. So a few weeks ago, windows 11 was leaked. It may have been from an insider, no one knows for sure. But what happened? Is people got an early look at the beta version of windows 11. in order to access it? You need a virtual machine, a virtual box, and you need to download the iso. I will put the iso in the description. Also, you need a computer that at least has eight gigabytes of ram so that you could put four gigabytes ram into the virtual machine. Now anyways, i will be looking at the new features. First feature that we have is the widgets. The widgets are similar to a tablet mode and it is basically an ai that learns how to be able to know better about you and what happens is that over time it will give you interesting news articles so far. The articles are interesting. Now you have desktop which allows you to manage all the apps that are there and basically, what you can do is, for example, if you have file explorer on from there, you can access it see now, looking at file explorer, it kind of took inspiration from windows, Vista the whole design and also another thing: it took inspiration from apple kind of about its ui. Basically, now look at the new ui. It is centered. What you can do is, if you have windows activated, you can make it go to the left which right now i can to do, because i don’t have the product key, but i’ll show you how to do it and go to search.

You go to settings. You open settings and then from there. What you can do is that you can go to personalization and going to task bar. You can make it to go to the left, but right now i need to activate windows now looking at the themes: there’s more options, for example, there’s windows, dark there’s windows, light there’s, glow, captured motion, all that sunrise flow they’re, all interesting colors, now let’s, look at The start start over here it has xbox solitaire, instagram, twitter, uh, news calculator, all the basic stuff you need maybe except twitter and it’s an instagram. They updated the netflix icon and all that is fine. That is a really cool feature. Let’S look at the calculator. The calculator is the same thing: minor changes, but still the same thing. The window is a bit different. Now twitter is similar to the one in windows. 10. The same design, but slightly different let’s, see if instagram is similar. Instagram is to the one in windows 10, and that is it for the start, it is a new ui. Basically – and i guess, like the one thing that might have a difference might be xbox. Yeah xbox is slightly different as, after all that so that is most most of the features now another feature that isn’t included on here right now, but will be later uh. If anyone is in the insider program, which i will do a follow up video on how to join during the week of june 28, you can access the insider version of windows 11 and give back feedback to microsoft, which would be really helpful and from there.

Basically, you can get it early, but besides that you can’t get windows 11, yet until the holidays. Now the feature that i’m going to show you is not included on here, but there was an announcement that was made where microsoft teamed up with amazon and due to them teaming up. You can now download android apps, which makes bluestacks not as useful, but bluestacks is still useful, because what happens is bluestacks. You can download to apk files and put it there which could be useful over here. We have the pros and cons windows 11.. This is a chart that tells the pros and cons. The first pro is that there is a new ui. The new ui allows for a more simplistic look which can make it easier to navigate increased frame rate. The increased frame rate has allowed for games to not lag as much on windows 11 and now there is an android app store feature along with an amazon, app store feature that got announced which allows for more apps to be available for windows, which will let end Users be able to download android apps instead of having it to use emulator to do so, widgets which allow for easier navigation across the computer than windows, 10 and more flexibility. The windows 11 design is designed to be flexible and simple, which allows much more efficiency for end users. Now i will begin with some comments. The ui design is not original. The ui design is inspired mostly by apple and chrome os, which can make windows 11 end users confused on how to use the computer.

Now many games might not be compatible. When windows 10 came out, many games couldn’t run because they didn’t support windows. 10 compatibility. The same can happen to windows 11., for example, in windows 10. There were several games like star wars, republic and many other mmos that had this problem and you would have to reprogram the game now. Another con is security flaws. There are security flaws in windows 11.. Every new windows has some many security flaws due to the fact that it is new, but over time it will be fixed, so this con might not be applicable by two years. From now now only new another con is only newer. Pcs can run windows 11.. Only pcs that were made two years ago or more recently can run windows 11 without editing the bios of the computer and those are all the pros and cons of the windows 11.. Now my final verdict on the pros and cons is that it’s similar to windows – 10 windows 11, as many other tech youtubers have said it is that it is windows 10, with a fresh new paint, but better anyways i’ll be testing roblox right now and minecraft alright. In this game, i am basically this stick and i’m supposed to become a muscular man, so let’s see how the graphics go so in terms of graphics, the windows 11 is much better. I can see a difference i’m liking about seven frame rates per second apparently i’m.

Supposed to do this until after a while so i’m, not being out of here right now, yep, i basically die anyways all right. So what i’m seeing from here is that it’s better than the one in windows 8 by a lot anyways. I think that’s it for roblox, but all right, i will be playing minecraft for a bit, maybe like two minutes one minute and i will see how it goes now. I’Ll just pick this random world and play the selected world now let’s see how the performance does on a windows. 11 will be pretty interesting now so far. The tools that i have aren’t best, but i will do my best things time to respond. As from the minecraft, i can see that the graphics are much better to be honest, hey it’s, much more smoother than it was before now, let’s see if the mining says great yep, the mining has gotten much better. If i had rage racing, i would have tested it, but i don’t have that right now, um, this minecraft is java edition and the mining is much more smoother on windows 11.. This is impressive concerning the fact that it is a beta which i find to be impressive, like full version, which i will be reviewing later on, will have much more features. Probably i will be posting that when it releases in fall anyways, i think this is much better. To be honest, i think that’s all the features for windows 11.