I so hoped that it was a good thing, despite the fact of totally denying their desire to make Windows 10. The very last version of Windows And looking at the live announcement of Windows. 11 on Twitch yesterday, moreover, thank you if you were there, of course, do not hesitate to follow the channel for more lives that are struggling, live sample At the same time, it’s, not as if Microsoft had billions to be able to make a live, go well, …, But now it is clear that the Windows 11 that I tested last week on the channel was genuine and I think that this version is going to screw up an unnamed mess. Hi it’s Leo from the TechMaker channel and today we’re, going to talk about Windows 11, which is finally really announced. We promise we’ll talk about something else soon, But in the meantime, what is Microsoft offering new to actually release a whole new version of its OS? Finally, we were able to see some of its improvements with the leak first of all, one of the most interesting in my eyes. It is the system to separate the different windows which becomes much more practical. You may remember the Fancybars that I presented to you during my video review of this gigantic screen. That is the Odyssey G9. Well now we should be able to do all that natively To see if it’s customizable, but it would be crazy if it wasn’t. Moreover, a lot of things that we are going to see here are finally already possible with third party software, but, as we have often talked about, it is always better to have something that works, natively less bugs more optimized.

In short, there is everything to gain. Then this famous task bar, which goes from the left to the center with this very smartphone amp, tablet ergonomics And it’s, not for nothing. We can come back as before if we wish, but we will keep this rather special window that opens with our applications. We feel a real desire to enter the world of the Tablet PC. This is something that we have felt for a long time with their Surface PCs, but it is even more extensive here After that, it’s a shame not to have released new peripherals I’m, not sure that this will be enough to convince some to throw away their laptop For a tablet, Oh also for those who like to have this famous bar on the left on the right to see the top well now it will NECESSARILY be at the bottom Yep that’s, something they haven’t talked about, but some people have noticed after the fact. So if you’re, nonconformist and you’ve changed positions on the bars you’re gon na be hilarious, We can see, on the other hand, a better management of the secondary screens, in particular, with the fact that we no longer end up with all the windows that pop on our Main screen when we disconnect it rather nice behind, we have kinds of predefined desks by in relation to what we do, whether it be office, automation, gaming, etc. We were also able to review the widgets. Well, why not once again, it makes a lot of tablet use, but there may be a real interest to see if there are interesting applications which will be released in widget version in the future to really exploit the full potential of this.

function. It is perhaps not for nothing that it was withdrawn from Windows Vista at the time, because, yes, it did exist, except that it was called gadgets. I don’t know if the name change will be enough … Afterwards. I know you were all waiting for it because you use it every day. The Windows Store has had a makeover And looks a lot like the GamePass store. I ca, n’t wait to go back and continue to NOT install stuff Really. Who does that when they have a choice, because the application is available on the store and on the net? Speaking of GamePass XCloud should also arrive on PC, Microsoft’s cloud gaming system to see what happens in practice. Why not? Even if I find that it has less interest than on a smartphone, especially since it is still in beta for the moment after so much time, … In the small nice novelties, we have a button which allows to mute our microphone universally on the whole computer or The integration of Teams in basic Windows, which is really there to replace Skype and compete with FaceTime or other Zoom. So you can share my YouTube channel directly in video on Teams to all your friends now so that you all subscribe, and that will make this counter climb great isn’t it. Oh yes, we could also see the design change a little more rounded and especially that of the basic icons. Now they look us RIGHT in the eyes and are no longer to the side.

Well, listen! Eh! I said I told you everything at worst. It could be enough material for Feldup to do a creepypasta on Windows 11, with a story where the desktop recycle bin attacks, us., And so the last thing, the one that disappointed me. The most is the integration of Android., Because, yes, one of the big rumors is that, FINALLY, we were going to be able to use Android applications directly on our PC, Paf Bluestacks in the trash And it’s like FancyZones, the more native, the better and the less problems. We will have, Except that I think Bluestacks still has a bright future ahead of it.. In reality, this emulation of Android goes through the famous new Microsoft Store and works hand in hand with the Amazon Store.. Yes, this wonderful application store. Where of the applications you use on, your smartphone are missing, it also means no googles services and therefore a lot of limited features on applications that almost all use them. Nowadays, We talked about it at the time of Huawei’s ban, but this is the same delirium …. In addition to that, what came out after the conference you will have to connect to your Amazon account download the Amazon AppStore. In short, we saw better on the native side eh. Moreover, during the presentation they spoke about it at the very end as if they were ashamed of it when in reality, I think that it is what was most awaited by people Even on the Tablet PC side.

That would have given Microsoft a very good point, but no even then they did not show it. We just saw 5 seconds of TikTok at the end great It all works with Intel Bridge technology and suddenly I I don’t even know if it will work with a configuration based on an AMD, Ryzen processor. I don’t want to go into it because Microsoft didn’t do it either, But if this is the case, it may really limit the number of users …. In fact, I invite you to review my video where I test the WIndows 11 leak, because what you saw in this video. This is what you will have in your hands with a few changes which will be minor.. And finally, what is most expected in this kind of conference? How much does it cost and when does it come out? Well, we don’t have the info yet funny for a major presentation live, But we have some approximations anyway For the release date. We are on the holiday season, ie end of 2021, beginning of 2022, roughly so no follow up and price side. I think nothing will change, because we don’t have the info either. So we is going to stay on the current version price, in my opinion, but like Windows 10 at the time, the migration from Windows 10 to 11 will be completely free. If obviously your PC can support it. Microsoft has also provided a little software to find out if your PC is powerful enough for that, specifying that you need components dating from 3 or 4 years ago, at most so fairly.

Recent anyway Hope you all have an RTX 2000. Now, Yes, these things are 3 years old now For those under Windows, 7 or 8.. Well, I hope you enjoy your operating systems, because no migration will be planned for you. So why are you still on this too Bwah? I imagine you have a good reason And. Here.. There is NOTHING more., And I REALLY find it hard to tell myself that it’s a new Windows with all that it just looks like a kind of big update like the one we got with the Weather and News widget a few weeks ago, … Really hard to Find the point it looks like some kind of version 8.1, except that 8.1 was released ONE year after 8, not 6 years To get there. I imagine a lot has to change in the kernel within the system itself, but what then They talked so little about it and they even portrayed things that already were. The Insider Preview version is going to help shed some light on that over the weeks. But for now I think it doesn’t. There is nothing that justifies this change, except the desire to want to convert new people but I’m, not sure that’s. What works? I may be a mega hater eh, I don’t know. Yet I was ultra hyped by the event and especially this damn embedded Android emulation system that I finally hate even before having tested. But I think this version will create a lot of confusion and, above all, restore that somewhat wobbly aspect that we had lost with Windows.

Since 2015, that of being with lots of different versions., Do you remember before 2015 for the oldest among you, When you had Windows 7, one of your friends had XP the other Windows 8. It was an unnamed ordeal. There were compatibility issues in all directions and it was sometimes complicated to work in harmony, something that MacOS suddenly praised at the time. Since the updates were more harmonious With Windows 10. We had lost that since it HAD to be the last version, and here we are going to go back in. Are we going to see a Windows 12 in 2024? I wouldn’t even be surprised. They had fought SO MUCH to get everyone to go to 10 at the time and that there would be no more worries about offering versions to pull larigot .. A hell of a retro pedaling. And where the hell are my tabs on the explorer. Moreover, to finally solve the mystery of WHY I was forced to have Internet on my version of Windows 11 last week, well, because it is now mandatory to be connected to it for the first start of Windows – 11 in Home Edition There, you have it. So you know, and you will go for the Pro on your side. In conclusion, no Windows 11 does not seem to be a bad Windows. We will not end up with a split like Windows, Vista or Windows. 8 was Because it is literally Windows. 10.1. What, But all the same, it scares me very much for the future whether it is with the return of the versions that we will type over the years and therefore costs to possibly manage again or for compatibility problems that we will find it again, because we will Be forced to update our bike if we want the latest OS, But that only the future will tell us Ah, and I hope that Microsoft will not go through there.

Otherwise I would never do sponso with them. I think seeing how they will hate me., But hey we’ll, see if they continue to respect the famous myth of a good version, then a bad one which is so well known., But you on your side. What do you think of this Windows? 11? Are you looking forward to the update? Can you do it already? Well tell me all that in the comments just below this video? In any case, I hope I have taught you everything there is to know about Windows. 11. If you liked it, you can put the little blue thumb of love just below this video. In addition, if your screen is touch, you can even do it with your fingers too. The future Do not hesitate to share this video to all your friends who are wondering why there is a new Windows, so they will have more questions and, of course, the most important if you haven’t already subscribe to the chain by clicking on the logo. That just appeared right there.