Machine like x86 machine i’m. Pretty much excited about that, and i was pretty much surprised actually about when microsoft said that they to release windows 11 because they promised like windows, 10 is going to be like a final final version like nothing is going to be ever released ever afterwards. But here we go again so windows 11 is released. The biggest thing i was excited about was running android, apps right here, natively, so the first thing after installing windows 11. I really wanted to try running android apps right here and i downloaded the android app and, by the way, guys check out those icons. The icons look like old, refresh, like everything, is refreshed. Typically, when microsoft releases a new version of windows, all the icons are refreshed, which is like i mean it’s, just just the fact guys, i’m, not sure, like i’m, not not really excited about those cycles but looks nice. I mean they’re it’s, fine, so here’s apk file and when you run it of course, it’s not gon na run it because it says, look for an app on a microsoft store. Of course, i went online and i wanted to check out how exactly to run the applications on your windows 11 platform. So here it is what i wanted. What i need actually to enable the feature – and this feature is called like a windows subsystem for android or something like that so guys as you can see – there’s a windows subsystems for linux, but it’s supposed to have some windows subsystems for android.

But i don’t see it here, so it doesn’t work so yeah, and this is just like surprising fact, because i was trying to find something like the most exciting feature and this one doesn’t work so i’m, like all right. What was the purpose of installing this one? But anyway, so here it is by the way guys, so you can still run your windows like pretty much all the way you can just like type control, and you can open the control panel just right here. No problem at all. You can uh always like even switch back to the small icons, i think yeah i mean you can still use it like the way you use like windows 7 or something like that, which is actually the point of windows, it’s, very comparable and good in many ways, And it still pretty much looks the same, but guys there’s a fundamental difference between windows, 10 and 11. And let me show you this one. So when you right click, there’s option that says open in windows terminal and i’m, like whoa windows terminal. What is that and just check this out like the icon, looks really nice, because it actually reminds you of a terminal like in mac or linux, and when you click this one let’s see what happens. It takes a while it really. It takes a while, typically like in mac and terminal just instantly opens like that, but it’s, just like a typical power shell, but what’s more surprising and more funny, actually that i don’t know it’s, not the latest build it’s, not the final bit, but check this out.

The icon just shows this uh black color of the icon, but here there’s a blue color of this icon. So but you can pretty much use it the same way like you use it on let’s, say linux or mac. I was actually learning powershell at some point, but guys i mean i don’t see much pointed during this one right now in 2021, but i don’t know – maybe maybe maybe, if we’re just managing like microsoft, server instances, something like that, but i don’t know not for regular User, how about opening the applications here’s the start button and you see it’s fundamentally changed. I mean it’s no longer like on the left side. It just doesn’t open like that. You don’t see like any way to go through like start menu, just like a regular wave start menu, because i just don’t see that just it shows either all apps but there’s. No like categories, i don’t see any categories. I don’t know it’s kind of fundamental change, but at the same time you get used to it because many people even got used to windows 8. I mean i don’t blame them for that it’s fine. I guess, and you can scroll like you, do it on like android, i don’t know i just like like that and that’s okay, i guess and there’s a instagram app installed right here, actually pressed on to install this one. It seems like you’re, just like loading stuff in there like edge browser right, it doesn’t seem like it’s, actually an app yeah.

This seems like a web browser kind of extension, something like that and that’s how it is. This one is probably like the widgets, which is nice feature, but you need to actually sign in so i cannot show you that so here, let’s actually go to task view and task view basically allows you to switch between your desktops between your windows and stuff, like That and there’s interesting feature guys you can like hover over the maximize button. I think let’s have multiple uh windows, open let’s, see how does this work? Actually, you need to select this one and let’s say yeah, you just click it like that, and this one like that, and basically have it like snap to the left and right and you can just like work with that – easily it’s pretty much something that comes from The tablet world right, when you have like two windows side by side running like that, but to be honest, apart from that, i don’t see much changes, it’s, basically the same old windows and we have icons here i mean this same kind of interface, uh, let’s, actually Open the recycle bin uh let’s open something like this pc. What else like let’s open the properties here pretty much all the same stuff, but icons are updated, guys, icons are updated, seems to be like even more glancy. This whole thing appears centered, so i don’t know search you should be able to type stuff right here i mean it’s, pretty much.

I don’t know it seems better because, like in windows 10, the search bar was occupying, like i don’t know almost the whole taskbar. I really hated this because the first thing i actually did when i installed windows 10. I just disabled the search one, the search menu right here and here just like a small button right like right here, which is cool and i should be able to basically unpin stuff, like let’s, say unpin this one. So it shows the pin stuff. It shows the frequent stuff and close all the windows, which is cool nice option here’s the typical tray i don’t see much exciting stuff at all, pretty much all the same same stuff and settings. Of course, it’s pretty much the same settings you had in windows, 10 yeah, but but by the way, just animation looks nice guys. This sliding animation kind of looks nice, but i mean i don’t know guys. This is just like yeah you can. You can actually check out the process like that in powershell. Does this excite me? Probably the only feature that actually excites me here is the running apks natively like side loading, android, apps and windows 11, and i do not see this option here so it’s not available. So what i should say, i mean pretty much windows pretty much all we expect here and by the way, what about this to do app, microsoft, to do? Okay, your list everywhere pretty much the same like nodes, application that syncs all your data between the devices and all that i mean yeah.

I pretty much expect all this kind of stuff. It doesn’t look much worse than windows, 10 it’s, probably even a little bit better than windows 10, because it allows you to run android apps in theory, but guys talking about android apps it’s not actually running those like natively on your machine on windows, 11 instance. It actually virtualizes those through specific, like intel, bridge kind of virtualization layer, because android applications are arm applications and this platform, this specific windows, installation, is x86 there’s. Also arm version available is going to be available, but this this one is the x86 and most of the computers are x86 still that are running windows right i’m, actually gon na play around with like a newer version of windows. 11, probably that one is actually gon na have some kind of capabilities of running android apps. Alright, guys thank you for watching.