I remember windows xp. I know that got released 2001 and i was still like. I was like one then, but um. I did use windows xp and um it’s. It wasn’t bad though i think that was where the whole um start, when you had bone left side up for me, um, because it was at the bottom left base and also the tax birth too, and then date was at the bottom right and then moving on 2006 yeah. I think that was the windows, vista and then windows vista the same thing, in my opinion, based on using interface, but i think the only difference there was um was um. The made the backgrounds um transparent, which gives them credits so windows, 7 windows. 7 was um was, i think, was a major upgrade in some sense, but it was still the whole um based on user interface. It was still like a repeats, or i felt like a reiteration of the past versions, and i think windows 8 was where everything um got like really really different and um yeah. They had this boxes going on and for the start, menu which was quickly shopped out to windows, um 10 um, which we are currently on right now and to be honest windows, 10 isn’t, really that bad um they had this cortana thing and um. I don’t really know it’s it’s, not it’s, not bad, and then windows 11 it’s coming up real, quick and um.

My second, i think the major thing, the major standout for me and mostly uh. Most of you is the start, menu being centered together with the taxpayer and um. You know some people might say that is a mackish experience, but i think come on. They’Ve been doing this for like years now, with stop mania, burn, left and then the um date at the bottom right. But i think, having that center attack spur goes a long way um in creating a new experience for their already made audience and um. One major thing for me and not the major on public that makes a great difference: it’s being able to run on android apps on the windows level now i’m, not really um sure how that will work and i’m, not really sure um if it’s, based on all The android apps, because i’m actually into um android app development and one major thing with developers, is to see what our apps look like on. Our system is by mechanisms of emulators and um. They are third party um softwares that do that like on the blue stacks and which is, i think they might end up giving them a run for their money depending on how actually this might work or windows 11 but i’m, looking forward to it i’m. Looking forward to it, because um it’s really interesting based on how they claimed it works is um, they use the boots in amazon apps and then they use the intel bridge to like make the sim next experience, and i think what they’re trying to do is not All android apps are mostly apps that um come from.

The amazon store will be able to run on the windows level now i’m, not really sure about the details, but um, based on the explanation of how it works. I think that is how it’s going to go in the long run, but i could be wrong. It could be wrong and then one other feature we’ll be looking at is the widgets and the widgets um. They say: it’s a ipod based on personalized um news feed. Now things like um calendar um to do list news would be um personalized, based on what you um basically go through on the internet. Um another feature is the microsoft teams integration, and i think this will be interesting. Some people might say it’s kind of like a facetime, ish kind of thing but um. I think it’s like an upgrade from facetime, to be honest because it’s real supports windows, um android, ios and mac os, and i think that is like um. It kind of creates a more open environment to everyone, because we have these different systems being integrated together in the same in the same environment and um it’s, it’s really it’s really going to be interesting to see how they actually end up implementing that and if it’s, Something the audience will actually buy into, because i remember sometimes someone did um because i invited time um. They offered um being able to run heavy games online without your ram being up to the requirements, and it was like an online based gaming kind of platform and people didn’t really buy into it.

That much. I don’t really know why so it’s a bit interesting to see how um we actually react to the face damage, um feature and um. The next one will be the better gaming experience and so far what they say about this is some features from the xbox um xbox console series will be coming recovering into the windows 11 and um it’s, going to be majorly. The auto hdr and the um word recorder that one um direct storage um so it’s going to be interesting to see how that works for those interested in um for those interested in pc gaming and into the xbox thing um. I think that’s something that would might fancy you, but to be honest, what i just do i’m, mostly into um um, just plug and play basically i’m, not really into the whole xbox thing, but for those of you that might be into that kind of stuff. I’M. Sure you would um really benefit from that, as it would increase your gaming experience and for those of us that might be willing to try the windows better version. I would say you should try it on the dummy system or a second system or device, and not your main device, because it’s going to be buggy and i’m, not sure that’s, something you would want on your main device and for those of you that would like To wait for the um, the stable release, um it’s, become now during the holidays, and i think that’s like a perfect timing for us who would actually want to see what this thing is all about, and in a more calm and less work based environment based on Compatibility what you can do is go to windows.

com and check out this healthcare app, which they have said will tell you. If your system will be able to get the windows 11 updates or not, and how smoothly you can run the windows 11 on your current windows system and that’s. Basically, my review of the windows. 11., hello. Everyone thanks for sticking around to the end of that video. I really like philip and i am on android – i reviewed um software based great apps and a bunch of other things like digital arts, two dimensional animation, three dimensional animations and arts also and, as you can tell i’m slightly needs you to know my first time so, Like i said, i’m, not it’s, not my face on camera, but you can tell i’m really comfortable with this and sometimes get used to and for people that are into um my kind of um niche. You can actually stick around and subscribe and hit the subscribe button because um, i always share your love and, like you, i’m 21 and i’ve been doing this for um, eight plus years and it’s going to be mostly based on the entrepreneurial aspect of things. So if you’re someone into um programming or digital arts, you can stick around i’ll, be sharing tutorials find some of my workflows and things like that. So thanks for listening and i’ll see you next time.