times a lot of things i miss, or i hate about windows, 11 theres still workarounds too, that i just kind of age back to like right now, the in the Taskbar right down here like this, like sound bar its like broken, like i try and do like volume, mixer and theyre, trying to replace the sound to do like this new format and sound im. Just like oh gosh, this is so bad, but ill just go! Okay! Well, whatever im just going to come back to my windows, 7 counterpart and then get my sound panel that i enjoy and then work around im like okay, i see everything that im doing here. Im able to do it all yeah life is good again, but i like to just kind of point this out and just say: hey: this is kind of cool having the best of both worlds. Ive been really working with meshing and melding a lot of different operating systems and getting the best out of everything, and the one thing i probably say i have the most trouble with is mac uh, mainly because mac just feels like a one trick pony to me And its not as versatile as windows or linux, which a lot of people would view as a good thing, because it just works all the time. I know every time i turn on my mac, it just its gon na turn on its gon na get the desktop, and then i just edit my videos, so it does exactly what i want so dont take it as so much of a knock against mac, but Just tying in a lot of the things that ive been using over the past couple years into windows and see windows really tie in a lot of these linux.

Things im curious to see what happens with windows 11 in the future, because windows 11 right now looks pretty cool. It doesnt function great a lot of anything done with uwm or uwp or universal windows platform. It feels terrible. I really hate it. Its almost like metro redesigned, if you remember metro, ui from the windows 8 era, and then i think they tried to introduce a little bit in 1803 and 1809 of windows 10.. Those designs were pretty bad, really really bad, so its not the design. Look of it. Thats bad, like metros design, its just this new type of thing, with windows – 11 that i i think its just not baked yet and im using it a lot a whole lot anytime. Im going into the integration into linux has been so much better than i ever thought it could be, and thats probably the biggest thing about this uh. Yes, i did install like a custom cuda driver for my nvidia that works really well with wslg, which is a subsystem for linux with graphics. I really didnt expect it to be so integrated and it feels like the linux portion is the most polished out of everything in windows 11. and to me thats, amazing, like even when i have mess ups like when im on my desktop here and im like okay. The mouse movement and a lot of the tab movements im just not digging, but i dont really use the mouse much anyways im, usually just doing this number or if i need like a new desktop ill just flip over to here and then flip back.

So i still have my my virtual desktops, like i would a normal one, and then i i have a lot of like my auto hotkey stuff to emulate a lot of the linux global hotkeys. So right now, this is like the biggest frankenstein mess, but i feel like im, getting close to a happy medium here as long as windows patches a lot of the ui problems with uwp, which uh well see. You know i just want to give you my first impressions of it uh for using it pretty hard for this past couple of months. All the stuff that you know and love is still there, some of its hidden, but its still there. I would just say the the feel of it is something thats interesting and as someone that uses linux a lot, the integration with linux is probably the biggest selling point for me and thats. Weird because i think ive once made a video about how wsl could never convert a linux user to windows and most people that use their computer because they want to be private or secure. Thats still absolutely the case because with windows 11, the spying and telemetry is just as bad as windows. 10 theres no improvements there, but most people just want to use their computer to get stuff done and thats where im at. Obviously i dont im not a private person im on youtube, but it is something that im looking at im like dude.

This is this is neat. This is really taking and meshing it. Much like. I did with chrome os on the main channel, and i was talking about how integrating arch linux into that you can do a lot more with chrome os with that uh installed and a lot of the improvements. Theyre doing is just mind. Boggling much like theyve done with linux integration with windows. Here, if you really know linux, you have everything you need right in windows, which is a scary scary statement and one that i think im going to leave you with again, if youre, really good with linux, pretty much everything you need is right here in windows.