, so in that week, in this week we microsoft already announced windows 11 and under in in their own event. So now uh we will speak and we will do a review about windows 11 and we will know how to download it and have to try it for free and officially and and what’s the requirements. And what are the advantages of windows 11 and what are the new things um in windows 11, which is not which are not inside windows? 10. So today we will do a review. But let me tell you something: don’t forget to subscribe our channel and if you like this video press like button and of course i would like to see your comments, so don’t forget to do it after, after you finish the video, so okay, well today about microsoft, Microsoft announced um in 23 march 24 march event, uh microsoft announced about windows, 11 and here the microsoft website. So, as we see here introducing windows 11, so it’s a new windows experience. Okay, so we will open the video here so at first of the trailer we find here that Music logo, so that’s would be the wins logo. So in the first here we see the old way so about here: okay, Music. I think, in my point of view, it became so minimal and also like tidy more tidy and like actually for for me, i like the things which are um Music. I feel like it’s more and also futuristic, and also i like that color of the grading colors in here in the windows so but actually, i’m.

I was looking for like a new and more like um, more more, a futuristic style, because this style okay, it’s beautiful, but i think it would be better if they had like a new style. So, okay start bar. I mean the icons just became in the middle of the taskbar but, for example, the clock um and, for example, here the clock, okay and the wi fi, and the sound and battery uh it’s it’s the same like it didn’t change. But of course we find here like the notification uh bar it’s, not in the right side, so it looks like before, like in windows. 7 windows 7. Like was not a notification bar in that site on windows vista, so so only the difference here is the position of icons. It would be in the middle of the taskbar. It became like transparent and has like a glass, um, glass theme, okay, so, and also the search bar. They put it like more clearly in the start bar, but not like windows 10, because we understand the search bar in beside the window is beside the start menu. So, but also like it was like you can do a search in the start menu. While you are opening the start menu, so you can do a search, but here it more, it became more clearly but actually like i, i don’t find like a lot of changes. Just like the way of the icons and way of the applications and at the same time, the glass theme that’s only that new um here is some important advantage, which is that you can do, and you can do many tasks, many tasks at the same time, because I remember in windows, 8 uh in windows, 8.

1. It was like okay, it was a new thing to to open two applications, uh or two um separate applications at the same time, so it’s a so it was a new thing, but, like i at that time, i remember like i was looking for more okay. I would like to uh export a video and, at the same time, uh photoshopping a picture and opened a clock or recording voice record. So i wanted to do many things at the same time and also to to control the size of the window and uh. Thanks that microsoft made it now, because here we can customize the size of the window of the application open, a video call and at the same time browsing at the same time. Um writing a document. So it can be here beautiful because, for example, if i’m trying to use dictionary and also calling my teacher at the same time, um i’m writing my assignment so Music, which is the connection uh. You can connect your laptop to the two different screens. Okay with this adapter and you can control okay, this program will show in which side in which tv, okay, which tv screen and at the same hour, in which monitor and at the same time here like in every monitor, you can do a separating thing, because here Um, you can use two applications at the same time like he’s here showing the word and, at the same time the video call so Music, okay, so let’s come here here.

Is the um go microsoft, Music like if, instead of a right side it became in on left side became it appeared in it will appear in left side, Music, so, Music, like you, can change your your appearance of a key touch keyboard so compatible. For example, if you have a dark theme, so so, okay now we will not want to know okay, how to download it how to try it. But here i want to show something important to you, which is the minimum requirements. Minimum system requirements of windows 11 become different than minimum requirements of windows 10 because windows 10. You can set up on two on two giga ram laptop, but here windows, 11 it’s – you can set up windows 11 from and the minimum memory requirement is 4 giga ram. So if you have a laptop with a 2 giga ram, unfortunately you will windows. 7 will not work on your device, and also here storage is from 64 gigabytes, some um laptops uh, like they have 32 giga storage, so um they should upgrade or put more storage. In in their own lap, anyway and here graphics card that’s important direct x, 12 compatible graphics. So, of course, if you have like a graphic card which which is not compatible with directx 12 uh, it will be hard, of course, and okay. The display uh should be hd, ready, hd, okay and from nine inch. So if you have a tablet seven inch, it would be hard to to install windows 11.

But here here is the a nice application which, which is called uh, p c health check app. So you download this app and, for example, here: okay, okay, you can open it, and here you can press check now. Okay, so this pc can run windows 11.. So here this application, you will make you understand. Okay, uh. Can my pc run a windows 11 so yeah? It can it’s helpful in this small size, microsoft announced that windows 11 will be available from late 2021 uh till 2022, and also microsoft announced that windows 11. If you bought a windows, 10 will come when seven will come to you for free okay, as you bought windows 10, and also if your laptop came with your with windows, 10, so it’s already a paid version, and this laptop so also it will uh. You will arrive, you will receive uh windows 11 for to you for free, and you will find it in update um in windows, update and also. I would like to tell you something that there’s something called windows inside windows. Insider program is to try windows next editions for free and here um windows, 11 inside program, and you can try and you can give your feedback to uh microsoft, because this is a beta version for windows 11. It will be available on 28th june, and so just don’t forget about it and um. Of course it would be nice to try windows 11 and also, if there is a problem with this, you can, as i said, it’s a better version.

So it’s not the final release, it’s the beta version and uh. You can tell your feedback and your comments to microsoft and um. Thanks for what you’re watching today, and i would like, i wish that i told you many things about windows 11 and made a nice review and uh. If you like.