At the moment, not every device is officially supported to run it even microsoft’s own surface go, but for some reason you can get the preview build if you are registered on the windows. Insider program, this is windows 11. On the first generation, microsoft surface go what is up guys. My name is izzy and welcome to the channel i’ve. Had the microsoft service go since november 2018 and i’ve really enjoyed using this device. I have encountered no issues whatsoever. If, like me, you have the service go. You can experience windows 11 through the windows insider program, though it outrightly says your device is not supported. Microsoft published a list of supported processors from windows 11 and the intel pentium gold 4415y, which powers the surface go, is absent from that list, however, since it can still get and run, preview builds. Who knows gemini just behold. After all, you can get the windows 11 preview build. If you select the dev channel on the windows. Insider program make sure your device is up to date with the latest windows updates and you’ll, see it when you search for updates a disclaimer, though the microsoft surface go is not officially supported around windows 11. So do this at your own risk and i’ll also advise not to install it on your work device in case of any problems with that out of the way, let’s take a look at windows 11 on the microsoft surface. Go so i’ve.

Had the microsoft surface go running on windows 11 for a few days now, probably a week, and the experience has been pretty smooth uh pretty much the same as you would expect from any other device running windows. 11, although i think there’s a few bugs here that are not present on other devices running windows 11, which i’m going to go over during the course of this video – and you know, it’s still a beta build so it’s not complete and the box. I expected i don’t, have the keyboard attached, because with windows 11 you’ll find that it is more touch friendly than the experience we had with windows 10.. When the keyboard is attached, you see the icons adjust and adapt becomes closer and when the keyboard is detached, it adapts and creates more space. So it is easier to touch which is very nice. You don’t have to switch in and out of tablet mode anymore. One of the few bugs i’ve noticed bugs are to be expected since it’s not a complete build and you notice the hamburger menu. When you go to the settings app it’s overlapping, the the hamburger icon is overlapping the right in the settings. You can see it’s above it, but this only happens when it is minimized in a smaller window. If you have it open completely, we don’t have that and if i go back, it looks better. But if i close it and come back to settings since it’s in a smaller window, we’re going to have that.

But if i have it here and i close it and when i open it again looks okay. If i reduce the window size, it looks okay, but that’s. Just one of the box we have on the microsoft surface, go i believe now. Every other change is pretty straightforward. I, like the touch experience so far, i’ve been using it mostly with touch when i was on windows 10. I had the keyboard attached most of the time and the virtual keyboard we have here, it’s, really customizable. I have mine customized and you can resize it anyhow, you want you, have the keyboard settings, you can adjust the keyboard layouts as you see fit some of the gestures to work the same, some of them not so much. We have mostly touchpad gestures, but when you swipe from the right, you get the notifications and your calendar, which is nice, and previously we swipe from the left. You will take you to this menu, say your recent apps, but not anymore. When you do that, it takes you to the widgets, which is pretty nice, but although you click on it, every time it opens microsoft, edge dragging apps to the side will give you the option where you want to put them, and you can resize, as you see Fit if you touch really connect it’s easy to resize, which is pretty good, really nice experience. I don’t need the mouse to do that. Our pen input is also very nice.

Everything works fine, as previously nothing has changed with the pen. Input uh well, let’s. Stick to touch i’m, enjoying the texture experience so far, um. When i want to go to the desktop, i can just swipe with three fingers and i’m about to desktop. I can swipe dream fingers up and i access my recent apps yep that i think, if you swipe with three fingers from the left, you would switch desktops or the previous app, but i don’t have a new desktop setup. So let’s stick with that. Rotation is also fine uh, though there’s slight delay, but it responds pretty well. So, if you ask me, windows 11 on the microsoft surface, go it’s pretty. It works. Pretty fine it’s! I thought, since it wasn’t supported. Officially, it was going to give me issues, but i’ve been using it. I use this mainly as a backup device, but mostly when i’m traveling. This is what i take for work and since i’ve had windows 11 installed on it, it has worked well, nothing seems off. Nothing the experience doesn’t seem like a device that is not capable of running windows 11, so hopefully, microsoft is going to support this device when windows 11 is fully released. So apart from the preview views we are getting now when the full version comes out. This should work just fine, so if you have the micro surface, go you can go ahead and install the preview, build uh. Make sure, like i said before, you have the you have selected dev channel in the windows insider program.

That is when you can get this built because it’s still a beta build, but if you select uh, if you select beta channel, i don’t think you’re going to get it. I had to select dev channel to get this update, so yeah windows 11 looks interesting and it works really well on the microsoft surface, go i don’t see any reason why microsoft will not officially support it. So do you have the microsoft surface go? That is the first generation surface. Go not the service go to the windows 11 installed on it how’s your experience, pretty much for me. It has been okay, i’ve not encountered any difficulties with it, so i don’t see any reason why it should not be supported. So hopefully, when the full version windows comes out, microsoft is going to get one to the surface go and if they don’t and the preview builds, are still available. I’Ll probably stick with the preview views, but i am not going back to windows 10. On the surface. Go never so let me know your experience. If you have the surface go, if you have not installed it, you can easily do that by registering for the windows insider program and make sure you select dev, channel and you’re going to get the insider preview. Like i said, it does not mean the minimum hardware requirements, but it seems to run it pretty fine, even much better than windows 10. I now use it more with touch than with the keyboard.

I scarcely use the keyboard now and there was also a problem where i had when i was on windows 10. They were sometimes the keyboard just won’t connect. I thought i needed a new keyboard, but with windows 11 each and every time i connect and disconnect it works just fine. So there you have it. Windows 11 is a nice development and i would like to see it have a full support for the microsoft surface.