So today i will be talking about the new unreleased windows. 11 coming this holiday season, 2022 it’s been nearly six years since the last release of windows, 10 and i’m. Not gon na lie it’s always been in the back of my head when or if they will replace the outdated operating system. The overall design is okay, so, like the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but time waits for no man, especially in the world of tech. So, looking at the pictures of the coming soon windows – 11, i got ta tell you, man that’s good, but it looks a little familiar with the apps position in the middle at the bottom kind of alive. You already know, but with its own twist, but trust me it’s, nothing like max the biggest innovative update that i hear everyone talking about is the ability to run android apps on windows. Just imagine if your phone died and you can just pick up where you left off on your computer running windows 11. This is a very big step in the direction to open doors to so many different possibilities, not even thought of yet. I can’t wait to see what developers come up with using this feature. If i’m not mistaken. You can somewhat do this now with windows 10, but you got to get more technical and keep your phone involved with it with windows. 11. A lot of android apps will be available via amazon, app store so i’m guessing you would have to download amazon’s app store and explore and download, and if you anything like me, i’m addicted to anything amazon, Music, something else i thought was cool if you’re a developer And you bring your own commerce engine, you can keep all the revenue generated and microsoft gets nothing now i’m, not that deep into tech.

Talk too much on this subject, but from what i hear developers are gon na love. This now let’s talk about what this means for pc gamer. They didn’t just make it look pretty on the outside it’s vice verse, on the inside using directx 12 ultimate. If you have the power, gaming is stunning in auto hdr it’s, much more vibrant and lifelike compared to sdr there’s, so many videos on youtube to watch an hdr with a supported device. If you never experienced it, i watched hdr content on my ipad pro with the m1 chip and man i’m blown away, how good it looked content consumption came so far. Directx also boosts frame rates, load games faster with direct storage, which is a goal for xbox software users who want to get a similar, if not better. Experience than playing on the console windows 11 also has game pads built into it, making it even more convenient to get back to gaming. We all know cloud gaming now, especially with the covert stuff, is boom it’s just too easy to just get on a pc and download a game and start playing but that’s my opinion. Personally, what do you think let’s talk about something else now multitasking on windows? 11? Snap layout, i think, they’re calling it is also next level letting you personalize different desktops to fit your personal life man. I always had a problem with clutter when swapping gears like school work, daily life and gaming.

I can’t wait to see how clean i can make my windows 11 experience, because i have stuff everywhere and files downloaded in the wrong folders. I just give up and go with the flow until i get tired of searching for things every day and do a cleanup, something else small i kind of like was when you have multiple windows open and you rotate your device. Only the window rotates creating a stacked. Look instead of rearranging everything and making it look weird and unnatural, they also have something new called snap group that remembers the collection of apps you use and make it easy to get right back to them, like you never left or if you end up getting busy And doing other stuff on your computer, they really let you tailor your screen. Even your keyboard. You know how they have all those apps on android that let you change up your color font or design. You can do the same on windows. 11. me personally, i’m good with having regular old stuff, but my kids and people who like to express themselves a little bit more they’re gon na love. This you can use your spacebar as a cursor and it has improved voice recognition for the top textures and writers. It even helps with punctuation how ai is that, but at least now, when i read a post on facebook from people who don’t use punctuation and they’re using windows 11, i could read them a little bit better with the help of windows.

11. now i’m. Just messing it down, but you have complete control over the new windows from what i can see. That’S all people ever wanted. Instead of hearing that weird ass noise Music, you have complete control over the new windows from what i can see. That’S all so many people ever wanted i’m excited to try it out now. As we know, covet 19 has made a huge impact on everybody’s life. The way we communicate and get together and first i want to start by saying if anyone has lost someone. I’M. Truly. Sorry for your loss, i lost my brother, two cousins, my girl’s dad. So i understand the pain and the hurt many of us have experienced, but microsoft has a new but still familiar way to communicate through video chat, called teams. The thing that makes teams different from what i’ve seen is it can be used over any device, no matter what software or phone, where that you have, that means ios android pc their aim. There was to help everyone be able to communicate without the barriers we have with phones and if you don’t have a phone or whatever it is. I won’t touch on this too much because i’m still kind of researching and waiting to hear more on what microsoft have, but i will say, it’s kind of hard to accept something new when so many people are using something familiar. So, in order for people to pick team over all these other video chatting apps, you’re gon na have to make it pretty easy and convenient, and also integrated in, like, like they’ve done a lot of other things which i’m pretty sure they will and to top all Of this off microsoft, windows 11 will be cloud powered by m365 best described as a combination of a set of three different technologies: windows, 10 office, 365 and ems.

This is allowing updates to be 40 smaller, and we all know in this day and age. Anything that helps save space is a definite plus it’s, also more efficient and uses less energy i’m big on helping the earth and doing my part, even those yeah. It may be a small contribution, but i’m always happy to hear when tech giants say: energy, efficient or less energy. It lets me know that they at least care Music. Last but not least, microsoft is finally taking steps to improve the use of more than one monitor and from what i see from the live event. It works so well, together. M11 can remember your windows location, based on your monitors connected i mean how cool is that m1 has also mitigated the rearrangement issue that we we can turn it on from the display setting menu. You can also enable a feature that minimizes your window when a secondary monitor is disconnected. This will help when it comes to managing windows working across multiple programs to put a cherry on top, they added a snapping feature that basically lets you run apps side by side on one monitor and another two side by side on another monitor allowing for a total Of four windows open and resizing them all to get the best viewing experience. Now, if that ain’t enough for you, i don’t know what it is. But let me know in the comments section what you all think about this new windows and will you be using it testing it because i’m pumped anything that can make my life easier? I’M, all for it, microsoft apple whatever.

But this concludes the video. I hope you all enjoyed and depending on the stats, i do it again and please do not hesitate to. Let me know if i can do anything to improve or or if something don’t make sense to you.