Everything you need to know prepare to dig into your pc’s bios from your older version and windows. 11 will be a free upgrade hi guys. This is chloe. Welcome to my channel on this channel. I give updates on latest leaks, rumors release, dates and price of new gadgets from all the giant tech companies around the world. Please subscribe to my channel if you are new share, kindly comment. The country you are watching from and don’t forget to like this video windows. 11 is the next evolution of windows. It is the most significant update to the windows operating system since windows 10.. It offers many innovations focused on enhancing end user productivity in a fresh experience that is flexible and fluid windows. 11 is designed to support today’s, hybrid work environment and intended to be the most reliable, secure, connected and performant windows operating system. Ever windows 11 is built on the same foundation as windows 10. So the investments you have made in tools for update and device management are carried forward. Windows, 11 also sustains the application compatibility promise made with windows 10 supplemented by programs like app ashore for microsoft, 365 customers seeking further assistance fast track will continue to be available to support your efforts to adopt windows. 11. windows will have a new look. The taskbar icons are now indeed centered the way they are in chrome os, but the start button is still to the left of the other app icons.

Windows will get tightly rounded corners, similar to mac os i’m, still not a fan of the always narrow, taskbar buttons, because having wide ones for running apps makes it instantly clear which icons are simply pinned and which are currently running. The centered look may win me over. However, since you don’t have to move the mouse cursor across a full screen to launch an app more subtle, are the transparency, animations and clean icon design that represent an evolution of the fluid design system, which, though, promised never fully took over windows? 10. dark mode 2? Will look more consistent, widgets widgets are making a comeback apple recently, bolstered widgets in ios 14 and microsoft dabbled in bringing back desktop widgets with the news and interests panel that recently arrived in windows 10., but windows 11 widgets will take that idea, a step further. Microsoft’S blog on windows, 11 notes that the new widgets will deliver a personalized feed powered by ai and use edge for rendering the new widgets can be expanded to fill the whole screen and third party content providers can take advantage of this new palette redesign settings app. Microsoft didn’t spend a lot of time on the new settings app, but it looks great in the sample screenshots snap layouts for me, windows has long been unmatched in its ability to position, size, open and close windows on the screen to your taste, mac os very recently, Added the ability to set windows to take up exactly half the screen something windows users have had for years.

Now comes the latest windowing convenience, snap layouts these! Let you choose from a selection of window layouts, easily populating them with app windows of your choice. Maybe even more important than the extra layout choices is that these layouts are saved and accessible from the app taskbar icons, so you don’t have to recreate them. After doing something else. On the pc, multiple desktops new for windows 11 will be the ability to set a different background for each virtual desktop. This makes a lot of sense. I use one desktop for work stuff and another for personal, and, i suspect, i’m, not alone. The snap layouts mentioned above can be used on each desktop teams will be integrated. One of microsoft’s biggest hits over. The last has been teens its video conferencing and messaging tool. The app went from having 20 million users in 2019 to 145 million in 2021. The company wants to bring it beyond the workplace, though, and a button will give easy access to it in windows, 11., tablet mode and docking with windows. 11. When you plug your laptop into a monitor, it will remember the last app layout. You were using the tablet mode will be more similar to the desktop mode than in windows. 10, with subtle changes like more space between taskbar icons, a new stylus will provide haptic and audio feedback, and voice typing keeps getting better android apps in the store. Yes, you will be able to run android apps on your pc.

Microsoft beat apple to this mobile app on the desktop paradigm, even though apple controls, both its platforms and both now run the same class of cpu. The store will also sport, tv and movies, which will offer wireless casting to tvs. Gaming gets a boost, you’ll be able to run xbox game pass games and xbox cloud gaming will be supported in the xbox app on windows 11., but in terms of performance and visual quality. The update will also add direct storage and auto hdr. The former speeds up games loading from storage to the graphics card. The latter produces a far richer image quality with more color range and depth faster performance, more security at the what’s next for windows event, microsoft’s panos panay said that the os improvements weren’t just skin deep. He noted that speed improvements are coming to web browsing signing in with windows, hello and waking from sleep. He noted that windows updates will be 40 smaller and more efficient and occur in the background. More efficient energy use will mean longer battery life. Pnai also said that windows 11 would be the most secure version. Yet one sign of this is that the new os will require pcs to have a trusted platform: module 2.0 tpm security chip. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to hit the like button and comment.